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  Tell us about your Potter experiences!
Updated 21 June 2003, 16.20
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OOTP is finally out!

Did you stay up half the night to soak up the excitement? CBBC Newsround website did!

opening quoteHi newsround, im glad Harry Potters out. I think your show is so cool. Please say hi to all my friends, Vazzy and Bex. closing quote
From B.M.

opening quotei have just got the book im on page 58 and its the best book every.closing quote
from sayward, daventry

opening quotehiya, i went to wh smiths to get da book, i couldn't resist reading some last night, so i read the first chapter, then i woke up and ive already read ova 100 pages! Harry potter rox! closing quote
Roxy, 14, Wareham

opening quoteI've just found out who dies in the book and I'm crying. It's really sad! closing quote
Besma, 11, London

opening quotei got my book at 12.05 and I was so happy I almost cried right there in line. i couldn't believe it was actually in my hands. One day I'm gonna meet JK Rowling and I will thank her so gratefully. JK Rowling, I can't think of a better author than you and you have such a great personality. You're terrific and you should've seen the line outside Borders book store last night! I give you permission to take as long as you have to on the 6th and 7th book because your real fans will wait as long as it takes. closing quote
Erica, 13, Charlotte, USA

opening quoteI woke up really early to get mine... now I'm on page 460!!!!!!!!! It's really good, but i want to know who dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Caoimhe, 13, Dublin

opening quoteHello, I just got my book in the post and i cant wait to start reading it. YAAAAAYYYYYY, to Jk 4 writing another great book and im dreading the part when some1 has to die. I hope it aint Hagrid but i have a feeling that it might b him. Also the cover is great!!!!! closing quote
Kim, 12, London

opening quoteMy book should be comin in the mail today!! I ordered it over the internet and they shipped it like 3 days ago, so I'm hopin it comes today!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):) closing quote
Vikki, 14, Pittsburgh, USA

opening quoteMine was awesome! I went to a release party at a bookstore around here, and some of my friends from school were there, which I wasn't expecting! They had raffles, people were all dressed up, it was so much fun! And I got REALLY excited when they said: "It's 12:01am, June 21st, let the games begin!". I finally got my book after awhile, and this has been, and was, my best Potter experience EVER! closing quote
Kayleigh, 14, Connecticut, USA

opening quoteI think the new Harry Potter book is great, I have one closing quote
Kez, 11, Morningside Wishaw

opening quoteI am English and a little bit Scottish, well i live in Brunei, which is on the island off Borneo, it's near Australia. Well i have to wait till July to get mine. Think how lucky you kids in the UK are. I woke up this morning my time and counted down the minutes till it came out in the UK. WELL DONE JK YOU MAKE IT!!! We will be with you all the time, never stop writing about Harry Potter. closing quote
Eleanor, 12, Brunei

opening quoteHi news round! I got my book this morning and its great! I'm going back to it in a mo, i juss needed da loo. I'm back in Harry's world, hooray! closing quote
Tasha, 11, London

opening quoteI can't wait till i get OOTP!!!! i'm getting it on Monday cos i ordered it from my school! i soooo wanna know who dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAH I'm going mad! closing quote
Shanti, 13, Oxford

opening quoteMy OOTP is comin by post and I'm still waiting 4 it. As soon as i read it, I'll go straight 2 the newsround msg board! closing quote
Anika, 14, Leicester

opening quotei'm going in to town with my friend at 1 pm (hopefully the crowds wood have died down!) and we'll be dressed up as the big mean spiders in book 2. we can't wait. hope every ones enjoying their own copy. see ya in the queue!closing quote
Siny, 11, Reading

opening quoteiv been queuing since 6oclock last nite + im at home on chapta 3 now closing quote
Tasha, 11, Erith

opening quoteIt was amazing! We queued up for an hour across the Tesco store!! When I finally got the book in my hands I gave a little yelp! closing quote
Sibyl, 12, Stockport

opening quotei was at Tecos and there was quite a big queue - everyone rushed over and grabbed one and we got to near the front of the queue and got away at about 1205 closing quote
Ellen, 12, Macclesfield

opening quoteI was at a bookshop in Edinburgh and guess who turned up? JK Rowling!! It was amazing! closing quote
Jo, CBBC Newsround Website

opening quoteOMG!!!D bk is finally in my hands afta w8in 4 sooo many yrs!ahhh!im estatic!ooo,now ive jst got 2 read it,wont take me long!closing quote
Jessica,15, Wolverhampton Asda

opening quoteI have just got my OOTP book! Its so exciting! And we also got photoed 4 our local newspaper! And got interviewed 4 a norweigen radio station! Cool or wotclosing quote

opening quoteI have just arrived at Hammicks in Worcester, its about 12:10 and its absolutely buzzing! My dad reckons that there are at least 300 ppl in da que! closing quote

opening quoteI work 4 waterstones piccadilly, and im hme away frm the madness! Early start 2moz tho! Enjoy readin u potter fanatics! closing quote

opening quoteWe have just been to a harry potter party where there were real live owls and lots of people dressed up! we have just bought our books!closing quote
David and Tom

opening quotehi! there is a queue a mile long! im just screaming my head off and getting funny looks! cant wait a okotu longer!closing quote

opening quote1/2 an hour to go! the queues growing and so is the excitement!closing quote
Marrissa, 13, Bolton


opening quotewere now at the front of a q of about 50-70!!!!let us in!closing quote

opening quoteYo. Bex agen. Me and me m8z dont no about sum1 dyin IN ootp but there a plenty of us dyin FOR ootp!closing quote
Bex 15

opening quoteHi news round im in the queue 4 hp in bluewater its really boring but im sure itll be worth the wait.closing quote
Helen, 10

opening quoteStill in Stevenage at Ottakers. The queues have gone round the corner, and there are talks off who dies. Everyone is eagerly waiting.closing quote

opening quoteIm in asda west bridgford waitin! Quite shrt que!closing quote
Sarah,13 Nottingham

opening quoteIm in manchester & iv bin playin snake on my fone 4 2hours non stop!less dan an hour 2 go! closing quote
Danny in Manchesterxxx

opening quoteIm in Stevenage @ Ottakers.Ther r abt 10 ppl here.It wsnt advertised well.Aah well.Im in full Slytherin costume &will cum back tmrw 4 the fancydress comp.closing quote

opening quoteI am in borders at the front of the q. reading is killing boredom. but thay are moving us around alot.closing quote

opening quoteHey nr. Im chillin outside waterstones. My friends fretin, cuz im gonna get ootp b4 her! Its gonna b WANDerful man! closing quote
Bex, 15

opening quoteIm sat outside Hammicks in a long queue and its v exciting!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Basingstoke

opening quoteHi! were at the very front of the queue!theres only about 7 behind us tho + theyre all adults! :-s we can see all the books throo the window.hurry up midnight closing quote

opening quoteI feel excited like harry when hes waiting to see the sorting hat and be sorted into gryffindor house!!!!! closing quote

opening quoteWev just won the quiz (me,cuzin+my m8)coz we swotd up in biology-faild r biology xam of course! We r in borders-we cnt w8 4the book! hp rox!closing quote

opening quoteHi newsround im just about to leave to go to bluewater im dressed as hermioneclosing quote
Jessica, Gravesend

opening quoteHi i am stuck at home. Got to get the book tomoro. Oh my god. Going to be first to finish tho wont sleep till i do. closing quote
Sarah, Southampton

opening quoteIm in waterstones in manchester city centre and there are not many people here, so i can get the book quickly!!! closing quote
From Jaime Louise, Manchester.

opening quoteHey newsround! i am 2nd in the Q at waterstones with my little sis (lil bo peeps). hi to all the ppl i no on the nr msg brds! closing quote
luv angelofboox!

opening quoteHi Newround i am at Waterstones in Manchester at the front with my friends. It is great we r playing HP related games. Only 2 hours to go! closing quote
Olivia 13 Manchester

opening quoteI am the first boy in manchester to get the new harry potter bookclosing quote

opening quotejust got in que. am 2nd person! closing quote
lil bo peeps, 13, ilford.

opening quoteIm queuing outside waterstones 2nite, il txt again when i get there. Im so excited!closing quote
Lisa, 15 scotland

opening quoteIm going 2 tescos in a minute. I cant wait. All my m8s r really jealous! And it makes a change from the usual friday nite homework!closing quote
Luv kate x x x

opening quotewe wil b queuing at 11.30 and reading things from books and dressin up as characters in wellingborough closing quote
Lucy, Hannah

opening quoteHi newsrnd im wlkn thru town now drssd as a slyth student wiv a witch hat no1 else is here yet! so im 1stclosing quote
Michelle, 14

opening quoteMe & my best friend av been countin down since january! We r gonna b outside waterstones in bolton at 9! IM SO EXCITED!closing quote

opening quoteIam going 2 Nottingham tonight and am getting the new Harry Potter book The Order of the Phoenix. I am so looking 4word 2 it and I cant wait,closing quote
love from L

opening quoteI'm waiting until tomorrow to get the book. I'm a massive Harry Potter fan but I need to get some sleep in advance! Once I get the book I wont be having any until I finish it! closing quote
Michael, 13, Stockport

opening quoteOh my gosh I'm in the queue only five and a half hours to go!closing quote
Savannah, London

opening quote@This is the most amazing night of my life! I'm in the group at the front of the queue at Waterstones in Piccadilly and everyone here is going MAD!closing quote

opening quoteI nt in a q @ t moment bt2mrw I goin2a bukstore whr Chris Rankin(Percy Weasley)wil b!I cnt w8.Il keep u updated wen im thr! closing quote

opening quoteThe bookshop I ordered my book in doesn't open till 8 in the morning so I have 2 w8 till then.closing quote
James, Ireland

opening quoteI am in the queue at Waterstones and so excited. Less than 5 hours to go! Ra!closing quote
Love Katy x

opening quoteI can't wait until the book comes out. I've got a HP room.closing quote
Aimee, 8, Scotland

opening quoteJust cant w8 4 OOTP - it's going 2 b WIZARD! ;) Go go Gryffindor!closing quote
Emily Cheryl & Sian (qing @Piccadilly Circus!) xx

opening quoteI'm waitin' outside a shop and I'm da only 1there-lonerclosing quote
Chris, 12

opening quoteHey u potty ppl! Its buzzin' here in Grimsby! For the weekend Ottakars is called Pottakars! How Potterific is that!!closing quote

opening quoteWe're going to a massive bookshop in London's Piccadilly and we're going to speak to everyone in the queue there!closing quote
Phil & Neil, CBBC Newsround

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