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  What do you think of gangs?
Updated 02 March 2004, 11.43

Lots of kids are in gangs for different reasons.

Some join one because they're interested in the same things, some to avoid being bullied and others just because they like hanging out with a big group of mates.

Are you in a gang? If so, do you feel more protected in a big crowd?

Or have you ever felt intimidated by a gang? Do they frighten you?

E-mail us now to let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI'm in a gang and we don't hang around just to cause trouble. We have a laugh most the time but we all stick up for each other when other gangs try and fight us. closing quote
Nathan, 15, Wednesbury

opening quoteIt depends on what type of gang you're in. If your gang goes to church a lot and they're really religious then it's fine! But if they bully a lot then I'm totally against it! closing quote
Shereen, 9, Cardiff

opening quoteI think there is a difference between a gang which just likes the company of one another and a gang which takes advantage of being in a big group by intimidating others. closing quote
Sky and Star, 12 + 14, Southampton

opening quoteI think gangs are OK. But some people just join them to be cool. But some use violence. closing quote
Amy, 10, Dovercourt

opening quoteGangs R sometimes OK but some locally are loud and hang up my road they make me feel uncomfortable because they wind up my mum. I worry that they'll hurt her if she says anything or vandalise the house.closing quote
ST, 14

opening quoteI don't like gangs because if you don't belong in one in your class, you just get left out, because they don't let new people in.closing quote
Judith, 14, South London

opening quoteI don't think it's the gang itself, I think it's the people who are in it.closing quote
Helena, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteGangs are fine. I happen to be in one but we get accused of things we haven't done because we go out in a large group, we are not loud or abusive to anyone.closing quote
Ellie, 14, Hull

opening quoteI don't think gangs are a bad thing. Lots of people associate gangs with drugs, drink and bullies. They aren't all a bad thing. Lots of gangs are just a group of friends that stick up for each other.closing quote
Dorz, 11, Ireland

opening quoteI'm like Tiesha from Aldershot I'm in a gang and all we do is have a laugh and we certainly wouldn't bully anyoneclosing quote
Hannah, 10, Hailsham

opening quoteOne of my best friends is hoping to leave our school and move because she's being bullied by a gang of kids who think they are "cool" and therefore a cut above the rest of us.closing quote
Hazel, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteI think gangs are like sheep. They all do the same as one another. And usually what they are doing is bad.closing quote
Gareth, 13, London

opening quoteGangs are not always a bad thing. However has anyone thought that if you are on no gang at all you could make even more friends. I am on nobody's side - I try to be independent.closing quote
Oliver, 11, Bridgend

opening quoteSome gangs are good - some are bad. Gangs can start off with a good attitude but some end up with bad ones as they begin to think they're powerful and can bully other people - if they help each other with home problems, studying, bullying etc then it's great!closing quote
Helen, 14

opening quoteI wouldn't say that I hang around in a gang, more like a group. There are gangs at my school and they're all popular but most of them aren't that bad really.closing quote
Louise, 13, Leicester

opening quoteA gang of friends is fine when they hang around and stuff, and you are less likely to be bullied as you have a group of friends with you. But a gang of bullies are just plain bad. They can hurt people more.closing quote
Ajmina, 12, London

opening quoteGangs aren't a club of criminals; they are a group of people who enjoy each others' company, and hang out together. Is that a bad thing?closing quote
Lyra, 12, Belfast

opening quoteI think that gangs are not always bad because I am in a gang of girls, and all we do is gossip, chat and hang out. But most of the troublesome gangs at my school are boys and they are the bullies.closing quote
Tiesha, 14, Aldershot

opening quoteI think that gangs are not always a bad thing. I hang around in a gang sometimes, and we like to chat most of the time. However, if the gang are a gang of trouble makers where people join to cause trouble then I don't approve!closing quote
Tanoosha, 14, Ash

opening quoteI reckon gangs can help you be what you want to be, so they're not all bad.closing quote
Shelley, 11, Congleton

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