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  What would YOU call the last 2 Potter books?
Updated 05 September 2003, 19.05
potter books
The last two Harry Potter books may already have a name!

Harry Potter And The Mudblood Revolt and Harry Potter And The Quest of the Centaur are the rumours.

We don't know if it's true yet but maybe your ideas for the book titles would be better.

We want YOU to tell us what you'd call the last two books!

opening quoteI think that whatever JK Rowling makes the heading, it will still be a great book. I do however think that maybe the sixth book could be called Harry Potter and Dumbledores Army.closing quote
Clare, Dublin

opening quoteWhy should all the titles be so depressing? That's just silly - it should be Harry Potter and the Christmas to Remember or something nice like that!! Well, ok, it doesn't really fit with the tone of the books, but it's nicer than thinking about death all the time!!closing quote
Anna, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteHow can u name the books when u don't know wats going to happen, harry could die in book 7 for all we know.closing quote
James, 13, Brighton

opening quoteI think Harry Potter and the Last Enchantment or Harry Potter and the Dark Apocalypse.closing quote
Natalie, 12, Leighton Buzzard

opening quoteWhy not go for: Harry Potter and the Weapon of Doom and Harry Potter and the Final Fight.... closing quote
Stijn, 12, Dordrecht, Netherlands

opening quoteIt should be 'Harry potter and the Flobberworm from hell!'...Really scary huh?closing quote
Tom, 16, Surrey

opening quoteI really like Olly's suggestions! But I also think one should be called Harry Potter and the Green Hat of Tarmudgeclosing quote
Kayla, 12, USA

opening quoteI think it should be Harry Potter and the Final Battle and Harry Potter and The Payback for Sirius.closing quote
Daz, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI would call the 6th one Harry Potter and the Two Armies, where Voldemort and Dumbledore build armies to kill each other, the 7th would be called Harry Potter and the Wizard's War, where Harry and Dumbledore's army fight each other in a fight to the death battle!closing quote
Danielle, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteI think "Harry Potter and The Dark Night" or "Harry Potter and The Return Of The Death Eaters" or "Harry Potter and The Final Battle"; What do you think?closing quote
Alex, 14, Northampton

opening quoteI think the next book should be called,'Harry Potter and the ghost of Sirius'; that would be cool because Harry desperately wants Sirius to come back as a ghost so he can see him again. closing quote
Natalie, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteI think the next books will be called Harry Potter and the revenge of Voldermort and Harry Potter and the mystical dragon. closing quote
Jade, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteI think Harry Potter 6 should be called 'Harry Potter and the flame of life' Maybe Harry could come across it in the book and it'll bring his Dad back for 24 hours.closing quote
Amanda, 12, Hertfordshire

opening quoteHarry potter and the Book of Memories and Harry Potter and the Eye of the Snake.closing quote
Shannon, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteHarry Potter and the Veil of Lost Souls for book six.closing quote
Megan, 13, USA

opening quoteHarry Potter And The The Wolf Of Doom , Harry Potter And The Last Breath. closing quote
Vicki, 15, N. Ireland

opening quoteI think Harry Potter and the Price of Revenge would be totally cool name for book six! Can't wait! closing quote
Sara, 14, Aberdeen

opening quote"Harry Potter and the Final Flight" for book 7, and "Harry Potter and the Dark Age Rebellion" for book 6.closing quote
Olly, 11, Hove

opening quoteI think this: Book six, Harry Potter and the Cave of Wizards, Book Seven Harry Potter and the Last Stand. closing quote
Kate, 11, Leek

opening quoteHarry Potter and the Catacombs of Rowena, and Harry Potter and the Mystery of Midnight.closing quote
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteHow about Harry Potter and Voldemorts Promise!! closing quote
Kris, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteI think book six should be called Harry Potter And the war against the dark.closing quote
Sebastian, 13, Clacton

opening quoteMaybe they could be: Harry Potter and the Secret of Hogwarts and Harry Potter and the Battle of Eternity. closing quote
Chris, 14, Stowmarket

opening quoteHarry potter and The Mystery of Siriusclosing quote
Kitty, 10, Liverpool

opening quoteI think it will be called Harry Potter and the Feather of Doom, and Harry Potter and Draco's Revengeclosing quote
Emily, 14, Canterbury

opening quote"Harry Potter and the Dragon of Concealment" will be a great name for Harry Potter 6 or 7!closing quote
Jazzie, 10, Midhurst

opening quoteMe and my mate reckon one might be Harry Potter and Broken Wandclosing quote
Oli, 12, Lewes

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