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  Wud u rthr txt or tlk?
Updated 16 June 2003, 16.28

A new survey has shown that teens would rather send a text message than actually ring someone up.

Do you prefer to text than to talk?

What about if you've got free minutes on your phone - would you still send a text?

Why is texting so much better than talking? What situations would you talk before texting?

opening quoteI enjoy texting as calling someone on a mobile is too costly but I would rather talk than txt.closing quote
Will, 12, Leeds

opening quoteSending txt is better than phoning because you tend to save more money, if you ring a person each different network has a different amount of money they charge per minute. Sending txt is more comfortable and if you want to tell a person your to shy to tell by speaking then txting is always there.closing quote
Alex & Rebecca, 14, Cwmbran

opening quoteTexting is so sad and dumb. Texting costs, talking is cheaper!closing quote
Anisa, 13, London

opening quoteI'd much rather talk to someone face to face and avoid the phone completely! Texting is so fiddly and I find it annoying, you can't have proper conversations and most of the time, for me, it's down-right pointless.closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteTexting is only good for SMALL things! What's the point in sending a really long text? It would be so much better to talk! And talking is a lot more fun, how can you get emotions out of wrds w/o vwls?closing quote
Jaya, 14, Essex

opening quoteIf it's just a short notice, not a desperate message, I would txt. But if my bus hadn't come, or I needed help urgently, I would call!closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteSometimes people can't always talk to you so if you text them at least you know they'll get the message later. If i wanted a proper conversation then phoning is far better (as long as there are free minutes!)closing quote
Rhiannon, 15, Swansea

opening quoteI wud rthr txt coz its cheaper and u can send picture msagesclosing quote
Jordan, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteI think txting is gr8t so they should make txting cheaper cos more people txt than phone. closing quote
Kirsty, 12, Keighly

opening quoteTexting is quite good if you want to send little messages, but if you want to have a girly gossip, talking is definately better (and cheaper!)closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Peterborough

opening quoteI think that txting's better if u don't hav much credit, but if u hav free tlk time n a txt isnt detailed enuff, tlking's betterclosing quote
Freya, 12, Bristol

opening quotetxting is so much cheaper than talking + you can send funny pictures.closing quote
Ig, Wimbledon

opening quoteTalk cos rather than w8ng 4 a txt back, u can just reply by ansering str8 away!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Stafford

opening quoteTexting is so much easier, but if it's important, I would talkclosing quote
Sam, 12, Bolton

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opening quoteI hate text speak! It just looks wrong! It should only be used for text messages, emails and nothing else! closing quote
Natalie, 14, Lincoln
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