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  What makes good reality TV?
Updated 27 May 2003, 16.29
Phil Tufnell
I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is over. But compared to last year there haven't really been any big upsets.

Where were all the massive rows and backstabbing?

Was it really what we tuned in for? What do you look for in reality TV?

A bit of celeb gossip? Huge fights? A bit of romance?

opening quoteI think good reality TV should be near to reality! Like, it's not everyone who spends two weeks in the jungle!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Stafford

opening quoteI love the reality TV shows where the celebrities go on it and make idiots of themselves trying to do the tasks the producers set them.closing quote
Maraget, 12, Belfast

opening quoteThe best thing about Reality TV is the hope of cancellation!closing quote
Ros, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteI think for good reality TV, you need the people to be really contrasting, and have characters that you wouldn't imagine would get on with each other very well. Watching the way they put up with each other can be gripping entertainment, but if they're arguing 24/7, it just gets boring.closing quote
Kelly, 14, Morden

opening quoteI think that reality shows are interesting to watch because you see what celebrities are like in real life. I don't like it when the public thinks it's funny when a celebrity gets hurt.closing quote
Katherine, 14, Southport

opening quoteI don't think reality tv can ever be "reality". Everyone knows the cameras are there, so they act differently to make peeps on the outside world like them. closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteI think that a reality tv shows are often better the first time round closing quote
Blue, 14, London

opening quoteYou need some are-they, aren't-they? romance in a reality TV show! I thought last year's I'm a Celebrity was much better than this one. Darren and Tara together made great TV! closing quote
Frankie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI think that honesty and natural behaviour make reality TV good to watch. I admire the celebrities on 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here' for their resolution to remain a group and act as a group, even though they know that the directors want them to fall out because it makes good television. closing quote
Clare, 14, Newton Abbot

opening quoteReality shows show how spoilt television actors really are. closing quote
Kerri, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI think I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, Series 2 was much better than the 1st series. It wasn't just Tara complaining. This time we could watch Wayne twisting his ankle, Fash doing too many sit ups and Chris squirting Catalina with his water gun! Well done, celebs! closing quote
Emily, 13, Warrington

opening quoteA good reality tv show should be able to catch people's attention. You don't want everyone to change channel when it comes on. I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is so funny, especially when Wayne kept on jumping on his bed and then broke it. closing quote
Catherine, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteGood reality TV is only good when you pick the right celebs! And also, talented people like Will Young winning the competition! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI think I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is really good, but I wish there were more fights and stuff. Everyone got on really well, which isn't really what people want to watch...if they wanted that, then they'd watch Friends! closing quote
Andy, 12, Wirral

opening quoteGood reality TV has to be when there's a good prize to win, cos then there's lots of arguments and people fighting it out. closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteWhat makes good reality TV is originality. The first programmes like Popstars and Big Brother were the best, but their sequels are nowhere near as good. TV companies need to come up with a different show every time, not just repeating the old ones! closing quote
Affie, 12, Kensington

opening quoteIt depends what the reality tv show is. If it is Big Brother, then people backstab each other all the time coz they get bored. But if it is 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here', then that's just boring, coz they backstab each other for good tv! closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteI think that the thing that is good about reality TV is that people get into very weird arguments and talk about funny things. closing quote
Alice, 8, Gosport

opening quoteAnything funny makes good reality TV like when Wayne asked Fash to take him to the loo because he couldn't walk. When he jumped right through his bed was a good one as well! I just laughed myself silly! I don't like it much when they talk about each other behind their backs though. closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI think that the only thing that makes reality TV interesting is when people are backstabbing each other, or huge arguments break out. But not only that, I think that the overall competition of a reality TV show is what makes it good TV. Take Survivor for example - they are all competing for one thing and would do anything to get it. That's what makes it interesting. closing quote
Kim, 14, USA

opening quoteThere is no good reality tv. It is all the same. TV companies purposely get people who don't get along together, so they can boost their ratings. closing quote
Rachel, 14, New York

opening quoteEvery time I watch a reality show I hope there's going to be a big scrap or screaming arguments.closing quote
Jo, 12, Islington

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