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  Are film sequels ever as good?
Updated 16 July 2003, 15.47
Your comments about film sequels
Actor Tobey Maguire reckons Spider-Man II will be loads better than the first film.

But do sequels ever live up to the originals?

Films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, X-Men and Star Wars all have sequels.

But are they ever as good?

opening quoteI think that it's kinda stupid that they make sequels to some movies. Like Spy Kids, the first one was really great but now they made the second one and it isn't really good at all, and I heard about a THIRD Spy Kids movie!! Now that's overdoing it! But the HP and LOTR "sequels" will be great!! And already are!!! ;0) closing quote
Trisha, 13, Surrey

opening quoteNowadays there aren't many movies that aren't set up for sequels. Most of them are improvements from the first, especially in the case of X2.closing quote
Meg, 14, Yorkshire

opening quoteI think some sequels are better, like American Pie 2 is LOADS better, & Lord of the Rings is more amazing than the first.. but some sequels are just daft!closing quote
Han, 16, Cardiff

opening quoteSequels can be good or bad, it doesn't depend on the film, it depends on the directors and producers, hardly anyone thinks about them, they're always behind the screen. closing quote
Jane, 12, London

opening quoteWhat are you people on about, Harry Potter & The Lord of the Rings don't have sequels, they are just different parts to the same story! closing quote
Ross, 15, Fife

opening quoteToy Story 2 and Austin Pwoers 2 & 3 are truly brilliant. Sequels can be good. Look at the James Bond series!closing quote
Ros, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteSome are completely trashy but just look at Lord of the Rings! I thought the first film was amazing and nothing could be better but Two Towers has managed to top it!!closing quote
Sammi, 15, East Sussex

opening quotePut it this way - all sequels are rubbish and the people who think the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings sequels are 'great' are just following the crowd! closing quote
Ashley, 15, Strathpeffer

opening quote I don't like sequels because they are usually not as good as the originial so it sort of ruins the first movie. However, some sequels, such as Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers, are just as good as the first movie. Also, the Harry Potter movies keep getting better. But those types of movies are really rare.closing quote
Emily, 14, London

opening quoteIt is very rare to find a sequel as good or better than the 1st film. Most of the sequels come straight out on video because they are so rubbish. They are just there to soak up any money left over. closing quote
Elanor, 13, Loughborough

opening quoteI think That X-men 2 is ten times as good as the first one, I agree with Natalie! They can be Good closing quote
Tristag, 12, Somerton

opening quotei fnk dere a bit annoying cuz day just want 2 per swade u 2 pay more muny 2 c da film! may b da peeps ju want da 1st? closing quote
Isabel, 9, London

opening quoteThey're good because once everybody sees the first one the tension builds and everyone wants to the the others closing quote
Alastair, 11, Skegness

opening quoteIt depends on the movie if the first movie was a hit the second movie might not be as good. But if it's from a book series like Harry Potter or LotR all of the movies are bound to be good. closing quote
Jessi, 12, USA

opening quoteSequels can be ok, sequels like harry potter are fine because books usually are followed by film, but, some sequels are rubbish!! so it varies! closing quote
Natalie, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteNone of the film sequels that I have seen have been as good as the first ones, with the exception of Harry Potter 2 and The Two Towers. closing quote
Helen, 11, Glossop

opening quoteI think ALL sequels are just RUBBISH! Movie makers should just stick to doing the first and only film! closing quote
Ann, 11, London

opening quoteI think that sequels r rubbish, the only reason they r made is so that they can get more money out of it and some r made together as its cheaper. closing quote
Anika, 14, Leicester

opening quoteSome sequels are good like Harry Potter and we can't wait for the next one to come out closing quote
Hazz & Smasher, 14, Wales

opening quoteSome sequels are alright, but others...closing quote
Uzma, 14, Burnley

opening quoteIt really depends on what movie it was, sometimes the sequels are better - but sometimes worse! closing quote
Gill, 12, Stanmore

opening quoteI can't wait for the Spiceworld sequel.closing quote
Nita, 13, London

opening quoteI think most sequels aren't as good as the first real thing! Take Charlie's Angels for example - the first one was brilliant but the second one was a bit far-fetched. However, some sequels are even better than the first ones. I think Tomb Raider 2 looks miles better than the first one!closing quote
Sian, 12, Sale

opening quoteSequels can be good... but it's not all that common. closing quote
Beatrice, 14, France

opening quoteThe only good sequel I've ever seen is Toy Story 2. I reckon all other sequels spoil the first one. I don't think Harry Potter should ever have been made into a film, as it spoils the books. Anyone agree? closing quote
Kayla, 12, Bristol

opening quoteIt can be annoying cos u hav 2 wait for a . . g . . e . . s b4 u get 2 knw wot happens. In that time, ppl cn lose interest! closing quote
Emma, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteYEA! I luvved Legally Blonde and I can't wait for Legally Blonde 2. It makes it so exciting especially when the first one was fab! closing quote
Emz, 12, Colchester

opening quoteI think sequels are not as good coz they are tryin to make it better but the first film will be better but on the other hand i thought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was good. closing quote
Becca, 13, Hyde

opening quoteI think sequels never live up to the other movie standards. I'm a massive fan of the James Bond 007 movie franchise and its most latest sequel totally rocked! Die Another Day is really cool! I like the Harry Potter books and have read them all but I hated the first movie, but then loved the second. I think the only sequel for me has to be Toy Story 2! It has everything a film has to have! I'm afraid I don't like LOTR and I saw the sequel last Christmas, and I was totally bored!closing quote
Amandeep, Hitchen

opening quoteSequels can be great - and its good to see how the characters evolve. Sequels are good when it's made well! closing quote
Amy, 12, Pontypridd

opening quoteOf Course! The Lord of the Rings just keeps getting better and better every time! closing quote
Addie, 14, USA

opening quoteIt really depends. Disney sequels are usually pretty dumb (except for a few) but others like HP are just as good or better. closing quote
Anna, 10, USA

opening quoteIt depends: sometimes sequels are hopelessly terrible e.g. some of the Disney sequels; but other times they are amazing and you can't get enough of them e.g. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Matrix, etc. closing quote
Natalie, 15, Kingston

opening quoteSequels tend to be worse due the fact that the plot is along the exact same lines as the 1st movie - there's nothing new to see, or anything to hold the viewers interest. I agree, they ARE just ratings grabbers :D. In the case of LOTR and HP, the plot is developing, and the acting seems to grow with the plot as the actors settle into their roles. Though I do agree with Sim, if the movie's got good writing, acting, plot etc, then it's gonna be great, regardless. closing quote
Caz, 14

opening quoteI don't think the sequels are ever as normally ruins it... closing quote
Ashleigh, 14, Miami, Florida

opening quoteYes, because in the first one you can see what needs improving, and in the second film improve it. closing quote
Laura, 11, Yeovil

opening quoteI think that it all depends on the storyline of both the first movie and the sequel. If the story is continued, like in HP and LOTR, or if it has new plot material, then it's OK, but if it's going to follow the same pattern as the 1st one, then it'll just be boring becoz we've already seen what happens at the most basic level. closing quote
Prashanthi, 14, Ilford

opening quoteI think sequels are good depending on some films. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have good sequels but Jurassic Park sequels are just rubbish because it's always the same story. closing quote
Nurul, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteI think that the only sequels that are really bad are almost always Disney sequels. Toy Story was OK, but others weren't. closing quote
George, 12, London

opening quoteFilm sequels are only good when you know they're supposed to be there, like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings - you know the story isn't finished. I don't like it when they make a good film that finishes fully concluded, but then add another on just because the other was successful. They might as well make it into a series. closing quote
Lucy-Ann, 14

opening quoteI think that most sequels are good, because usually the special effects and the acting is much better than before! closing quote
Nuala, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteSometimes they're good, but other times they totally ruin it by having another film, I mean I lost count on how many Land before time films came out, Mental, honestly!! Some films on the other hand, like SpyKids, shouldn't even be a film in the first place! They can't act! closing quote
Nin, 13, Huddersfield

opening quoteI normally like the second part of movies because there's always more action in it or its more interesting than the first one like The Matrix Reloaded. closing quote
Claire, 12, Edinburgh

opening quotei fink they r as gud or even betta coz i fink the harry potter and lord of the rings sequel woz beeta than the first 1 closing quote
Ashley, 11, Gillingham

opening quoteSequels are brilliant. I mean, look at the Die Hard series, the Lethal Weapon series, the Star Wars and Star Trek series, the third Star Trek movie was the best, the first was *pants*! closing quote
Matthew, 15, Larne

opening quoteI'd have to say, Lord of the Rings and Toy Story are the only sequels that were worth watching for me. And the sad thing is... I'm a big Harry Potter fan. The first movie rocked! But then they just put in to much comp-animated stuff. I'm just praying that there won't be a Pirates of the Caribbean II... now THAT was a good movie.. closing quote
Katherine, 12, Kansas, USA

opening quoteI love The Lord of the Ring trilogy ( the third one isn't out yet!) Squeals don't make differences in films!! I am waiting for The Return of the King!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Kathy, 12, France

opening quoteSequels tend to be better as they're improvements of the original. At the end of the day, regardless of whether it is a sequel or not, if the film's good, people will like it! closing quote
Sim, 12, Ilford

opening quoteyeah, like i loved LOTR FOTR but i loved LOTR TTT even more closing quote
Alia, 13, Pennsburg

opening quoteIt's true that some sequels can be a total flop but just look at LOTR! The Two Towers bettered the Fellowship (which I didn't think was possible before I saw it) and the producers have said that if you thought TTT was better than FOTR, then the next one's like a quantum leap... :) Can't wait! closing quote
Rosie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI agree with Caroline,14 - film sequels are usually just tacked on to films cos people who see the 1st one will want to see the second 1. Sometimes when it follows a book or cartoon it's good though, but Stuart Little 2 was rubbish! closing quote
Jessie, 13, Vancouver

opening quoteHELLO? ever head of the bafta winning Lord of the Rings: Two Towers? closing quote
Julia, 12, Topsfield, USA

opening quoteToy Story 2 was great! But really it's just whether they're good films by themselves, being a sequel makes no difference. closing quote
Nick, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteMovie sequels can be alright. They usually aren't as good as the first one. But if they are sequels to books, and they stay true to them, then they're awesome! i.e.:Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings.... closing quote
Madeleine, 13, Atlanta, USA

opening quoteI think it really all depends on the story. Some films really need sequels or prequels to tell the whole story or add to the whole story - like Star Wars, Harry Potter and X-men. Other films don't need it. closing quote
Lucy, 15, Bristol

opening quoteOnly if the sequel has been planned all along, like Harry Potter, but if it's just tacked onto the series to make more money, then it's just gonna be pants! closing quote
Philippa, 13, Yorkshire

opening quoteI like just the one film, short and sweet as they say! closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteI love sequels, to movies but the best ones are usually from books or comic books stories, I love those sort of films. closing quote
Shannon, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteHarry Potter was loads better than the first!!! Some sequels can be VERY cool or boring. closing quote
Kelly, 10, Basildon

opening quoteI can't wait for Scooby Doo 2 - but I don't think it will be better than the first one. Sequels tend to get boring, and if they were already books like Harry Potter, it isn't very new and people who don't like the first film definitely hate the sequel(s). The first film is always better, but with book sequels the story gets better. closing quote
Sophie, 11, France

opening quoteFilm sequels don't always live up to the very first. There have been lots that are just there to try and grab the ratings the last one got and end up really trashy. The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter are different though, they WERE all books originally and therefore the plot-lines aren't complete flops and rushed jobs. closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteX-Men II was loads better than the first one. Sequels can be cool!closing quote
Natalie, 13, Herts

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