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  Your tips for keeping cool during exams
Updated 14 May 2003, 11.06
Sats can be stressfull
It's the summer term which means exam time for loads of you.

Some of you will be sitting SATS, others might be doing end of year school exams.

So do you have any special ways of dealing with the pressure to pass tests?

Have you got any tips you can pass on to others?

Maybe you recommend doing a revision time table?

Or perhaps you make sure you don't stress out by making sure you always make time to watch your fave TV programme?

opening quoteThe best thing you can do is RELAX. If you leave all your revision till last minute then you'll be all worked up in the actual exam. If you open your exam and your mind goes blank, just take a few deep breaths and think about whatever subject your doing's book, visualise what you wrote inside and you'll find it'll all come flooding back. Whilst doing revision make sure you reward yourself and take plenty of rests so your mind doesn't go into overdrive. closing quote
Bethany, 13, Caldicot

opening quoteI heard that if you write with a blue pen it keeps you calm and that you should eat oily fish or tuna the week before exams because it helps you brain. You could also open your window when revising because your brain needs oxygen to work properly! closing quote
Amanda, 13, Belfast

opening quoteIf you get too worked up in an exam, it's really important to just relax! Get a drink of water and close your eyes for a few seconds. Then open your eyes and start a fresh.closing quote
Natasha, 10, London

opening quoteI work on things after school sometimes, but I make sure I leave one or two days to relax and do no work!closing quote
Sarah, 12, Leeds

opening quoteWhen I did my SATS last year, I found that if you do a bit of revision, then reward yourself, like getting a video you really like out. You actually feel prepared, but not too full for the exam.closing quote
Hazel, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteWhenever exams come round I try not to stress with all the information which is thrown at you I just try to take it in bitesize bits.closing quote
Catherine, 12, Tooting

opening quoteOur teacher gives us pretzels and cold water. Also I heard dark chocolate helps but don't go overboard. I read one of my favourite books during testing to help me relax [actually right now I have a cold but the book helps].closing quote
Daniela, 11, Manteca

opening quoteOnly ever revise one topic each day. If you revise Maths and Science in the same session, you're gonna get muddled and make things worse!closing quote
Phillippa, 13, Goole

opening quoteI always make sure I set some time aside to chill out - otherwise my head feels like it's going to explode.closing quote
Sophia, 13, Cambridge

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