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  What task would you set the BB housemates?
Updated 11 June 2003, 19.12

The Big Brother 4 housemates haven't had much luck in their tasks.

Despite the fact that most of the things they've been set have been dead easy, they've managed to really mess up.

So what would you get the housemates to do?

Maybe you'd make Sissy smile for at least a minute, or Jon talk about something interesting.

Or perhaps you'd get them to do something really crazy?

opening quoteI would get them to read the whole Harry Potter series in a day and then get quizzed on it in the diary room. They would only be given a certain amount of hours to read them.closing quote
Helen, 15, Skipton

opening quoteI think that it would be good if they could camp in a tent in the garden for the night! It would be excellent!closing quote
Natalie, 12, Plymouth

opening quoteI think they should have a fashion show, and the person who designs the best costume will get the most money to spend on the weekly shop.closing quote
Kathryn, 12, Holyhead

opening quoteI think they should have a copetition on who can eat the most doughnuts WITHOUT licking their lips!closing quote
Rhonwen, 12, Camarthen

opening quoteThey should have an eating contest see who could eat the most.closing quote
Jon, 12, Perth

opening quoteThey have to write a book as a team.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteThey should have an eating contest see who could eat the most.closing quote
Jon, 12, Perth

opening quoteBe 3-legged for the day AND night, could you imagine them? "Move up Tania!"closing quote
Minnie, 12

opening quoteThey wouldnt be allowed to speak any English, only foreign languages... even though we wouldnt understand it would be very funny watching some of them trying to comunicate.closing quote
Georgina, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI would make them stop eating for a day and try to make them only have water... I don't think they would survive!closing quote
Aishah, 12, Leicester

opening quoteI'd get them to have to pick someone to be handcuffed to them for the day, or we could have the servant thing again! Anything to get them up off their bums!closing quote
Hannah, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI would make them perform a muisical, and see who was the best at singing!closing quote
Louise, 10, Belfast

opening quoteI'd get Gos to stop cooking so the others had to fend for themselves!closing quote
Nichola, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI would have all the boys dress up as girls for the day and have all the girls dress up as boys. closing quote
Fav, 14, Somerset

opening quoteI would get them to to make up a band and they have to perform. They have to write their own songs and play their own instruments.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Colchester

opening quoteI'd get them all to stop talking for a day - it would be just as interesting.closing quote
Jo, 13, Inverness

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