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  Should Yo-Balls have been banned?
Updated 06 May 2003, 16.26

Yo-Balls are now officially banned in the UK because they're too dangerous, says the government.

There have been some pretty nasty accidents involving them.

Do you think it's right that these toys were banned because of that? Maybe other toys like cricket bats and skipping ropes should be banned as well?

Do you think children need to be protected from toys or should they take their own risks?

opening quoteRight, how many people have actually been injured by them? Not enough to be banned!!! closing quote
Kimberley, 12, Lancashire

opening quoteIt's unfair on older kids who would use them properly but it's only been banned because little kids mess about with them so an age restriction should be used like over 13 or something.closing quote
Simon, 13, Scarborough

opening quoteI guess the problem with yo-balls is that there is a chance of children accidentally being strangled by them when they aren't being careful. I don't think they should be banned, they're a lot of fun, but they are dangerous.closing quote
Gill, 11, Stanmore

opening quoteI think the government are going way over the top banning them. If you use them properly you won't get hurt.closing quote
Natalie, 14, Salford

opening quoteI think that the ball shouldn┐t have been banned, but they should at least carry an age restriction so that only those of a responsible age can use them.closing quote
Caroline , 16, Stafford

opening quoteI think the government is right they are dangerous. I nearly got blinded because mine burst and the liquid went in my eye. When I went to the doctor he said it was white paraffin and if I got lots on my skin I could have been burnt.closing quote
Kate, 12, Loughborough

opening quoteThey should be banned, cos who wants to get strangled with one? Not me!!closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteI think it's a good idea because they are very dangerous, it's better to be safe than sorry!closing quote
Kerry, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI think that yo balls shouldn't banned because they're great. They only hurt people because their misused.closing quote
Ellaina, 12, Doncaster

opening quoteI think it's a good idea, cause loads of smaller kids all chasing each other and swing the yo-ball and other day I nearly got hit by one in the park, but it's really unfair on the people that do play it properly.closing quote
Yuan, 13, Chelmsford

opening quoteIn our house we own about six yo-balls and feel that the banning of them is a very drastic measure as we have had no trouble. It isn't the toy that is responsible, it is the child who is using it dangerously and without care. I would understand if an age limit was arranged which I think would have been the right course of action!!closing quote
Lor, 13, London

opening quoteIt's just another toy ban and another toy craze. They are really dangerous, so maybe they need to be banned!closing quote
Amy, 11, Wales

opening quoteI'm glad they're banned!! They've been annoying since they came out, everyone at our school threw them at people and I took one off someone and snapped it 'cos they were annoying me with it!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Leicester

opening quoteOh who cares! Crazes only ever last for a couple of weeks if at all! All they are is squidgy balls on pieces of squidgy string! Get a tennis ball if they're that interesting! And if they're dangerous then of course they should be banned! I mean, you wouldn't want a toy gun with your kid would you!closing quote
Em, 15, Leeds

opening quoteThe government were more-or-less forced to ban them cos so many people have been hurt. But what I would like to know is who is stupid enough to rap it round their neck anyway?!closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteWhy should they be banned? With everything in the world there are always accidents, are they going to ban cars because of road accidents? No! So why should they ban those yo-yo toys.closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteThe water yo-yos really annoy me everyone keeps throwing them around in my class which always end up hitting me! I'm glad they have been banned.closing quote
Anisa, 13, London

opening quoteI think the yo balls are a real waste of money. I bought one for a pound and it broke within two hours of me buying it. They are also dangerous if they get wrapped round your neck, so yes, yo balls should have been banned.closing quote
Hazel, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteI think yo balls are cool but also very dangerous.closing quote
Robyn, 12, St Ives

opening quoteToy bans really annoy me. If you used the Yo-Ball properly you wouldn't get hurt, now they're banned for everyone. It's not fair. My school banned yo-yos last year for the same reasons.closing quote
Cory, 11, Wetherham

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