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  Are you plagued by spam?
Updated 11 June 2003, 11.45
Newsround's Comments inbox gets dozens of spam emails a day
Pretty much everyone who has an e-mail address has had spam at some point.

All those annoying, unwanted adverts for gambling, healthcare and loans are bad enough, but a new report shows that 80% of kids have had inappropriate adult spam.

The report by Symantec, the anti-virus people, shows that this sort of e-mail offends you and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Are you plagued by spam? What do you do to stop the flood?

opening quoteI used to get loads of spam, but I've started blocking them, so I'm beginning to get less.closing quote
Freya, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI keep getting annoying forwards and stuff that is not worth reading. Loads of rubbish E-mails with tons of attatchments from people who have forwarded them. I know who sends them to me, but she won't stop it. Just delete them - they're not worth it! closing quote
Katherine, 11, Cirencester

opening quoteOur family e-mail address has somehow been given away, so every day we get about 20 e-mails advertising loans, offers, prizes, and a lot more stuff I'd rather not mention! closing quote
Ros, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteI get lots of spam messages! I check my e-mails every day, and yesterday I had 20 new e-mails and today I had 14. Some of it is really inappropriate, and should only be sent to adults! I also get lots of chain messages, and they seriously confuse me!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Loughborough

opening quoteI get around 30 to 40 spam email a day and it gets extremely annoying. They advertise things that have no relevance to me whatsoever! Usually they have an unsubscribing link at the bottom though but it sometimes doesn't work! closing quote
Elizabeth, Ipswich

opening quoteAll the email in my inbox is nearly always spam. I don't look at it - I just delete it straight away. It's a waste of time. closing quote
Vicki, 12, Chipping Norton

opening quoteI'm only allowed a certain amount of time on the net and with all the chain letters and advertisements it takes me ages to get through them all, and sometimes I don't even get to read the stuff I want to. closing quote
Claire, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI get 20 or more spam mails a day. At first I blocked them, but more and more kept coming with a slightly different address each time, so now I just delete them all a.s.a.p. never open a suspicious looking email - it could even have a virus in it! closing quote
Natalie, 14, Lincoln

opening quoteI always get loads of chain letters, and they are so ANNOYING! I've never had any horrible spam so I'm glad about that! I just wish I didn't get so many chain letters! closing quote
Dawn, 12, Erskine

opening quoteWhen we first got broadband, my dad was setting it all up. He put me down as a 'Student'. The next day I got 200 e-mails, asking if I wanted 200, or whether I needed help with university! It took ages to delete them all! closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteI get spam all the time! I found I had 51 new messages today! I used up 13% in one day! I normally delete/block, but some of my e-mails are big, and are delivered into my spam! closing quote
Mairi, 11, Aberdeen

opening quoteI don't understand how these companies get my e-mail, and they always seem to be creating new e-mail addresses when you block theirs. Only a few friends have my e-mail, so how do they get junk sent to me? closing quote
Aly, 14, Perth

opening quoteI get loads of spam, I just block the address and delete it, and thankfully I've never got any adult material! closing quote
Hannah, 12, Leicester

opening quoteI hate spam. it's really annoying. Luckily I get hardly anything. but when I stop using my email address and go back to check any emails that have been sent there, it's full of spam!!!!! Argh!!! I just delete it without opening it though. closing quote
Natalie, 14, UK

opening quoteSpam filters are pretty good - but what I hate is when the advertisers change their name to look like a friend, so you will open it. They have names like Jenny Jones to make you think you know them. It's sick. closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteIt's awful, there are just so many! Why would I want to learn about cheap mortgages?!?! I'm 12 for goodness sake!!! closing quote
Emily, 12, London

opening quoteI get loads of chain mails, some saying this young girl needs a heart and the more you send the more we can raise. I feel soo guilty even though I know it is not true.closing quote
Kim, 14, Maghull

opening quoteOn one email add I got REALLY inappropriate stuff which makes me feel sick. And on my other, it's just junk. dodgy titles and they're usually like "free screensavers." ARGH....closing quote
Mike, 12, Whitley Bay

opening quoteI get all this Spam rubbish like "Send this on or you will have a bad love life for seven years". My mate once got one that said you must send this on or you will die - she's watched The Gift and Sleepy Hollow, and never been freaked out, in her entire life, but that e-mail did.closing quote
Laura, 12

opening quoteI got so much spam in one email account I had to change my email!closing quote
Christa, 14, Canada

opening quoteWhen I was younger, I used my e-mail to sign up for tons of different websites. I get about 10 new emails a day, and that is with spam-control and filters on.closing quote
Rachel, 14, NYC, USA

opening quoteI have quite a few sent to me at times and it's really annoying but luckily my e-mail account sort them out and puts them in the 'junk mail' section for me. So I don't even have to look at them!closing quote
Sarah, 14

opening quoteI keep getting nasty letters about things you don't want to know about. I blocked off half of the sites, but they still keep coming in as if it were water in a hot spring! closing quote
Arna, 13, Holland

opening quoteI got a really nasty spam the other day, it was about animal cruelty and made me feel sick. I wish these people would stop sending this stuff!closing quote
Kerry, 13, Brighton

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