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  Did Anouska deserve to be evicted first?
Updated 09 June 2003, 10.59
Anouska on eviction night
Flirty Anouska is the first housemate to be evicted from the BB4 House.

But why her and not one of the boys?

Jon seems to be the most irritating bloke in the house - but he's stayed in.

Federico lost the task, but he kept his place. And Scott hasn't really done much at all, yet he also gets to stay and sunbathe.

What do you think? Should Anouska have been the first to leave?

opening quoteI think that it's right that Anouska gets evicted because she's just too loud when shes drunk and she also gets on my nerves! She's not my tipe of fav BB I'm afraid!closing quote
Claire, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI don't think Anouska deserved to go because I really like her and she brought so much enthusiasm to the house. But I don't want Fed to go coz he's appealing and Scott is guna win..or Tania!closing quote
Sadi, 14, Leeds

opening quoteI wasn't particularly a big fan of her but she brought loads of entertainment and more so I dont think she should have been the first to leave.closing quote
Amma, 12, Perivale

opening quoteNO! She did NOT deserve to b evicted first! Anouska is the number one flirter in the big bro house!! YOU ROCK MA WORLD ANOUSKA!closing quote
Leah, 13, Darlington

opening quoteI think Anouska didn't deserve to be evicted first coz she was entertaining and a bit funny. OK, yeah, she might be boastful and loud but those r the kind of people that make programmes like Big Brother interesting. Jon or one of the other boys should have gone instead of Anouska!!closing quote
Tariro, 14, Essex

opening quoteI liked Anoushka, she was a litte too 'in-your-face' but fair play and she didn't deserve to b evited. I want CAMERON OUT!!closing quote
Sarah, 13, Derry

opening quoteWho knows if she deserved to go? It's only the first week though I can't really comment cos I ain't watched ne of it yet - but Jon shud stay cos he is from Staines!closing quote
Ria, 14, Staines

opening quoteI didn't really see a lot of BB during the 1st week so can't really say about Anouska... she seemed quite funny but now, I think Jon's coming out of his shell and will be quite entertaining 2 watch... so, I'm glad he didn't go! Gos is kool 2!closing quote
Lisa, 15, Peterborough

opening quoteI felt sorry for her as I think most people voted for her on first impressions. Jon should have gone, he's too clever to b in the house.closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteYeah she deserved to go, she was really getting on my nerves, I guess everybody had finally had enough of her!!closing quote
Becky, 13, Carelton

opening quoteI liked Anouska a lot. She seemed fun and interesting. That Scottish fish person should have been voted off, he's like this year's Sandy.closing quote
Carys, 11, Surrey

opening quote:( Anouska was so bubbly, I would have liked to watch the catfights with Tania. Now she's gone I'm sure the tabloids will miss her!closing quote
Cardy, 13, Chigwell

opening quoteI think it is good that Anouska went as she has no personality and she is the one who was putting up a mask and speaking diplomatically. She's boring - all she cared about was flirting with the lads. She was too young to take the game seriously. Jon's Sci-Fic stories are really interesting when you get into them I myself have the same interests as Jon so I find them very interesting!!!closing quote
Sadaf, 16, Rochdale

opening quoteAnouska should've stayed because she was the one who was most likely to make good viewing as she would have annoyed evry1 . Now were stuck wiv sum borin bloke who talks bout star wars 24/7.closing quote
Emily, 15, Keighley

opening quoteI think Anouska was the right person to go! She was too over the top and was trying to be the next Jade, nobody can match Jade!closing quote
Roz, 13, Didcot

opening quoteOmg they're all sooo boring! When I started watching it on the first night there was something wrong wiv them and then I realised non of them stand out!!!! With all the other big brothers there's been people who stand out from the beginning but there is no one that stands out in this one! Ahhh it will drive me mad!!!!!!!!!:Sclosing quote
Claire, 14, Bexlyheath

opening quoteI'm so glad Anouska went, She was so irritating, and loved herself a bit too much. Jon is so boring it's funny. I mean a solar powered heater for an already heated swimming pool? Can you get any better?closing quote
Faith, 14, Bingley

opening quoteI think Jon should have left big brother because he is soooooo boring and Anouska was bubbly and lively, she definitely should have stayed!closing quote
Busted's biggest fan, 11, Plymouth

opening quoteAnouska should never have gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Georgina, 10, Lancashire

opening quoteI'm glad Anouska has gone it will give others a better chance of winning!! It will let other girls like Nush become more confident!closing quote
Sophie, 14, Sussex

opening quoteI think Anouska was one of da best housem8ts. She woz exciting full of life and funny. Stop giving her a hard time and all u jealous girlz ... GET A LIFE AND STOP PICKING ON ANOUSKA!!closing quote
Pooja, 13, Hounslow

opening quoteJon is the funny 1. What can b funnier than someone takin 20 minutes to think of the question "What's your ultimate sandwich?" Jon is going to win. But Scott should've gone, he is BORING BORING BORINGclosing quote
@na, 14, Essex

opening quoteI think that everyone should leave Jon alone, he is funny in his own right especially last night when he did a war dance before the tug of war...Anouska deserved to go because of the way she was looking at ppl on the first night!closing quote
Laura, 14, Skipton

opening quoteAnouska should have stayed, she made it more interesting to watch, and is the one to get the party started. I'm glad that Federico, and Scout stayed, you need someone in the house to drool over!;-D And Jon, he is boring but you do need brains in the group too.closing quote
Nad, 13, London

opening quoteJon should have gone. He is so boring. Charlotte, 16, Kentclosing quote

opening quoteHow did Anouska get evicted when Jon was in the house? Jon is so annoying, Anouska was so the best and funniest person in the house!closing quote
Ellie, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteI'm glad she went and Jon stayed in. That man is the most excruciatingly boring person. It's funny to watch the others fall asleep!closing quote
Amy, 16, London

opening quoteI thing she should go so she will have lots of fun.closing quote
Ellie, 9, Horsham

opening quoteAnouska should've of gone. It should've been Fred or Scott. Jon is wicked. He is REALLY interesting and if I was there I'd listen intensely. Fred, Fred I HATE FREDERICO (;) Yes I know its really Federico but every one calls him Frederico instead :P)closing quote
Mike, 12, Whitley Bay

opening quoteAnouska was obviously trying to be the next Jade and thought her flirting would keep her in. At least Jon has an original personality.closing quote
Emma, 15, Scotland

opening quoteI am glad Anouska has gone because she was just too loud and annoying for my liking. Although I did think Jon was going because he is really boring!closing quote
Natalie, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteThe British have no taste. Anouska had a personality, was bubbly and always there for a laugh. She was kind, considerate and she doesn't make the others go to sleep with her Sci-Fi story (Jon), she didn't fail the task (Federico) and she didn't just walk around the house being boring (Scott)!! If big brother is boring from now, it's the public's fault. Anouska was the Queen and voting her out will result in missing loads of entertaining moments! She should of won!closing quote
David, 13, Wrexham

opening quoteI am so glad that Anouska is gone as she really got on my nerves. Jon is just as bad.closing quote
Josh, 11, Surrey

opening quoteWhat was wrong with her? I think Jon's really boring as well, but I am surprised she went. I loved her hair when she didn't straighten it!closing quote
Amy, 12, Aberdeen

opening quoteJon is really funny if you listen to him! I didn't want anyone to go, really.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteOne of the boys should have been evicted! Jon is boring!!! I can't believe he stayed.closing quote
Bridget, 15

opening quoteI love Anouska. She definitely did not deserve to leave. She was so nice and considerate. She should have stayed in. She was fun and herself. closing quote
Alison, 14, Ireland

opening quoteWhy Anouska? It should have been Jon - he makes me sleep. Now the house is going to be so quiet and boring without Anouskaclosing quote
Alex, 13, London

opening quoteJon is soooooooo boring. They voted the most interesting person out first.closing quote
Ollie, 13, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI didn't like Anouska at first, because she was loud and annoying, (and maybe cos I was jealous as Fed said) but now that she's gone I miss her.closing quote
Roshas, 13, Ilford

opening quoteI think she did deserve to go because of those funny looks she gave some of the other housemates when they arrived!!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Leicester

opening quoteAt least Anouska knows how to have fun. It should have been boring spod Jon.closing quote
Abi, 12, Milton Keynes

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