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  What do you think of Fame Academy 2?
Updated 31 July 2003, 18.11
Fame Academy hopefuls
Fame Academy kicked off for a second series last night, with the public voting for its fave students.

Alistair, Carolynne, Gary and Louise were the first four singers to get picked.

But what do you think so far? Is the show worth watching a second time around?

What do you make of the singers?

Maybe you'll be watching Pop Idol instead?

opening quoteBrilliant, simply brilliant, there has never been or will ever be anything as gripping, compelling and emotional as fame academy 2.closing quote
James, 8, Liverpool

opening quoteOK don't get me wrong David Sneddon is so nice-looking but don't you think there are enough stupid reality bands like one true voice etc, I think we should go back to getting to the top with one thing - real talent. closing quote
Jill, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteNever watched it, never will.closing quote
Clare, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteI think the first reality shows were good but now we have had far too many. They're boring now.closing quote
Lisa, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI watch it but I know it won't be as good as the first one. There won't be another David or Ainslie but it's still quality entertainment!closing quote
Caitlin, 11, Aberdeen

opening quoteI reckon Pop Idol will be good, because I liked series one, but Fame Academy II is going to be just as terrible as the first series.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI think shows like these don't deserve to be dissed - they help talented young singers to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.closing quote
Lynsey, 13, Bucks

opening quoteI think that it's brill and Louise has got by far the best voice, I voted for her.closing quote
Ben, 11, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteI think first time round they were really good like Fame Academy 1 and Pop Idol will be good this year and hopefully there'll be a twist in itclosing quote
Katie, 10, Altrincham

opening quoteI think that Fame Academy is gonna be brill!!! I really liked Ladonna's voice and she seemed like a really nice person. I bet they they voted her out just cause the way she looks, I mean she was the best singer there.closing quote
Zohra, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteThe first and second Popstars shows were brill, but they're out of fashion now! I'm certainly not going to be watching Fame Academy 2!!closing quote
Louise, 11, Wigan

opening quoteFame Academy sucks - big time. All these kind of shows just take up the space that good shows could be using.closing quote
Anna, 12, Dartford

opening quoteI like the shows, don't get me wrong, I do, but they are all the same. If there could be something new and twisted about it it'd be better. But it's the same everytime, like Big Brother.closing quote
Shaz, 13, Essex

opening quoteThe winners of the reality game shows are sad because they didn't do what people like Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera did. Although you do have to start some where.closing quote
Jenny, 14, Bradford

opening quoteI think it's really interesting watching the people who and can't sing. It takes me a while to get into it but I think it's wicked!!closing quote
Lucy, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteThe winners of these reality shows may be famous for a while, but they will be branded as manufactured forever.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteFame Academy was good first time round - but I reckon they are milking it for all it's worth now. Pop Idol is way better - Simon Cowell is the funniest judge eva!!closing quote
Vicki, 12, Banbury

opening quoteI think that Ladonna should be in Fame Academy 2closing quote
Rachael, 12, Belgium

opening quoteI think it is great but it would have been better if Katie had got through. Now I support Louise.closing quote
Chloe, 9, Slough

opening quoteI think like all other reality TV shows fame academy 2 was rubbish there are no good singers because they've been found in:
fame academy
pop idol
and popstars
There is too much reality TV on at the moment so having more is stupid.
closing quote
Jospeh, 10, London

opening quoteTalent shows are ok. They're good entertainment but the music is awful. I feel sorry for the people in them, they have one hit then fade away. Must be awful depressing!!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI think talent shows are good for publicity for the people auditioning but don't you find the winners have at the most 4 hits then disappear???closing quote
Melanie, 13, London

opening quoteI thought it was ok but I think it will get better once all 13 of the students are in the house! Gary rocked!!closing quote
Liza, 14, Morcambe

opening quoteI love reality TV, I watched Fame Academy, but Pop Idol is wayyy better, you see the auditions.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Gosport

opening quoteIt was WAY better than Big Brother!!!closing quote
Jo, 11, Croydon

opening quoteI think that Talent shows are getting worse and worse. As far as I'm concerned they ended ages ago, when they were still good.closing quote
Rachel, 15, Boohay

opening quoteI thought it was really wicked! I don't think I'll ever get sick of talent shows - I love seeing people going through the auditions.closing quote
Hazel, 13, Wigan

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