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  Do gangs ruin your park?
Updated 01 August 2003, 16.54
A regular local park
Loads of kids have said they are put off hanging out in their parks because gangs of older kids often take over the area.

What about your local park? Is it a great place to play, or is it ruined too?

opening quoteThe park is destroyed by stupid gangs who think its so funny 2 put their names on wings and write down who they fancy nd who they think r so gudclosing quote
Ruth, 13, Leeds

opening quoteOur local park would be great if it weren't for vandals, etc. In summer you can go there for a while, as long as you stay away from the benches under the slide because there's always kids smoking and drinking there, sometimes there's adults too. You can try and play on the swings and slides but you have to leave before the older kids come coz they'll chase you off anyway. It isn't fair: it's OUR space for kids OUR age and we shouldn't have to leave just coz some kids decide to come kick us out!!!!closing quote
Lauren, 12, Northampton

opening quoteVandals have ruined our park! The council took away the slide and changed the swings! All coz of vandals! We still play there but it isn't as good as it woz!closing quote
Becci, 13, Swindon

opening quoteThe parks near me are not too bad. There's some graffiti, but nothing really offensive. The teenagers in my neighbourhood have better things to do then hang out in parks. If they do give me a hard time, I just tell them to get lost.closing quote
Holly, 13, USA

opening quoteMy local park recently got a new climbing frame and the day it was unveiled the thing was full of names and even though the council has tried to fix it up before I guess they've just given up.closing quote
Jill, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteOlder kids hang around, but I don't think they do anything to other people. Everything is graffitied though.closing quote
Anjali, 12, Luton

opening quoteMy local park does not have Gangs hanging about in it but at night they go in and drink alcohol and draw on the climbing frames so they're dirty and there's glass everywhere.closing quote
Olivia, 12, Matlock

opening quoteVandalism is a big problem in local parks. Wherever you go there is bound to be a park with graffiti and rubbish throughout it. I used to live in Chester, and in some of the parks there it was horrible. Scallies would hang round, intimidate you, and tease you. So I do think that gangs scare people out of their local parks, but nothing can be done. A curfew can't be put on every child, telling every scally and gang that they can't go to their park. It's not always their faults, so stop blaming them! Not every gang of kids is bad.closing quote
Cat, 12, Wales

opening quoteMy local park is fun to hang out in with my friends but recently a gang of vandals chased us out throwing stones. I haven't been there since. I hope something will be done to ensure my park is a safe place.closing quote
Laura, 13, Belfast

opening quoteMy local park suffers from old drunks, run down play areas and vandalisim from large gangs. Not what I would call a safe place for me and many other people.closing quote
Nicola, 12, London

opening quoteMy mum complained about the violent gangs that are around our park and still nothing has been done to stop the graffiti or the gangs.closing quote
Elliott, 11, Little Sutton

opening quoteOur nearest park is clean and tidy with park keepers patrolling but it's a mile and a half away so we can't go by our selfs.closing quote
Naomi, 11, Uttoxeter

opening quoteI never go to my local park because the facilities are all vandalised and there are always older people hanging around there drinking, smoking and yelling abusive comments. I know that they have every right to be there but there must be something the government could do about this like having wardens around.closing quote
Jessica, 12

opening quoteI'm in a gang myself and we don't do anything wrong!! I mean, is it illegal 4 a group of friends 2 hang out at the park???closing quote
Louise, 12, Ashford

opening quoteThere are always gangs around at the parks, it gets me and my mates quite scared.closing quote
Katie, 11, St Helier

opening quoteRound the corner from me is a play centre which has a huge adventure park. Loads of older teenagers go there and smoke and drink and recently a fight broke out there and someone was stabbed. I don't really go there anymore but there's nothing to do and no-where to go.closing quote
Lauren, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteThe swings are covered in youths snogging!! It is sickly, would we, or our parents, want 2 play in such a place??!! closing quote
Jo, 11, Croydon

opening quoteI agree with Ryan, local parks are always being vandalised and no one bothers to fix them. This puts me off from going to the park, which is a shame!!closing quote
Louise, 11 ,Wigan

opening quoteMy local park is quite clean because there are enough wardens working there and there is also a good local youth club so children have somewhere else free to hang out.closing quote
Bethan 13, Cardiff

opening quoteI feel intimidated by older youths when I go out. When they are in a gang, they always try to act tough and if I go to my local park, they try to scare younger children and sit there smoking, swearing and being very anti social. The government needs to put extra cash into kids' facilities and make them a lot, lot better.closing quote
Ash, 11, Geddington

opening quoteI love the gangs in my park, they are really cool. So what if they scare the little children? They have the right to do what they like. It's not like it's illegal to hang out in a gang in the park, is it? Anyway, they are hot, so ya know!closing quote
Candy, 13, East London

opening quoteThe park near us is always getting vandalised. Then nobody bothers to do anything about it. Also, some people are too scared to go there any more because there's big gangs of 16-year-old boys hanging round it.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Oxfordshire

opening quoteYep, every time something new comes along, 2 seconds later it's graffitied. It's put loads of kids off.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteMe and my mates never hang out at the park - we don't like facing the gangs, so we hang out at the shops instead. At least that way, if you feel unsafe there are lots of good people to look over you.closing quote
Vicki, 12, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI hate going down to my local park I always feel really scared when I go there because some of the teenagers that hang aroud in gangs always shout really offensive things to me. I wish that they wouldn't vandalise all of the climbing frames as well because all we have left now is a slide and a bar to swing on.closing quote
Laura, 13, Wigan

opening quoteThe park next to our school is horrible. All of the smokers and bad kids hang out at the benches next to the entrance and call people names. I think in parks like these, some sort of watcher should be there to let the others have fun.closing quote
James, 13, Ettrick

opening quoteLocal parks are always being vandalised so no one bothers to fix them up. Then gangs of older people hang out there and graffiti everywere and leave broken glass, so children never bother with it anyway.closing quote
Ryan, Guest Editor

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