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  Does rock rule over pop?
Updated 06 May 2003, 16.26

For the first time in, well - ever - rock albums are selling more than pop albums.

But do you think that rock is better than pop?

If so, what makes it better?

Has it got to do with the kinds of bands around at the moment? If so, like who?

Or maybe you think that this is just a one off, and pop will never die?

opening quoteRock is way better, not only are the songs more original, but it show that u don't have to b beautiful/thin etc to be famous and have people admire u closing quote
Jess, 15, Chesterfield

opening quoteI like both but more pop. I like Busted, Kelly O, Westlife and Big Brovaz and others. But I think they should seriously consider dropping the programmes like pop idol and pop stars cos all we get out of them are people like Gareth, Liberty X and Girls Aloud. Who should be banned from making music. closing quote
Addie, 15, London

opening quoteRock is not just screaming. Yes in some rock bands it is but in most it is not. Some rock singers have beautiful voices eg. the singers from red hot chilli peppers and placebo. But does it matter which one is better? It's just a matter of opinion like your favourite colour. closing quote
Harmony, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteNew rock definitely beats pop but all the shouty punk is just over the top. closing quote
Jess, 14, Hull

opening quoteRock is so better than pop!!!!! Pop is so last century closing quote
Daniel, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteRock and Indie are so much better. Every time artists such as Coldplay and Oasis bring out a new single we can look forward to a new and interesting sound that takes music another step forward. But every time groups such as Girls Aloud and Westlife release a new single we are simply given yet another manufactured cover version. Which do you prefer? New and interesting rock or Recycled and manufactured pop. closing quote
Lucy, 13, Derby

opening quoteI think rock is coming back into the world because of bands like Busted and Good Charlotte closing quote
Taylor, 10, London

opening quotePop is ok but is not cool, and rock (hence the name) ROCKS! Rock also has more emotion and meanings to it - so I'm not surprised that rock THRASHED pop! closing quote
Nadia, 12, London

opening quoteI think Rock is definitely better than pop. Pop music is all the same and most artists are always copying music from stars from 20 years ago. Can't they write and think of their own songs? Rock groups have different sounds and are more individual! closing quote
Hannah, 15

opening quoteYeah! I like Coldplay because they write their own songs and don't just take credit for other people's work. Pop is soooooo cheesy. closing quote
Helen, 13, Norton

opening quote They are both cool! I like Good Charlotte, Puddle of Mudd, Bowling for Soup etc, but my favourite band is Busted! They rule!closing quote
Sophie, 12, Leicester

opening quoteRock rules over pop definitely! There's more feeling and attitude behind the lyrics and the performance. Pop is boring! Most pop bands are manufactured and are made to look like clones of each other even though they are all individuals! Pop artists mime and sing lyrics that mean nothing to them, that are written by someone else! closing quote
Rach, 13, Cwmbran

opening quotePop purely means it's popular, now Rock is selling more albums and appears to be more popular....So what does that make Rock and pop now?! closing quote
Kate, 14, Colchester

opening quoteI prefer Pop to Rock as the rock star people just jump about the stage smashing up their guitars and shouting loudly. closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Somerset

opening quoteRock performers can't sing - they just scream down a microphone! that┐s not talent! however gareth gates isn┐t my cup of tea either i prefer suga babes or pink! closing quote
Hannah, 13

opening quoteI hate both styles of music, I'm a Dance person. Pop is wet. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Burnley

opening quoteRock is the best! closing quote
Danny, 12, Ellesmere Port

opening quoteDefinitely! Nickleback are so much better than Gareth Gates! He's so cheesy! closing quote
Amanda, 13, Thamesmead

opening quoteI like a mixture of both genres such as Good Charlotte and Busted, variety creates harmony!! closing quote
Elle, 15

opening quote Yup - rock rox, pop sux- people should get over it and get on with their lives, instead of trying to make pop look good!closing quote
Meg, 12, Portsmouth

opening quoteAbsolutely NOT. Pop was here first -the Beatles were Pop, Abba were pop -at least they have a tune and not 3 minutes of a load of guitars making a racket and people screaming into a microphone! closing quote
Amy, 16, Romford

opening quoteOf course! Rock music shows real talent and effort. The songs are written by the artists and therefore show true interest and meaning. closing quote
Francesca, 13, Rossendale

opening quoteNo way! Rock is scary and loud. With pop you can sing along to the words, dance to it, everyone know them and you can just have fun! closing quote
Laura, 8, Belfast

opening quoteAbsolutely! Rock is by far the best - pop should give up and go home! closing quote
Rob, 13, Leeds

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