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  Was it fair to let Tatu compete in Eurovision?
Updated 25 May 2003, 12.24
Tatu rehearse
The Eurovision Song Contest has come round again, and cheeky duo Tatu were the hot faves to win for Russia.

But Turkey and Belgium beat them into third place.

But they have already had several hit singles all over Europe and are more like professional popstars.

Usually the contest is for groups who aren't that well-known.

The British entry, Jemini have had no hits and aren't already famous!

Was it fair Tatu get a chance to compete?

Or should the contests only be for those who haven't hit the big time yet?

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opening quoteMaybe if we put someone decent in for our entry we might stand a chance of winning like Tatu have! Let the Eurovision have one decent song, so let Tatu sing.closing quote
Vanessa , 15, Winchester

opening quoteYes. If they are Russia's best then they are Russia's best just like the rest of them. The others could be just as good or better.closing quote
Eleanor , 12, Loughborough

opening quoteThey are famous all around the world, for good things or not, so it isn't fair really, is it?closing quote
Mairi , 11, Aberdeen

opening quoteThe Eurovision Song Contest should be a chance for new people to show their talent, we should be hearing new people and not people we already know!closing quote
Salomi , 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it is fair, because some of the people performing for other countries are very famous in their country, it's just we haven't heard of them. Besides, Tatu ROCK! It's not their fault we don't ever choose famous bands to enter for us!closing quote
Rebecca , 11, Burton-on-Trent

opening quoteNo, because they're already famous and the whole point of The Eurovision Song Contest is to find some new talent from a country each year, isn't it?closing quote
Alice , 11, Loughborough

opening quoteI think Tatu are wicked but they have been number one in the charts so they should NOT be allowed to enter - it ain't fair for us! closing quote
Britney , 11, London

opening quoteIt is SOOOO UNFAIR!!! Tatu shouldn't be allowed in, either should any other famous singer/group. But I love the Eurovision, Mickey Harte from Ireland, he's brill!closing quote
Claire , 14, Galway

opening quoteWe should have got a really good famous British group to enter, I mean, have you heard Jemini?!closing quote
Ceri , 15, Monmouth

opening quoteI think it's very unfair because there are loads of countries where we have never heard of their group's names!closing quote
Birce, 13, Istanbul

opening quoteYes I do think it's fair to let them enter 'cos just because they are famous doesn't mean that they will be good.closing quote
Katy , 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI think that it should be only for bands/singers that are not yet well know so we can give them a chance to get well known. Tatu already has singles that did really well and they are well know. I think that it is not fair for the other bands/singers.closing quote
Elizabeth , 12, Sackville

opening quoteI don't think it's fair to let Tatu compete in the Eurovision song contest because they're already famous in lots of countries all over the world. Besides I thought it was for people who weren't very famous. closing quote
Amina , 10, Stapleford

opening quoteOf course, they're just another band. Why shouldn't they!closing quote
Niamh , 10, Paisley

opening quoteOf course it's Ok for well known artists to be in the contest. There should not be a rule to exclude certain artists because they are too known! Besides, it does not automatically guarantee a win and can have the opposite effect on their career if they lose!closing quote
Candy , 14, Oxford

opening quoteI don't think it is fair, we want to see people that we have never seen before and let them have a chance to get famous. If Tatu compete in the Eurovision song contest then they will be hogging the limelight. closing quote
Elycia , 11, Stevenage

opening quoteIt is totally unfair - they're too famous to enter.closing quote
Laura, 14, Skipton

opening quoteI don't think it really matters. Some people might not vote for them because they're famous so they've got the same chance of winning as everybody else.closing quote
Amy, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteI don't really care if they compete because they are really bad!closing quote
Josh, 11, Surrey

opening quoteWell all the others are so rubbish we need someone to save our ears. Tatu rule and should be allowed!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteIn a way yes because it is a competition and about competing for your country and winning for the song you sing. But I think if Tatu win it will only be because they are famous because their song is RUBBISH. Mickey Joe's (he's competing for Ireland) and Jemini's songs are both far better.closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI don't think it matters! Tatu will only win if they are the best ones there! It doesn't matter that they are well known. Anyway I'm glad there's gonna be talent in the Eurovision. I think most people on it have no talent whatsoever! Good on ya Tatu. But go United Kingdom!closing quote
Kathy, 12, Stockport

opening quoteI don't like Tatu but they should be allowed to compete as I think they are just as bad as the rest of the people who go on there.closing quote
Sophie, 15, Newcastle

opening quoteOf course! Russia want to win as much as the next country so they have every right to enter whoever they want in the Eurovision and besides the countries only vote for the countries they like not for how good the contestants sing!closing quote
Niamh, 13, N Ireland

opening quoteI think that they should be allowed to compete - it just means that other competitors have to work harder. And in the end it's the quality of the song - not on how famous they are.closing quote
Lily, 13, London

opening quoteI think it's unfair - they are a worldwide duo so it isn't really fair on the others who need to shine!closing quote
Amma, 12, Perivale

opening quoteThey should enter. Ok, they are already famous, but they are talented, so they should use the gifts that they were given.closing quote
Sophie, 12

opening quoteIt is unfair to stop them. Cliff Richard competed!closing quote
Richard, 12, Reading

opening quoteYeah - so maybe not everybody likes them but if they are good enough, everyone should have a chance, and that includes them. However maybe they should compete for Russia rather than the UK.closing quote
Kezzie, 12, Salisbury

opening quoteNO WAY! They have already got to #1 and are famous already, so it's just another publicity stunt!!!!!!closing quote
Michelle, 14, Stoke

opening quoteI think it is very unfair that Russia get to have a pop act that is famous in other countries. It is out of order!!!!!! Something should have been done about it!!closing quote
Vicky, 14, Barnstaple

opening quoteI live near the town where Mickey Harte lives the person who is representing Ireland and everyone is all excited and he could win if TATU weren't there I always thought it was a competition for those who haven't already have no.1 and it really isn't nice 2 watch them perform.closing quote
Siobhan, 14, Letterkenny

opening quoteI think they are brilliant just let them get on with it they both can sing and their songs are good and they are gonna win the Eurovision song contest!!closing quote
Aimee, 13, Bosham

opening quoteEvery country in the Eurovision Song Contest has probably heard of Tatu. It's unfair for the other countries, but hopefully Jemini will pull through and win!closing quote
Gill, 11, London

opening quoteWell it isn't really fair is it but we should've chosen someone like Busted or something if they get to have a well known group!closing quote
Zara, 15, Manchester

opening quoteThey are far too famous - it's not fair for the others!closing quote
Eleanor, 10, Helensburgh

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