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  Is your school doing anything about Iraq?
Updated 02 April 2003, 12.08

As the war in Iraq goes on, there are more and more problems arising.

The people of Iraq need help, and many kids have problems dealing with the scary images of war on TV.

Is your school doing anything about Iraq?

Maybe you're having special lessons, debates or someone has come in to give your class a talk on how to cope.

Have your teachers done anything to organise help for the people of Iraq?

Let us know!

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opening quoteMy school doesn't do anything but 700 pupils did hold a prtest against war where we all walked out of school for about two hours and walked around our local village. We had 20 riot policemen out!closing quote
Rachael, 11, Dorset

opening quoteMy school doesn't do anything realted to the war, I think it's apoorling that we don't have a silence or have discussions. It's a really good idea to do so and I wish we would. My brother-in-law is in the RAF and he's in Iraq, it's really sad watching the news & worrying about him, we all really miss him! Let's just all pray and hope everyone gets back safely and quickly!closing quote
Rakhee, 15, Leicester

opening quoteMy school is not doing anything about the war but I think I would be a good idea to give us a lesson to talk about our views on war.closing quote
Rachal, 11, Ottery St Mary

opening quoteMy school holds a minute silence every week in memery of all the innocent people and soldiers that have died during the war.closing quote
Shane, 14, Plymouth

opening quoteMy class are geting a little shoe box and filling it with sweets, gloves, toothpaste, and little toys to send to the children of Iraq, and we are writing a letter to them.closing quote
Bryione, 9, London

opening quoteIn my school, we discuss the situation in Iraq at lunchtimes every Friday, to debate and talk about our views. I think this is a good idea, although, maybe, there should be a lesson a week that is used to talk about this important matter, instead of always using our breaktimes. We need to do normal things as well as think about the war, and I think a better place to discuss the war would be in our lessons, because our breaks are the time for having fun and getting on with life. In lessons, we would get involved more, because we are all in our concentration mood then.closing quote
Ruth, 13, Halifax

opening quoteOur school has a person you can go and talk to if you have any worries. Lately she has been talking to a lot of people concerned about the war.closing quote
Naomi, 12, Wakefield

opening quoteMy school isn't allowed to do anything to do with war, except have a few small discussions.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Aberdeen

opening quoteMy school has held several fund raising events and has allowed petitions to take place, out of school time. I wish we had some time to talk about the war in lessons though, because at the moment it's really confusing and everyone I know has different views.closing quote
Jasmine, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteMy school has had lessons where we can ask any questions we like.closing quote
Sinead, 13, London


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