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  Have you dieted because of bullying?
Updated 02 April 2003, 12.01

Are you worried about your weight? According to a recent survey, more and more young kids are in a flap about flab.

Apparently kids as young as nine are starting to diet because they are being bullied about their weight.

Have you ever felt that you should lose some weight because of pressure from other kids?

What have you done about your weight? Maybe you haven't dieted, you've done more exercise, or you just don't care.

opening quoteExactly! Dieting is stupid. More exercise is better. I used to be teased and still am as a matter of fact by my peers that I'm fat. I am a bit overweight and I'm trying really hard to lose the extra pounds! closing quote
Erika, 14, Canada

opening quoteWhen I was 11 I became very anxious about my weight, it was stupid. Then at the age of 12 I became very depressed about it even though I wasn't being bullied. I weighed nearly 8st. Now at the age of 13 I weigh 5.5st and I'm overcoming anorexia. Don't stop eating if you think you're fat, the problems it causes are unbeliveable, for your family too!closing quote
Vicky, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI think that if you diet by eating lots of vegtables fish and other good nutritional foods and try to lose a sensible amount of weigh,t it is ok.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Dundee

opening quoteI have got bullied, but not because I'm fat, because I am thin. But I took no notice and that's what you lot who are getting bullied should do, just walk away.closing quote
Vicki, 12, Reading

opening quoteI got called fat once by some lads I used to hang around with. I became obsessed with what I was eating. After that I couldn't eat anything without checking the fat first. Then I came two my senses and thought, 'hey why am I doing this?'closing quote
Siobhan, 14, Newcastle upon Tyne

opening quoteI have dieted, but not because of taunting they gave me, but because of what people like them would say when my back is turned.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI've always wanted to lose weight, but partly because of my own confidence, not just what other people have said. I no longer look at it as a diet, i just think about eating healthy.closing quote
Amy, 15, Colchester

opening quoteI think diets are silly because people should just enjoy their food. Exercise must be done now and again.closing quote
Loz, 10, Derby

opening quoteI think dieting is a terrible thing, especially for children as young as nine. One of my friends was extremely ill because she never ate, she said she was just on her diet. she had to do it because she was 'fat', but she never had anything to eat, she started to become bulimic. Now she's like a stick, she always looks pale.closing quote
Vicky, 13, Essex

opening quoteIt's really stupid teasing people about their appearance, they can't help what they look like. If someone teases you about your weight just ignore them, they're not worth it.closing quote
Freya, 11, Bristol

opening quoteMy friend went on a diet because of her weight and she is now getting bullied for dieting! She can't escape it!closing quote
Hannah, 13, Exeter

opening quoteI am severely overweight and I know it, but no matter how much I lose weight I cannot accept the way I am. All I can say to other people is accept the way you are before you end up like me.closing quote
Tadia, 13, Leicester

opening quoteNobody is perfect. Children shouldn't go on diets because of what other people think.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Plymouth

opening quoteI know a lot of people who diet just because bullies tell them they are fat, I think that people dont realise the difference between normal and overweight.closing quote
Cieren, 15, Brighton

opening quoteI know I'm not that fat but hardly anyone bullies me for it now! I weigh 10 stone and I'm in year nine! I advise everyone to say to the bullies! "Hey! Fat but happy!" I did and now no one ever bullies me! The best thing to do is to do loads of exersise and don't diet until you're ready! Hope you take my advice!closing quote
Jim, 13, Stockton-on-Tees

opening quoteI am constantly trying to lose weight. I think pressure from the media makes so many young people end up with eating disorders.closing quote
Charly, 14, London

opening quoteI was always bullied for being "fat" although I wasn't really THAT big! I was nine and a half stone, and there were plenty of other girls larger than me! Much larger! This led me to diet, and not so much that I became anorexic, but to make my confidence go up! I still haven't managed to get it though! All the bullies did was pick on me until I had no confience left at all! They're just stupid, and i will never forget them for making me feel so worthless!closing quote
Would rather not say!, 16, Crawley

opening quoteI think bullies are horrible people with absoulutely NO respect for anyone else but themselves. Everyone knows that but I don't feel the least bit sorry for them when teachers say they have divorced parents, that is NO excuse.closing quote
Callan, 12, Harlow

opening quoteI think dieting is the right thing to do if your'e badly overweight, but most people are an average size so they really don't need to worry!!closing quote
Jennifer, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI get bullied about my weight but not because I'm fat, but because i'm extremely thin! My 'friends' call me anorexic and buy food for me at the canteen even when i'm eating, as if they're trying to force-feed me. I do a regular training programme and I go swimming after school. I try to tell them that I'm normal but when I do they say 'if you're normal then i'm obese!!!' So not all kids that are bullied about their weight are neccasarily overweight!closing quote
Tara, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteWhat's on the outside doesn't matter, it's whats on the inside that counts. But that still isn't an excuse for no exercise.closing quote
Chantal, 12, Sevenoaks

opening quoteI dieted because of my peers. I lost 30 kilos but am now severely bulimic. I can't stop thinking about what others think about me and always look in the reflection of a window or mirror to see if I look alright. Things are much better now but my health is at great risk and I know it. I should never have cared what people thought of me, so I wouldn't have been overly depressed and stressed but that's a little late now.closing quote
Des, 15, Western Australia

opening quoteNo, but I know people have and I feel really sorry for them. You should only diet if you're health is a risk because really skinny people might strt to diet and make themselves really ill!closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteYou don't diet! Just cut out the snacks and do more exercise. People like you for who you are not your looks.closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteI think diets are stupid - you should just get more exercise!closing quote
Rich, 12, Cambridge

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