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  Is your school road dangerous?
Updated 20 June 2003, 16.12
Your comments about speeding outside schools
A school is Lancashire is trying out a new scheme to stop drivers speeding on the roads outside their school.

When the speeder is caught, they can either pay a fine or apologise and explain why they were speeding to the school pupils.

Are your roads dangerous? Would you like the chance to tell off drivers?

opening quoteI live in a fairly small town, so basically the only traffic around the school are Year 11s and 12s in their cars. Everyone else catches buses or walks. The only time we ever have accidents is if someone runs onto the road for fun. There's no problem with speeding at my school whatsoever. closing quote
Bec, 12, Austrailia

opening quoteWe have 2 schools on the same road and the council took out all the speed humps, and now it's very dangerous for us. The cars go down the road really fast, and there have been lots of accidents. closing quote
Joseph, 10, Middlesex

opening quoteIt's very busy outside my school. They're trying to put a 1-way system in, but they won't until there is an accident. closing quote
Anon, 13, Ashbourne

opening quoteOur road is really dangerous. a few people have been knocked down by cars, one of which was my friend and he was in hospital for around 12 months and nearly died he is still getting treatment for his teeth and the accident happened 2-3 yrs ago. Yet, still the council isn't willing to set up a scheme to slow drivers down. closing quote
Amy, 15

opening quoteThe road to our school is unbelievably dangerous, the pavements are narrow, but the cars speed up and down so quickly it's almost certain a bad accident will happen soon. closing quote
Ceri, 15, Monmouth

opening quoteYES! Ours is dangerous, there's ppl speeding and parents blocking the road cos they're w8ing 4 their kids! C'est bruyant! closing quote
Sian, 12, Leicester

opening quoteWe have always had accidents on our school road. Our school is positioned in the worst place imaginable - just off the main road and a huge roundabout! We have had way too many accidents at our school, the only thing that anyone has done, is the police put up a speed monitor for a week or so, but nothing really happened to help the situation. closing quote
Lucy, 14, Gosport

opening quoteWe have a really strange road to cross. If it is a non-school day, it isn't very busy. But on a school day, it is SO dangerous! I hate crossing it, as I never know if a car is gonna let me cross or not! closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteYeah everyone speeds by my school. Because there are speed bumps on the road they think its fun to fly over them. closing quote
Kayleigh, 13, Tamworth

opening quoteOurs isn't dangerous, there are loads of speed bumps and everyone is really careful. I don't think there has ever been an accident there.closing quote
Amy, 14, UK

opening quoteIt's really narrow and busy. You have to be really careful walking down it.closing quote
Chantal, 12, Sevenoaks

opening quoteOur school is very lucky as zebra crossings have been set up along the street and at the far end there is a lollipop man, so we are quite fortunate in having that so near!closing quote
Caitlin, 10, Edinburgh

opening quoteOur road is quite dangerous but we have a lolly pop lady to make sure we cross safely.closing quote
Rebecca, 11, Maesteg

opening quoteThe road outside our school is really dangerous! The only reason why I can't walk home on my own is coz of the road!closing quote
Freya, 12, Bristol

opening quoteIt's not to bad were I live. I live in a vary small town and the school is on the end of the main street were there is no big stores. We have a crossing guard so it's not so bad. I would love to tell a driver how I feel about speeding and I think they should get a fine too. closing quote
Alex, 15

opening quoteOur head-teacher has asked the council to close the road outside our school at certain times as there's been several accidents from speeding driversclosing quote
Sammi, 15, East Sussex

opening quoteMy school is right next to a shopping centre so the roads are always busy. There is a new school being built and the roads are going to be even busierclosing quote
Hannah, 12, Middlesbrough

opening quoteThe road just outside my school is used as a short-cut so it is really dangerous. Since December there has been two bad accidentsclosing quote
Nicola, 15, Middlesex

opening quoteMy old school road was really dangerous. It's right next to a sharp bend that you can't see around and people drive round at top speedclosing quote
Holly, 12, Pewsy

opening quoteMany people speed next to our school road, so there can be accidents caused by dangerous drivingclosing quote
Sameed, 13, Bradford

opening quoteThe road outside my school has just been redeveloped so it is really safe. It has traffic lights and a low speed limit. I think they should redevelop more areas around schools as it would be much saferclosing quote
Ash, 13, Manchester

opening quoteThe road outside my school is dangerous. You have to be very careful when crossing it as it has a lot of speedy driversclosing quote
Richard, 13, Telford

opening quoteMy old high school road is terrible. There are too many cars there, and it takes forever too get throughclosing quote
Stephen, 17, Ormskirk

opening quoteThe road situated outside our school is very dangerous. It is a 4 way junction and takes along time to cross!!!closing quote
Hollie, 14, Clacton on-sea

opening quotePeople are in such a rush that barely any cars indicate - someone gets run over every year.closing quote
Katie, 12

opening quoteOur school road is quite dangerous, we have to cross a road to get to part of the school. And the cars go too fast. It is annoying that people cos it's too dangerous.closing quote
Jade, 14, Guest Editor

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