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  How should St George's Day be celebrated?
Updated 06 May 2003, 16.26

It might surprise you, but today is St George's Day, in honour of the patron Saint of England.

Are you doing anything to celebrate it?

Ireland's St Patrick's day is a huge party all over the world, and the Scottish have a massive celebration on Burns' Night in honour of the poet Robbie Burns.

But what about the English?

What should the English do to celebrate their national day, which is usually pretty much forgotten?

opening quoteI didn't even know it was St George's day until I saw it on a sign. Not very up to date am I?closing quote
Hannah, 10, Halsham

opening quoteWe have a little party in the back yard. I think it should be a public holiday. closing quote
Eddy, 13, London

opening quoteHowever you want it to be celebrated. You may be Scottish, Welsh or Irish and not want to be part of it. closing quote
Jennifer, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteI reckon that St George's Day should be a day off for everyone in England. What Elizabeth from Ipswich says is a fab idea! closing quote
Asif, 12, London

opening quoteJust get the day off school. closing quote
Shaya, 12

opening quoteI think St George's Day should not be celebrated just because of a poet. A national holiday should be celebrated for someone who did something good enough to be respected by everyone. I am not going to celebrate for someone who doesn't deserve it. closing quote
Robin, 12, Stillman Valley

opening quoteI think we should all have a big footy match to celebrate St Georges Day closing quote
Danny, 15, Huddersfield

opening quoteWe haven't celebrated St George's Day, but we think all English people should!!! closing quote
Alice & Sophie, 8 & 10, Gosport

opening quoteI think that everyone should get the day off work on St George's day, and we can get the day off school! closing quote
Chantal, 12, Sevenoaks

opening quoteThis isn't really my area but I think each country in Britain should get a holiday for their Saints because after all....they are our Saints!!!! Believe it our not Scotland doesn't actually get a holiday for St Andrews day OR Burns night so....come on give us a holiday!!! closing quote
Katy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI have never celebrated St George's Day, and don't see why people should celebrate it. But that's me, I haven't learnt much about St George's day. closing quote
Sarah, 8, Chorley

opening quoteI always celebrate St.George's Day. At school I wear a flag around my body & wear face paint on my face. It's great fun & should be celebrated by all!! closing quote
Sally, 15, Cambs

opening quoteI agree with Jonathan, I think we should have street parties like we did on the golden jubilee , that was great! closing quote
Jonathan, 11, London

opening quoteI've never heard of it. closing quote
Poppy, 15, Surrey

opening quoteI think we should have a parade and act out the story closing quote
Bethany, 11, Manchester

opening quoteThe same way as it always has been! I'm a Scout and I'm reading the Scout Law in front on 400 people or more! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI sent some Happy St George's Day cards out but was disappointed to see how little everyone else had done. We should be proud of our saint and have parties and parades!!! closing quote
Charlotte, Mirfield

opening quoteI think we should all dress up as George and Dragons and re-enact the killing of the beast in the high streets! closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Ipswich

opening quotePersonally I have never celebrated or had the need to celebrate St George's Day, but I do feel that it should be promoted because other British countries get a recognised holiday, so why shouldn't England? closing quote
Jonathan, 14, Sutton Coldfield

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