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  What's the naughtiest thing your pet's done?
Updated 06 May 2003, 16.25

Bunnies all over the UK are behaving badly.

But an animal expert is trying to teach them how to be good rabbits.

We want to know how naughty your pets are.

Has your dog chewed lumps out of the sofa?

The cat did her business in your dad's shoe?

opening quoteMy old pet, a hamster, escaped from its cage and chewed up the carpet during the night. The bunny I have now bit a hole in my shirt and peed on the couch. *Sigh*closing quote
Jenny, 13, California

opening quoteMy dog, Max, is a golden labrador and he ate two whole rashers of bacon from the worktop. Also, while we were coming home from my Nan's house he wrecked my paper mache easter basket which I got for Easter and ate a cople of small chocolate eggs and half the head of my chocolate bunny that I got for Easter! Pig or what!closing quote
Lulu, 11, St Neots

opening quoteMy cat literally scared my brother's hamster to death! Ooops!closing quote
Kate, 14

opening quoteMy hamster once ate a slug, put it in the pockety bit of her mouth and then spat it out all over my jeans!closing quote
Joana, 13, Hampshire

opening quoteMy cat Dobby ate my socks once! Then chucked them up on the carpet. closing quote
Addie, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteMy budgie, Sarah, used to strip the walls of wall paper and eat it, she can't anymore, she died. closing quote
Ella, 12, Manchester

opening quoteMy dog ate my underwear. My cat pooed in a papermache project I was doing. My dog likes to eat insulator and balconies. My dog broke over 4 leashes (2 of them leather). My cat shredded a huge peice of plywood into little wood shavings (i'm not kidding). Yup those are my pets. closing quote
Christa, 14, Canada

opening quoteMy dog stole 27 (!!!) chocolates off the tree at Christmas and left us with just 3! I know choc is supposed to be bad for dogs, but Poppy was fine! closing quote
Nicola, 12, Cheshire

opening quoteMy German Shepherd on more than one occasion slipped outside our garden gates to chase cats!!! It's horrible, once I saw him kill one right in front of me! closing quote
Aran, 13, Taiwan

opening quoteOur dog Ben once flung hismelf at a cyclist and brought him off the bike and tried to eat his leg. He stole an entire cheesecake and ate it, foil and all! And he also climbed on to the kitchen surface and stole a whole cheese & onion flan which was cooling on the otp of the oven! closing quote
MadCrows, high+oak=tree

opening quoteMy dog ate a bar of soap from the bath room, and was sick over my mum's bed!closing quote
Bryione, 9, London

opening quoteMy rats tipped over their cage, got into my chest of drawers, ate my German exam, made a nest out of my French textbook, chewed the bottom of a can of orange paint off and dragged the open can around painting the floor (and themselves) orange!!! closing quote
Ceinwen, 13, Monmouth

opening quoteMy cat, Sweepie, dropped a huge spider on my face! I am terrified of spiders! EEEEK! Evil kitty!.closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteMy golden retreiver decided to try and eat the kitchen table-legs.closing quote
Carissa, 12, London

opening quoteOur two guinea pigs keep weeing, whenever you take them out the hutch for a cuddle. You're just sitting there and you feel something warm on your chest. Yucky!closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteLexy and I were giving our dog a bath and one second he was nice and the other second he was chasing us all around the house for no reason and dragged all of the water with him. All over the house.closing quote
KC, 13, London

opening quoteMy hamser chewed the edge of our really expensive, brand new sofa and he once pinched my chocolate and had the runs!closing quote
Kelly, 13, Halifax

opening quoteWhen I was younger my bunny Maisie was routing through the fridge because my mum had left the door open (my mum went ballistic because she ate all the veg just about!!!)closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancaster

opening quoteI let my rabbit come inside for a couple of hours because it was frreezing and she chewed through all the wires...ooops, but I got more in trouble than her!! Justice huhclosing quote
Hannah, 15, Manchester

opening quoteMy dog Snowy is very naughty - he likes to steal cat food and once got a whole block of cheese off the kitchen surface when my mum wasn't looking! closing quote
Helen, 14

opening quoteMy rabbit (Twiglet) has a lead so he can run around in the garden and when we put it on,he shakes his head and trys to knock it off and nibbles me!!! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteMy dog found a dead possum and ate it, then threw it up in our living room! GROSS!! closing quote
Amy, 15, Canberra, Australia

opening quoteOur parakeet will rip up bits of paper, poop in your hair and try and destroy the most precious thing - books! Once he tried to ride on my dog's back! :-0 closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteMy old horse, Honey, was desperate to get out of the stable whilst my sister was putting her away. Honey charged at my sister and broke her arm and let's just say Honey and my sister didnt spend much time together again closing quote
Jess, 14, Hull

opening quoteLast Christmas my brother fed my cat Shadow some chicken which he wasn't allowed to do. Later when I went to my bedroom she had pooed everywhere and scratched up my pillow and curtains and had knocked things off my shelves. Half of the things were broken. closing quote
Freya, 11, Boston

opening quoteMy little terrier nicked a load of Easter eggs and was sick on the floor! closing quote
David, 13, Glasgow

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