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  What's the perfect film?
Updated 27 May 2003, 16.29

A film expert has just come up with the formula for the perfect film.

Apparently the flick that's closest to perfection is animated movie Toy Story 2.

So what makes the ideal film for you? What is it about your fave movie that makes you love it so much?

opening quoteThey have to be really funny... like Shrek, or Notting Hill cause it's funny, a love story, and again really funny.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Kansas, USA

opening quoteWhat a perfect film needs is something that will keep your interest the whole way through. Like it has to be funny, sad, suspenseful and have some action in it also. I think that's what you need. That would be wicked.closing quote
Lee, 13, London

opening quoteYou just got to like X-men and Austin Powers, they are the best comedy and action movies I like.closing quote
Brady, 10, South Pasedena, USA

opening quoteI like a film that gives the audience a chance to feel clever when they work out certain parts. It also needs a good soundtrack and good acting.closing quote
Tina, 14, London

opening quoteMy favourite film is The Fifth Element. The problem is, no-one's seen or heard of it!closing quote
Ros, 12, Cheltenham

opening quote The actors have to be drop-dead-gorgeous like James Bond or Hugh Grant. My favourite film is Die Another Day, because of Peirce Brosnand and the gadgets!closing quote
Laura, 11, Yeovil

opening quote Shrek has got to be the best film, loads of laughs and for all ages 2 enjoy!closing quote
Maddy, 14, London

opening quoteMy favourite film has to be Miss Congenialty because it's romantic,hilarious and action packed. closing quote
Kitty, 10, Bolton

opening quoteI love movies that have loads of comedy. I just love a good film with loads of giggles! closing quote
Alicia, 12, Romford

opening quoteI think Jonny English is the best film because it's got love, comedy, action and loads more. It's spectacular to watch. closing quote
Thomas, 12, Eltham

opening quoteI think all films should have equal amounts of comedy, romance and action so that boys and girls enjoy the film! closing quote
Flick, 13, East Farndon

opening quoteYou have to have a bit of tragedy, otherwise the film is sooo boring! closing quote
Ally, Herts

opening quoteI love Bend it Like Beckham, it's soo funny! I think if some films had more humour and laughs like that, and the suspense of Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, that would be the perfect film for me! closing quote
Anam, 12, London

opening quoteMy perfect film is a oldie but it's a goodie! Gone With the Wind! It's just amazing! closing quote
Kathleen, 14, Derry

opening quoteI absolutely love Legally Blonde, and when I was younger, I loved the parent trap. I could watch those two films over and over again!!! closing quote
Jenny, 13, Bristol

opening quoteOh come on it's just got to be Monty Python, any of them really, they're just all so funny. Pure comedy! closing quote
Tom, 12, Kent

opening quoteCenter Stage is the best film ever made. It is factual, based on real people, and not a mistake in it. closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteMy favourite film is Moulin Rouge because it's funny, romantic and sad! I've seen it hundreds of times but it's still great! closing quote
Helen, 14, Liverpool

opening quote It would have to be a mix of comedy, romance and action, like Big Daddy. closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteEven though it's just come out X2 is my fave film. closing quote
Shannon, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteMy fave film is Jungle Book 2. closing quote
Richard, 11, London

opening quoteI LOVE Save The Last Dance. It reminds me of my mates in Ipswich because it was the film we saw at my leaving party. It teaches that you can achieve anything if you try hard enough. closing quote
Jenny, 14, Repton

opening quoteIt's got to be funny! And no, I don't mean all the teen 'comedy' around these days! I mean classics like Monty Python! Disney and other animated movies arent bad either! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteMy fave film would have to be Legally Blonde because it's so funny and romantic. closing quote
Vikki, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteMy absolute fave film has got to be Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backclosing quote
Graham, 12, Perivale

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