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  Are ghosts real?
Updated 09 June 2003, 10.57
Ghosts don't exist, it's just how your body reacts to things, according to some scientists.

What do you think, are ghosts all in the mind, or have you had a spooky encounter yourself?

Do you reckon ghosts could be real and the scientists have got it wrong?

opening quoteThere is lots of stuff that happens that we can't explain, but that doesn't mean to say that 'ghosts' are the cause. The human mind is a powerful thing, don't underestimate it!closing quote
Flick, 15, Sussex

opening quoteI don't know what to believe about ghosts as my dad says that they are NOT real but my niece who is 1 and a half years old says there is a doggy at the living room door and there is a man in my room! My Uncle passed away 2 years on August and my dog passed away a couple of months ago.closing quote
Susan, 13, Methil

opening quoteWhen I went to a camp a ghost kept on taking my stuff and my friend's stuff. So they are real.closing quote
Nicholas, 10, Warrington

opening quoteI'm sure there are ghosts out there having seen quite a few myself! Once I was reading a book and I heard some wails like crying. I looked outside my window and there was a girl in white. I was reading Jaqueline Hyde and I realised that there was a girl in white in the book too!closing quote
Sophie, 10, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think they're real cos sometimes it seems a bit eerie in the night. When I was little me and my friend saw this really weird thing in the sky which looked like an old woman- that was when I started believing in them.closing quote
Adele, 10, Kent

opening quoteI don't reckon ghosts are real, but I reckon spirits are. Only nice spirits though. A bit like guardian angels. Like your family.closing quote
Emz, 12, Colchester

opening quoteWhen someone you love dies that doesn't mean they've abandoned you, they are with you all the time, you just can't see them!closing quote
Lizzie, 11, Greater Manchester

opening quoteScientists think that they can provide answers and explanations for everything. They need to accept the fact that not everything in this world has a scientific explanation. closing quote
Jemima, 13, Swindon

opening quoteThey're sort of real because there was a pile of stuff on my dressing table and a magazine fell off without me touching it! CREEPY!closing quote
Lucy, 10, Ashford

opening quoteI do think that ghosts exist, I'm not really sure but what happens is that after my grandfather's death, my cousins and I were in a lounge room in his house. So, the door was closed and the windows, too were closed and when my sister said that she missed my grandfather, the door opened by itself. WE could feel the wind blowing in the direction of the opening of the door!! It was true!closing quote
Jo, 14, Sydney, Australia

opening quoteI believe in ghosts, we use to have ghosts along our road, one was a little girl and apparantly she died in a fire in the Victorian age, and used to follow our neighbour around, he saw her one night, and accdientally put his hand through her head, but she's gone now.closing quote
Lizzie, 14, Gillingham

opening quoteWhen you die the human mind dies. It does not go anywhere. You just become nothing.closing quote
Daniel, 14

opening quoteI am a strong believer in ghosts, my question to the scientists is where does the human mind go after death?closing quote
Claire, 11, London

opening quoteWherever there's a ghost, I see it. And when I first started seeing them, I was WAY too young to have just imagined them, as I didn't even know what DEATH was. Plus, other people have gotten kidna creeped out around the spots where the ghosts are, so it's not just me.closing quote
Sue, 13, Wiltshire

opening quoteI believe in ghosts and I don't think it's in my head because I like them and I also think they are not scary as I think they are harmless, and friendly, but if I saw one I think it would give me a bit of a shock.closing quote
Zoe, 10, Wokingham

opening quoteI think that ghosts are out there even if they are just stories. I know someone who has seen a ghost and rather than being scared they were actually quite excited that they'd seen one!closing quote
Natasha, 15, Somerset

opening quoteI didn't believe in ghosts until a relative went to a spiritualist church and apparently got in touch with her dead husband. The information she was given was scarily accurate but I am still sceptical.closing quote
Emma, 15, Scotland

opening quoteI reckon ghosts are real, so many people have had experiences, my sister's friend's house is haunted and scary stuff happened to her, all her family have had stuff happen to them in that house! Explain that!closing quote
Saskia, 15, Leiston

opening quoteWe used to live in this old house, and the guy who used to live there died. And one night, I woke up and there was an old man standing by the window of my room looking into the garden, and he was transparent! It scared the living daylights outta me!closing quote
Leah, 13, Reading

opening quoteI think they really exist. But they only come out if they really want to. I've read somewhere that someone can see ghosts and she's about 13-years-old. Maybe they really exist because there must be others things in the universe than ourselves?closing quote
Jenny, 14, Belgium

opening quoteOf course they are! There is one in my house that moves the soap in the kitchen! Then it puts it back a few days later!closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Wakefield

opening quoteIt's your own choice whether they are real or not. Some might say that ghosts do exist but just as memories, after a pet dies you usually walk around the house and see it sat where it used to but then it dissappears. But people have had ghostly meetings, so why not?closing quote
Leo, 15, Leeds

opening quoteI think ghosts are not real because you always hear people saying go in a qiuet room when it's dark because you might hear something but you don't but it's cool to think there is cos you can scare your friends!!closing quote
Louise, 11, New Malden

opening quoteI don't believe in ghosts, they are just imaginations which have entered our heads through the media, eg films.closing quote
Sadaf,15, Rochdale

opening quoteI would not like to believe in ghosts and I agree there are a lot of convincing stories, but as the article says that is all they are, stories and feelings. Those who believe in ghosts can as no-one has the right to judge another's belief but I am glad there has been moves towards settling the matter. There are real reasons people believe in ghosts such as losing a loved one and seeking contact, but in my opinion, I think it is just feelings; but I do feel for the fore mentioned people.closing quote
Marty, 13, Portsmouth

opening quoteI'm not really sure if I believe in ghosts or not, but I wouldn't say they are or aren't real. I would have to see it to believe it, then again I have never seen one million pounds so they could easily be real!closing quote
Vicky, 15, Hull

opening quoteI think that ghosts can be real depending on what people think. So if people think it's true then to them it's true but if people don't then it's not to them. So really you can't say for definite that they're not real as people have different beliefs and so far nothing CERTAIN has been proven.closing quote
Natalie, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteGhosts are real! I know loads of people who have seen them & I've had loads of things being moved without explanation!closing quote
Rebecca, 11, Eastcote

opening quoteIf ghosts don't exist, then how come there are people with unique gifts to contact them genuinly? No one can prove if they exist, no one can prove that they don't. But when white orbs float around you, it's not magnetic forces!closing quote
Heather, 13, Chesterfield

opening quoteGhosts exist! There are some things that science cannot explain...closing quote
Imogen, 13, Portsmouth

opening quoteGhosts are real!!!!!! I can talk to them and lots of them are in my house & school. When I was three or four I said to have seen a girl in my gran's house but no one else could see it! And when my cousin was that age (she is now 21) she said she saw a ghost in in my gran's house as well!!!!!!!!!!!! So HAHA!!!! GHOSTS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Melissa, 10, Glasgow

opening quoteI think that ghost stories is just made up or a belief. You may hear noises at night, but that is probably just outside.closing quote
Clare, 10, Leicester

opening quoteCourse they do! I have lived with too many that too many people have seen for it to be a personal reaction thing. And people I know can project their ghost to other places and see what's there, and they are never wrong!closing quote
Elra, 14, Wales

opening quoteYeah, I reckon goasts are real cause look at all those true stories that are films. Plus the other day my bowl of cereal moved from one room to the other. It was well freaky, my mum was well freaked out.closing quote
Emma, 15, Bedfont

opening quoteI reckon that ghosts are not real. People say they are but who are they to say that ghosts are real or not real and people like my little cousin is scared to go to bed some nights because of what she hears!closing quote
Naomi, 13, Omagh, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI reckon ghosts are real, I've never seen one, but too many people have stories about them for them to all have it wrong!closing quote
Colm, 14, Durham

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