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  Are you getting excited about OOTP?
Updated 18 June 2003, 19.16
The cover of the Order of the Phoenix
This time next week you could have your nose firmly planted in a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

How excited about the book release are you? Will you be queuing all evening with your mates? Maybe you're even planning a party?

Have you managed to avoid all the spoilers so far and how are you going to avoid them once the book's out?

We want to know exactly how you're preparing for the big day!

opening quoteOh, I'm so excited!!!!! I've put up a sheet with the dates on and it's only 4 days to go. WHSmith is open from midnight and I'm going at 6 o'clock in the morning. I made a new wand: oak, Veela hair, 8inches. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep that night as I'm such a big fan of it !!!!!closing quote
Yanqing, 11, Plymouth

opening quoteI've never liked Harry Potter books. I've been to see both films and thought they were GR8! But the books are 2 confussing with too many difficult words to pronounce.closing quote
Ali, 13, Clacks

opening quoteI'm so looking forward to it! I can't believe I didn't like Harry Potter when I first read it. The only thing about this book is none of the bookstores are opening at midnight like everywhere else in the world. Even the huge one in Dublin isn't opening and I'm so disappointed because they won't open till 9 am, hours after you all get it!closing quote
Claire, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI can't wait. I've read all the spoilers.I'm counting the days until I get my hands on that book. I'm probably going to read it all summer. I'M GOING TO BE IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Laura, 11, USA

opening quoteI can't wait. I've read all the spoilers.I'm counting the days until I get my hands on that book. I'm probably going to read it all summer. I'M GOING TO BE IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Laura, 11, USA

opening quoteI'm really excited I've waited a 1/4 of my life, but I'm going to read so slowly as it could be 3 years till the next one. closing quote
James, 12,Croydon

opening quoteI'm quite excited, but what's the big deal? It's gonna be a great book, don't get me wrong, but it's not that special! closing quote
Ros, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteEveryone is excited, even non-Potter fans! It's all anyone can talk about! closing quote
Sarah, 13

opening quoteI'm gonna be sat by the post box Saturday just waiting then I'm gonna run off with it and do my Duke of Edinburgh expedition and read it at the same time and all b4 the rest of my family!!! I'm just plain potter crazy!!! Moo ha ha ha ;o) closing quote
Lizzie, 15, Stockport

opening quoteI'm sort of scared that Ron mite be the one who dies! I hope not though. closing quote
Jasmine, 11, Sheffield

opening quoteI have been waiting for this book for the longest time!!! My friends and I are so excited we are even going to have a party and gossip about the books all night. Then in the morning we are going to the store to buy it and then read it. I can't wait for it to come out....I have even been good and haven't read any of the spoilers so the book will a total surprise!!! 5 DAYS!!! closing quote
Rachel, USA

opening quoteI've been eagerly anticipating getting the book! I had a horrible dream that I got it and it was only paperback and really thin...but that's not going to happen! I'm a quick reader and I'm going to get the book 8.00am on Sat and read it all day and night until I'm finished, no stops, just reading!!!! That's how excited I am! I'm reading the other four books this week to build up to reading the order of the phoenix on sat!!! I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Izzie, 13, Tunbridge Wells

opening quoteI'm really looking 4ward 2 the 5th book, but does ne1 fink that evey1 is going a bit over da top, i've loved the books since 1998 n I listen 2 the tapes every nite, but it is just a book!! I mite b soundin like a "anti hp" but it is a BOOK, that is all, just chill ebery1!! please!! closing quote
Laurence, 13, Chingford

opening quoteI'm not really excited I have never read any of the books and I don't intend to either!!! Seen the films though they r ok but nothin special! wots all the fuss about? closing quote
Becki, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI am so excited that I keep asking my parents to get it for me now when it's not even out yet. I was furious when it got postponed but now there is less than a week to wait. YAY!!!!! closing quote
Rahat, 14, Hayes

opening quoteI'll be at a friend's house on June 21, so we're going to get the book together and read it. We're both really excited about reading, and want to get it through as quickly as possible so we can start writing fan fiction about OOTP!!! But we're kind of afraid cos of the death, what if it's our fave character: Sirius Black?? closing quote
Annis, 14, Maryland, USA

opening quoteI will probably spend the whole day reading it. But I'm a bit anxious about reading something. I don't want to read about one of my favorite characters dieing. But I really want to read the book, so bring it on! closing quote
Faith, 14, Skopje

opening quoteYes I can wait, everyone's making way 2 big a deal about a book. I haven't read number 3 yet, I always wait until the next one comes out til I read it because then if I really can't wait then I have the next one and don't have 2 wait 3 years to find out what happens. closing quote
Heather, Southampton

opening quoteOmg, I can't wait for OOTP to come out! It's been so long since the last one that it doesn't seem real that another one is coming out on Sat. I'm really excited and I really want to find out who dies, and what happens now that Voldemort is powerful again. If you want, there is an excerpt of OOTP that you can listen to on the website. Anyway, can't wait till Sat! closing quote
Sarah, 14, Wiltshire

opening quoteI don't think anyone is as big a fan as me because as soon as I get my hands on it I'm just going to read it about at least 300 times non-stop. I think no fan is that big a fan closing quote
Mark, 9

opening quoteI think the films have ruined the book. The actors can't act apart from Alan Rickman and Tom Felton. closing quote
Laura,13, Larbert

opening quoteWhen I get Order of the Phoenix, I'll be holding it, and not believing I actually have it. Then, I'll start reading it and be back again in Harry's world with all the characters I know so well. closing quote
Corey, 13, Massachusetts, USA

opening quoteI'm really exited about the book, but when I get it I won't be able to stop reading it! It'll be awful when I'm forced to put it down at the end of the day! Doh! closing quote
Amy, 11, Scotter

opening quoteI'm soooooooooooo excited. I can't breathe ....oh my Goooddd... ahhhhhhhhhhh closing quote
Aefifa, 14, London

opening quoteI'm quite scared as I read the 4th 1 wen I was 11 and I'm scared my tastes hve changed now I'm 14. I'm sure it will b good I hope it is as my mum went 2 all da bother 2 order it so it wld b waitin for me wen I got up closing quote
Ruth, 14, Stenhousemuir

opening quoteOh please help! I am trying to read the fourth book and I have only six days to go closing quote
Josh, 15, Kent

opening quoteI have been waiting for the fifth book to come out and when it is Friday I am going to have a great big party. closing quote
Sam ,10, Canterbury

opening quoteI'm sooooo excited the book's finally gonna be released! I got the date months ago and the suspense was killing me so I found out as much as I could about OOTP. That's OK. I'm really really looking forward to the scary climax. I won't come out of my room til I finish reading it.closing quote
Supraja, 13, Thane

opening quoteI have spent almost 1/5th of my life waiting for this book! There has been 1077 days since the last copy was released. Does that prove how desperate I am for this! (I have to be excited to take my time to figure that out!) closing quote
Matt, 14, South Wales

opening quoteOf course I'm excited. I haven't met anyone who isn't. I've been crazing my mum to pre-order it but she said: ''We'll get Saturday morning'' at least I'll have it. It's going to be the best book ever!!!!!!!! closing quote
Abigail, 8, Norwich

opening quoteYAYYY!!! I can't wait 4 it 2 come out, I'm gona finish it by Monday, then spoil it all 4 my friends!! ;-) lol closing quote
Carlie, 14, London

opening quoteI wasn't a fan til lately and when I was reading the GOF the other day, my mum called me down for dinner but I couldn't put the book down. J.K.Rowling is soooo talented! closing quote
Sarra-Louise, 14, New York, USA

opening quoteI cannot wait for OOTP but it's kind of sad too. After this, there will only be 2 more books! BOO HOO :( But hey, bring on OOTP! closing quote
Fran, 13, London

opening quoteI admit the dragged out release and the pathetic go at making the films has somewhat dampened my eagerness, but I will still be in absolute agony this following week waiting for it! closing quote
Menya, 13, Durham

opening quoteI can't wait for ootp to come out. I've been waiting soooo long!!! It's about time too if you ask me. I've read the other 4 at least 40 times each whilst waiting for it! It'll be very quiet in my house on Saturday seeing as we've got 2 copies ordered! closing quote
Caroline, 14, Reading

opening quoteExcitement is the wrong term. I'm hoppin raving mad about it. I just can't wait to get it!!!!! I won't be able to get it at midnight!!! I haven't been listening to any publicity so it won't be ruined for me. closing quote
Alistair, 15, Melbourne

opening quoteI am like so excited. I can't wait to find out who dies. When? Where? Why? Oh my God it is gonnabe the best book ever!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Chaz, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteMe and my best friend can't wait for the fifth book we wont be in school because we would have finished our exams so we're going to spend all our time reading. We're going to a 24 hour store at mid night and getting the book then. We're soooooooooo excited closing quote
Megan, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteI'm more exited about Return of the King coming out closing quote
Chloe, 9, Manchester

opening quoteEven though I'm sooooo excited, I'm a bit nervous of reading something I don't want to, I mean what would you do if your fav character dies. I probably wouldn't stop crying!!! closing quote
Ellie, 12, Berkshire

opening quoteYeah, sure, I (like millions of other people in the world) can't wait! I'll have to finish reading it pretty quickly, though, important exam coming up...I'm sure I'll LOVE the book! closing quote
Aneesah, 14, Malaysia

opening quoteI'm not that bothered, I'll buy it and read it but I'm not gonna stay up all night waiting for it. I'll go to the shops when I can, if they've sold out, then fine. I'm not gonna have a breakdown about it. closing quote
Tills, 13, Worthing

opening quoteI cant wait another second! I've read all the books countless times and I'm so excited! closing quote
Emily, 9, Stenhousemuir

opening quoteYep but I'm in France when it is released so I'm going to have to wait *sob sob* closing quote
Kath, 12, Worcs

opening quoteGod I cant wait!!! I'm not even gonna come out my room till I've finished it!!! I cant stop thinking bout it! closing quote
Becca, 13, Grantham

opening quoteI'm going nuts about OoTP. It comes out on my sister's birthday. I'll be getting it with my birthday money. OMG, it comes out in 6 days closing quote
Jake, 8, Bunbury, Australia

opening quoteI am looking forward to seeing what happens to the characters. Another plus is the fact that all the rumors will be cleared up! And then we can start on the rumors for book six! =) closing quote
Linzee-Ann, 15

opening quoteOh I'm so excited. My mother was so nice and made me a Hogwarts robe just like the ones from the movies and I'm dressing up as Hermione and my friend is dressing as the boy who lived of course. Then on Friday night we're going to the book reading and they're reading the first five chapters then afterwards we're going to the bookstore downtown and we're going to catch up on some sleep in front of it until it opens. I'm so crazy closing quote
Kit, 13

opening quoteThe last time I read a Harry Potter book, without knowing what was going to happen, was 3 years ago - so I am looking forward to seeing what will happen next! I have loved Harry Potter since the moment I began reading the first book, when I found out that my birthday is on the same day as Harry Potter's! closing quote
Paprika, 14, Chatswood

opening quoteI'm so excited I'm going insane!! I CAN NOT wait at all I'm getting it Saturday!!!!! I had a dream about the book being released! closing quote
Jamie, 14, USA

opening quoteOMG!!! I can't wait!! I haven't done very well with the spoilers though. I am trying to keep busy by re-reading 1-4 four the 8th time. closing quote
Jessie, 12, Dripping Springs

opening quoteWhen I get my hands on OOTP, I'm not going to school, I'm not watching TV, I'm not gonna call my friends, I'm gonna lock myself in a small room with OOTP, and stay there until I have read it at least 7 times. Howz that for a fan???? closing quote
Beverly, 12, Melbourne, Australia

opening quoteI've been waiting for soo long, and I can't wait until it comes out. My friends and I are going to Barnes and Noble for a Potter Party until 12:00 n then we're goin to my house to read it until we're done. I can't wait! closing quote
Megan, 13, New Orleans, USA

opening quoteEven though here in Australia we are getting it at 8:31 in the morning instead of 12:00 I'm still very very excited, I spent the weekend before it comes out hard because I wish it is out this weekend!! I can't wait any longer! closing quote
Claire, 10, Adelaide, Australia

opening quoteYes I am VERY excited about the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix coming out in 6 daz!!!! I have been waiting for this book ever since I finished reading the 4th one. I check this site at least 4 times a week to read all of the new Harry Potter news and I can't wait until I have the 5th book in my hands!!!! closing quote
Jessica, 14, Vancouver, Canada

opening quoteThis book had better be worth it. I've been waiting patiently for 3 years now, so it'd better live up to my expectations or I'll cry. ;( closing quote
Jamie, 15, Kent

opening quoteI can't wait anymore. I have to have my hands on it or I'll go crazy!! I need Harry!! NOW!!! I'll read it all summer if I have to! closing quote
Kelesea, 11, Huron

opening quoteI first heard the release date in January and it seemed like such a long wait! Now it's only a week away and I can't wait! The book is DEFINITELY going to be worth the wait! I'm so excited! closing quote
Christine, 13, USA

opening quoteI just can't wait I am so exited!!! I LOVE Harry Potter! Thank you J.K.Rowling for making the best books ever!!! closing quote
Zac, 13, London

opening quoteOMG I just cannot wait until book 5, it will be great when it comes out. I will probably stay up all night reading it until I finish it and I think when J.K Rowling said that Harry is going to go somewhere and find out the importance of the place. I'm guessing it is probably the riddle house. I don't know I just have a strong feeling that it is that. closing quote
Riley, 14, Walnut

opening quotewhen I get the book I'm gonna cry and cry and cry and cry and cry. I have been waiting for 3 years! And it was just a slow painful torture. I shiver when I think of the awful waiting for HP 6... and I want to cry at the thought of the 7nth book!! I can't even eat properly, I am dying to read it. closing quote
Hermione, 14, Calexico

opening quoteI really cant wait for it, it has been so long!!!! It's just that the fact that I will probably have to wait for the 6th book for like another 3 years is like heart shattering! I just hope it will go away as soon as I get the 5th book!!!! closing quote
Aimee, 15, Cape Cod, USA

opening quoteI cant wait! I have read all the spoilers I got my hands on, but now I'm even more exited for the book! Although I'm scared I'll finish it to soon, and all the excitement will be over! closing quote
Julia, 13, Eagan, USA

opening quoteI really can't wait. I have a bet with my dad that if I can read all the potter books by the 21st then he will give me some money! I started last week and I am now on the 4th money and ootp here I come!!!!!!!! closing quote
Rebecca, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI rang up my friend to remind them that there was 7 DAYS TO GO!!! and she said she remembered when I told her it was 107 days!...I really excited but long are we going to have to wait for the sixth book?! closing quote
Lily, 13, Hereford

opening quoteI am so sad because I live in Norway and I don't get the book before 3 days after its release - I am so mad! closing quote
Trude, 15, Stavangar

opening quoteMe & my friend have been waiting three years for this book!!! And yes I'm really excited but I must admit I did lose interest for a while, she took so long with the OOTP, it nearly ruined the whole Harry Potter world for me. closing quote
Liam, 14, Stratford-upon-Avon

opening quoteI cannot wait!!!! The book is going to be very exiting!!! Just 6 days left:-) closing quote
Gunn-Helen, 14, Norway

opening quoteOH MY GOD! 'Excited' isn't big enough word to describe me. I've been waiting 3 WHOLE YEARS of my life for that book. If anyone thinks they know more Harry Potter than me (Apart from J.K.Rowling) then I'll be happy to compete. I LOVE THE BOOKS AND I'll be waiting outside Woolworth's 6 hours before its released and I'm gonna sit outside the shop and finish the book! I bet you I'll read the whole book 3 times before school the next day!! J.K Rowling, you're a genius!!! closing quote
Intisar, 15, London

opening quoteI can hardly sit still I'm so excited. I'm going to the book launch and we are going to have an opening. closing quote
Emily, 12, Johannesburg, South Africa

opening quoteI've made up a little 'OOTP is coming' dance closing quote
Katie, 13, Essex

opening quoteI simply CANNOT WAIT!!!! I'm reading Harry Potter and the GOF out loud to my family, and when I get my hands on OOTP, I'll read it out loud to them too. that way we can all read it at once. The only thing is, it takes longer that way... well, I am very excited! I've been waiting for ages! closing quote
Sumya, 14, Los Angeles, USA

opening quoteOh my gosh!!! I cannot wait another week for Harry Potter 5 to come out, literally!!! I'm already finished with re-reading all of Harry Potter 1-3, and I am almost finished with re-reading the fourth book...ergh, my patience is gone!!! I want Harry NOW!!!! closing quote
Sheena, 13

opening quoteYes! I can't wait! and I don't care about all the spoilers! I'm still reading OOTP all of next weekend! No one can distract me! closing quote
Gaurav, 14, New York, USA

opening quoteI'm gettin it but it's only a book n look at the price of it - nearly 20! closing quote
Vicki, 14, Enniskillen

opening quoteI'm so excited that I have dreams about getting the book! closing quote
Kimi, 12

opening quoteI was nearly weeping with excitement when GOF came out; but with OOTP I'm not so sure - the films have, in my opinion, damaged the books reputation. I would rather read the new Artimus Fowl or wait for the next Series Of Unfortunate Events. closing quote
James, 12, Durham

opening quoteI am Brazilian, and I am going to read the book in English, I am so excited. closing quote
Icaro, 15, Sao Paula, Brazil

opening quoteI can't wait for the fifth book! The wait has been torture, so I'm really looking forward to it!!! closing quote
Em, 14, Midlands

opening quoteHmm let me I excited...ummm YES! I have been waiting for months and months! I read the first 4 and they were great! They keep getting better and better so I can't imagine how great this will be! Wooooooo I'm so excited! closing quote
Kelsey, 13, Stanhope

opening quoteHURRAH!! Finally it's here, I can't wait until Saturday. And I'm so happy I could make the worlds best patronus. closing quote
Phe,15, Ipswich

opening quoteI can honestly say that I am not looking forward to it. It's no big deal - for me 21st June is an ordinary day! closing quote
Uzma, 14, Burnley

opening quoteI can't wait for the upcoming book! I didn't exactly LOVE the suspense, but the sales will be huge. I have heard many rumors about the plot of OOTP... I want to find out the real one by myself! closing quote
Sammie, 13, London

opening quoteOMG! It's coming in 1 week! I can't wait!!! The 3 year wait will so be worth it! All the rumors are getting me excited!!!! It's so soon! Me and my friends are big fans and were PSYCHED!!!!!! closing quote
Brittany, 12, Edmonton, Canada

opening quoteI can't wait for it to come out. I started reading the fourth one at the beginning of April and it seems so long that I haven't read a Harry Potter book! closing quote
Allie, 14, Milwaukee

opening quoteIs that really a question? OF COURSE I'm desperate to read it!!!! It's been sooooooo long since the last one!!! closing quote
Beatrice, 14, France

opening quoteI have been waiting for soooooo long and I can't wait till June 21, in only 6 days I'll get the book! I made plans for that day since I found out when the book was coming out. So me and my friends are going to the store at 10:30pm on June 20th.Then at midnight we could be the first ones to buy the book!!!!! I I'm getting all psyched! closing quote
Sanya, 14, Toronto, Canada

opening quoteI've been waiting for this for a long time and I get goosebumps when I think how will I wait till 6th book. closing quote
Himsun, 13, New Delhi

opening quoteI CAN'T WAIT for book 5, the wait is starting to drive me CRAZY and it's going to be the coolest book in the world :) JK you are the queen of the world :) Bow down to JK closing quote
Harry Potter Freak, 15, Sussex

opening quoteCan I wait? What a silly question! My Mum's ordered it and I went barmy when she told me. I wanted to queue outside Waterstones! closing quote
Gemma, 10, Sheffield

opening quoteNo not really because I prefer the Lord of the Rings! closing quote
Lydia, 13, Northants

opening quoteI absolutely LOVE the books and I can't wait for the fifth one. But what I can't stand are the films, they are so wrong they are nothing like the books and the characters, for example, Dudley aren't the same!! Does anyone feel the same? The day I get the book I wont be able to stop reading closing quote
Sukhivir, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI really cant wait till I can finally start reading what's going to happen next! I can't sit still. and my plan is to drink lots of coffee (yuk) I can read it all morning from 12! closing quote
Joanna, 13

opening quoteI'm so excited, but I have a little problem. The day it's delivered I have to go to a wedding and no-one will be at home to sign for it! I hope they leave it. closing quote
Holly, 15, Dorset

opening quoteI am sooooooo excited. It seems to have been centuries to wait and I have done loads of stuff to pass the time. I have spent loads of time on the Harry Potter section of my fave site (Newsround of course) , I've re-read all the books three times each and me and my best friend Jess have re-written books 1 and 2 with us as characters in it! Now it's here and I am sooooo glad! It's gonna be excellent! closing quote
Louisa, 12, Huddersfield

opening quoteIt'll take some time until they get the book translated into my language and I can't wait! It's the book I've been most excited about EVER. closing quote
Mari, 14, Estonia

opening quoteOMG I can't imagine anyone not liking HP!! My b-day is on the 22nd, and I TOTALLY FREAKED OUT when I heard the news, and now, I'm even more freaked out. Like, forever ago I made my dad promise he would buy it for me. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I couldn't b more excited!!!! closing quote
Arna, 13, Westervoort, Holland

opening quoteI can't wait! I wasn't a huge Harry Potter fan a few years ago, but now I'm a full-fledged Harry Potter fan. I CANNOT wait. I am going to be bouncing off the walls all this week. Unfortunately, I live in America, and we won't have any of the special midnight parties. Oh well, I still reserved a copy of OOTP and I will get it after drivers ed. closing quote
Amy, 15, USA

opening quoteWow. It's been 3 years and the next one's going to be out in 6 days! I really can't wait. I mean, there's been a lot of hype about the books and movies now, but I think it's mainly because it's been so long since one of the books came out that fans don't have much to do except talk about the old books over and over again. I am very much looking forward to reading OotP! =) closing quote
Lina, 15, London

opening quoteI have 6 days to read 4!!!!!!!!!!! Help! But I am waiting up until midnight on Friday to get my book!!!!! closing quote
Emma, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteI can't wait, I'm soooo excited!!!! I know loads of stuff about the book already which does spoil it a bit but I still can't wait anyway!! closing quote
Angela, 14, Belfast

opening quoteI am so excited about Harry Potter that I get butterflies in my stomach from just thinking about it. I remember last yr when they said it would come out last summer and it never did. I was so disappointed. I have been ready for this since I was in the 7th grade!! Bring it On!!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Lana, 14, Louisville, USA

opening quoteExcitement is an understatement! I think that next Saturday will be the most exciting day of my life! (Maybe apart from the day I'll read the 7th book...). And I DON'T understand how could ANYONE think that LotR is better than HP. closing quote
Tania, Athens, Greece

opening quoteI don't understand why everyone's making such a big deal out of it, it's only a book, right? closing quote
Sophia, 13, Essex

opening quoteWe've been waiting so long that now I'm really excited! I've been chatting to American kids about the new book and they are just as excited as I am. I can't wait! closing quote
Claire, 14

opening quoteI cannot wait!! That is all I have to say. I can not explain my excitement!! closing quote
Lilly, 12, Sackville

opening quoteEver since I read the 4th book I couldn't wait to start on the 5th and now it's finally nearly here!!! Me and my brother are fighting to see who gets to read it first!!! closing quote
Emma, 14 , Leicester

opening quoteI am so excited! I have been counting down for this for ages. I have left the whole of this Saturday free just for reading closing quote
Shakira, 13, Bolton

opening quoteMe and my family are soooo excited about the book, we are arguing over who gets to read it first!!! We are also going away that day, so we will probably have to wait for Sunday before we get the book!!! closing quote
Catherine, 11, Pinner

opening quoteI'm so excited about the book coming out in just a week! I've waited for three years and really can't wait much longer. I love Harry Potter and I'm ready to read the fifth book! closing quote
Daniel, Mcrae

opening quoteI can't wait for the new book to come out. In my school, we are doing a lot of Harry Potter competitions for Ootp. closing quote
Chekira, 12, London

opening quoteOf course I'm excited! Everyone's excited! It's going to be the biggest event of this year! closing quote
Jen, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI think that Ootp is going to be exciting because whenever I read about it, I feel very curious and excited. Anyway, good luck JK!!!!! closing quote
Saham, 9, London

opening quoteI used to care but now it doesn't seem that big of a deal to me anymore. Probably cuz it's been too commercialised. closing quote
Christa, 14,Canada

opening quoteOh I'm so exited, I mean, only a week away! I'm getting it for me birthday cos me birthday is that day!!!!! yeep! closing quote
Gahadi, 10, Grays

opening quoteOMG! I cannot wait!!! The day after my last final!!!!!! I can't wait!! The movies have been keeping me busy. lol! I remember when they first said that it's going to come out June 21, I was like, wow that's a long way away. Now, its just a week away! HURRY. closing quote
Kristina, 12, New York, USA

opening quoteI'm EXTREMELY excited about HP coming out next week. My friend and I are going to a HP party at Borders - it's going to be great! closing quote
Bridget, 15, USA

opening quoteI've only been into Harry Potter for a year now, so I feel sorry for all the fans who have been excited for book 5 much longer than me! But @ 2.00am, wen I'm trying to finish it, I'll be like 'oh, they wot?!?!' closing quote
Larna, 12, Aberdeen

opening quoteI really cannot wait any longer... Well I have ordered it aswell! I am really excited about it all. I have been telling my friends about it the whole week! Well those of you who are also getting it ...ENJOY!! closing quote
Aishah, 12 , Leicester

opening quoteIt seems like I've been waiting for this book forever! I'll be at my bookstore at midnight I'm so excited! closing quote
Sarah, 14 , Cardiff

opening quoteI am soooo looking forward to it! Me and my friends will be first in the queue on Saturday but unfortunately, I have to go into school that day...I will have to read as much as I can that day and try to get it finished some time before Sunday morning! Don't get me wrong though, I'm not going to rush it because that will spoil it! closing quote
Lucy, 14, Herts

opening quoteI can't wait for it. I wanna see what happens to Voldemort and who'll die. I've waiting for it ages and I can't wait another week. Lord of the Rings is soooo boring! closing quote
Faiza, 14, Manchester

opening quoteMy family are getting so annoyed with me coz I talk about it all the time. I'm so excited, I just cant wait!! closing quote
Juliet, 15, Norwich

opening quoteI'm sooooooooo hyper about next Saturday and I'm going to be hyper all week as and annoy ALL my friends (well it's their prob if they don't like HP). I can't wait and I'm going to be on this site lookin at all the cool OOTP stuff and I'm going 2 watch the interview with JKR on Thursday and I'm getting up especially early next Saturday so I can be at Waterstones to get my copy even though I've pre-ordered it!! OK I'll stop now. closing quote
Katy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteOMG!!! I can't wait!!! This is the most I've been excited in years! closing quote
Lizzy, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteI think HP's been really overrated. I used to be an enormous fan, but I just think it's been wrecked by too much publicity! closing quote
Verity, 12, Cornwall

opening quoteI am awaiting the arrival of the new book yes, but I must agree with many others, that Harry Potter has been ruined by the film, and all the news coverage, it annoys me, as it seems to take all the excitement out of it. I still love the books, and it's comment is nothing personal to JK! I think that the news, and press have made it seem so fake, and so boring. Also, in the film, it is spoilt by bad actors. closing quote
Charlie, 11, Watford

opening quoteI cannot WAIT for OOtP!!!!! closing quote
Kaleigh, 14, Connecticut, USA

opening quoteI really used to love HP, I was one of the first to start reading them but I'm sorry JK - I know it wasn't your fault but because she took so long with the book, she has completely spoiled it by taking so long with book 5 & with all the little kids acting like they are the biggest HP fans. I think HP has lost all of it's original fans and will soon become just another book - shame. closing quote
Ross, 15, Fife

opening quoteOf course I'm excited! I admit that I never used to be such a huge fan but now I'm Potter mad. I'm getting it at midnight and I'm going to stay up all night at my mates house teasing her with it because she thinks it's silly to go out at midnight. closing quote
Natasha, 14, Kilbride

opening quoteI can't wait! But my mum isn't gonna let me buy it 4 a week closing quote
Hamza, 10, Dubai

opening quoteI cannot wait until 21st of June. I've been waiting 4 years for Ootp!!! Only problem is there's 5 in my family and we're only getting 1 COPY!!!!! closing quote
Niamh, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI've been waiting for ages and I think it'll be the best so far closing quote
Euan, 11, Newbury

opening quoteI don't care, I used to like HP a lot but it's been ruined- I constantly hear about it on the news, everyone acts like the films are the greatest thing this century and I'm sick of it! I admit I will probably read it, having read the others but I'm in no hurry. closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI can't wait! My birthday is the day after and I'm a really big Potter fan. I've been reading and reading the four books and now I want to read the 5th! closing quote
Bethany, 10, Leicester

opening quoteI can't wait at all! I've been waiting years for this book and it's only a week away! I'm jealous of the first person who gets to buy a copy.closing quote
Jane, 14, kent

opening quoteI don't see what all the fuss is about, Lord of the Rings is way better. I used to like them until the films, they could have done a way better job of them. I'll probably read it, but after everyone else has.closing quote
Tori, 14, London

opening quoteI can't wait! I've ordered it and it should hopefully be here Saturday morning!!! I'd really like to go to the celebrations thing that's happening though, that sounds really cool!closing quote
Natalie, 15, Essex

opening quoteI'm so excited - I've been waiting for so long and now it's almost here! I'm having a Potter party with all my mates!closing quote
Jemma, 10, Exeter

opening quoteI can't wait! Sadly, I can't get the book at midnight because the shop where I pre-ordered it can't open at midnight. But I'll be running there at 8am on the Saturday morning!closing quote
Mark, 13, Middlesbrough

opening quoteI CAN'T WAIT!!!! It's been ages and everyone's celebrating!closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteAm I excited? In a word... YES! Can't wait, I thought it was ages away when they first announced it... and now its less than a week- HURRAY!closing quote
Anna, 15, Grantham

opening quoteI've been waiting for ages, even though I started reading it late!! It's gonna be sooo coooool!closing quote
Jo, 11, Croydon

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