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  Who would you want as a celeb parent?
Updated 09 June 2003, 10.59
Celeb parents vote
David Beckham is on track to win the best celebrity dad award.

And Melinda Messenger has already won a prize for being top showbiz mum.

But who would you pick for a celeb parent if you could?

Would it be Becks to spend money on you and teach you to play football, or maybe Britney to sing you to sleep each night?

opening quoteI would like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne as my parents they are so cool.closing quote
Vicky, 13, Burntwood

opening quoteI would want Bradley S Club as a dad cos then I could meet Jon and swoon over him. I would also want Tina S Club as a mother cos she is so stylish and she has dance movesclosing quote
Jacklyn, 12, Toronto

opening quoteI would like Alfie Moon to be my dad coz he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny and if he and Kat got together she would be spending a lot of time around me!!closing quote
Loz, 11, Stanmore

opening quoteEither Kelly Slater or Cory Lopez because I would be able to go on the beach with them everyday and go surfing!closing quote
Flick, 15, Sussex

opening quoteI would like Rachel Stevens from S Club to be my parent because she is really cool, and we would have lots of fun together!closing quote
Natalie, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteI wouldn't want a celeb parent as you would never see them and you wouldn't really have a normal life. I wouldn't mind having Busted as friends though!closing quote
Louise, 14, Kent

opening quoteI'd like Justin Timberlake as my celeb parent. Then he can show me how to dance like him. But given the choice between him and my real parents I'd choose my real parents.closing quote
Deniz, 13, London

opening quoteIf I could have any celeb parent, it would have to be Sarah Michelle Gellar. She's smart, cool, fun, rich, pretty, nice, married to Freddie Prinze Jr and has cute pets!!!!closing quote
Becky, 13, Carelton

opening quoteI don't need famous relatives - my own parents and twin are all I want. closing quote
Madelyn, 10, St Ives

opening quoteWell, it would have to be James Stewart (father) and Marilyn Monroe (mother). Apart from the parents I'm already booked in with I can't imagine anyone more exciting and interesting!closing quote
Jessica, 14, Bristol

opening quoteEven though it would be quite cool to have celeb parents, I would rather have my own because to me they r celebs. My dad is always playing and having water fights with me and my mum does not work so she is always at home.
If u had celebs as parents, then u would not be able to have any pets, coz nobody would be there to look after them.
closing quote
Rhiannon, 10, Monmouth

opening quoteI'd have Davina McCall or Kate Lawler as a mum because they could tell me about Big Brother and Dermot as a dad.closing quote
H, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI would want the singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony and their bass man, Flea. That would be brilliant!!closing quote
Theo, 12, Bedford

opening quoteI think that I would rather keep my own mum and dad. Sure I am annoyed with them sometimes, but I love dem really! Part of following a celebrity is the hype, and all the excitement at seeing them in concert or something, so I think that once we had celebrity parents, and knew all the celebrities, we would not enjoy it as much, and would lose interest. closing quote
Charlie, 11, Rickmansworth

opening quoteI would have Alfred Gough as my celeb dad as he has produced the greatest television show ever in the history of the world, Smallville. Smallville is number 1.closing quote
Adam, 14, Belfast

opening quoteI want Ant or Dec and JK Rowling 2 b my celeb parents cos they r really funny and I'd know all about Harry Potter before it was released. I'd also like Daniel Radcliffe 2 b my brother and Emma Watson 2 b my sister.closing quote
Cas, 13, Gloucester

opening quoteI would choose Eminem to be my celebrity parent, I already look like him, and he could introduce me to all the other rappers like Dr.Dre and D12. Also touring with him would be cool and he could teach me how to freestyle and rap.closing quote
Rabbit, 13, Telford

opening quoteI would hate to have a celeb parent, 'cos you wouldn't be able to have a proper life, like normal kids, and you'd end up being like Michael Jackson's kids and have to wear masks all the time. I'd rather live with my family and be able to see them all the time, than have a celeb mum or dad and they'd always be really busy.closing quote
'Scaly' S, 12, Swansea

opening quote"I would want Fern Cotton as she is really fun so I would never be bored. And Dec as he is cool. But also definitely MARY-KATE and ASHLEY to be my sisters as they have great dress sense and are very talented and hopefully some would rub off on me. closing quote
Rachel, 14, Manchester

opening quoteWhy would I want to swap my mum and dad?closing quote
Kelly, 14, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI'd love to have David Beckham as my dad cos he's wicked or some pro dancer so they could show me moves!! But I think my parents rock and having celeb parents isn't all its cracked up to be!closing quote
Naomi, 12, Storrington

opening quoteI would have Michael Owen as my dad and his girlfriend Louise as my mum because I met them both in Liverpool once and they were both really lovely people who luv each other loads. Even though I love my parents.closing quote
Lydia, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI don't really want famous parents, otherwise I'd have the press and the media following me everywhere. I don't want to brag, but my mum already spoils me!!closing quote
Leigh, 9, Chelmsford

opening quoteI'd like it at first but you'd just become spoilt. I'd much prefer my parents but if I had to choose it would be Nicole Kidman so she could teach me how to act and sing. closing quote
Jessica, 11, Horsham

opening quoteI would like david Beckham to be my dad because he would tell me all his secrets about football.closing quote
Josie, 11, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI would choose my own parents! It would be stupid having filthy rich people! but as close friends I would have Matt and James from BUSTED and Delta Goodrem and if I could have any boyfriend I wanted, it would have to be Charlie (BUSTED) BUSTED ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
H, 11, Irchester

opening quoteI'd have Declan Donnelly as my celeb dad coz he sez he'll be da coolest dad eva and he's so funny (and gorge!!) plus I could meet tons of celebs and have Ant as my dads best mate!!!!!! WICKED!!closing quote
Victoria, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI would hate celeb parents because you would see your face in the newspaper everyday and would never have any privacy!closing quote
Laura, 10, Sheffield

opening quoteI wouldn't choose a celebrity parent! I'd chose my parents! They're not famous and I don't get everything I want only what I need! And that's what's important! I'm just glad I'm not some spoilt greedy child!closing quote
Rhonwen, 13, Carmarthen

opening quoteI wouldn't like celeb parents, I'd prefer celebs who were my close friends. I'd have James Bourne (Busted), Avril, Sarah Michelle Gellar and the whole of Linkin Park! Plus, if u had a hot dad, u couldn't go out with him!closing quote
Natasha, 13, Dagenham

opening quoteI would love to have any successful actor as my parent cause then they could get me parts in movies!!!!closing quote
Nuala, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteWhat is the point of having a celeb parent? Just because their rich and would buy you lots? And anyway if you would like to because of this and other things then you are greedy!closing quote
Josephine, 10, Birmingham

opening quoteI would like David Beckham as my dad because he's got great taste in clothes and he's a great footballer so I would play football in the garden every night with him! closing quote
Sophie, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI want to be Charlie from Busted's son then he could show me all their dance moves.closing quote
Chris, 10, Chorley

opening quoteI'd have Justin Timberlake as my dad and Britney for my mum! I'd have everything I ask for!closing quote
Lydia, 13, Northants

opening quoteI want Kelly Osbourne to be my mom cos she rocks!closing quote
Clara, 10, London

opening quoteI would like Jennifer Lopez to be my mum coz she has wicked songs and Lee from Blue to be my dad coz I like the long background voice.closing quote
Minal, 10, Kenton

opening quoteI'd love James Bourne from busted was my dad and Melissa Jon Heart to be my mum cause I lurve Nick and Sabrina and I love Busted.closing quote
Ellie, 9, Cardiff

opening quoteI would love to have J Lo and Ben Affleck be my parents because then I could live in LA and become famous!closing quote
Sydney, 13, London

opening quoteIf I was able to choose my parents, I would choose my parents! I love them so much and celebrities may be famous, but do we really know what they're like? We all love our parents and we should never try and fantasize about having new ones.closing quote
Eitan, 13, London

opening quoteI want to be Cat Deeley's daughter, cos then she could introduce me to loads to celebs.closing quote
Romily, 7, Ipswich

opening quoteI'd luv Dawn French 2 b my mum coz she luvs chocolate just like me and she's so funny.closing quote
Freya, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI would like Matt Jay from Busted to be my dad cos he is wicked and then I could go to all the Busted concerts and support him and my mum would be Avril Lavigne cos she's cool too.closing quote
Emma, 14, Derby

opening quoteI would like Jo from S Club to be my mum and Lee from Blue to be my dad. They are cool then I will be cooler then I am now that will be so wicked.closing quote
Stephanie, 11, Bedworth

opening quoteI would like Delta Goodrem to be my mum coz she is really pretty and is so talented and I would get to live in Oz. And my dad would be Justin Timberlake.closing quote
Laura, 15, Leyland

opening quoteI'd like to have Ainslie Henderson as my dad, as he would understand if you wrecked the house and he wouldn't mind!!closing quote
Phoebe, 13, Crawley

opening quoteI'd like to be Beyonce Knowles' daughter because she's a good singer and she can help me because when I grow up I want to sing.closing quote
Christina, 13, London

opening quoteI would want Avril as my mum and Duncan Blue to be dad. Every night they could sing to me. I would get loads of stuff from them.closing quote
Michelle, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteI would like Ozzy Osbourne to be my celebrity dad, because then Kelly would be my sister and Jack would be my brother and we would have a laugh together plus I would get to meet loads of celebs and go to some great parties.closing quote
Lauren, 13, Truro

opening quoteI would HATE to have a celeb parent only because you would have to wake up to see nasty things written about you and about a thousand threat letters from people saying how they are going to kidnap you..... ewwwww, creepy!closing quote
Sarah, 14,

opening quoteI would like to be the daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson coz even tho they're not exactly celebs I'd be having laughs all the time!closing quote
Amma, 12, Perivale

opening quoteI luv the 1's I've got but if I had to choose it'll b Victoria Beckham coz she's got wicked taste in clothes and I'm a footy fan so I'd like Becks to b my dad. He could teach me to score from the penalty box and maybe I'll b the next hero!!!!! But I wouldn't like 2 b spoilt like they spoil their kids!!closing quote
Reem, 12, London

opening quoteI would love to have David Beckham as a dad because I think he's brilliant in every way and is a touch of both class and style!! Rachel Stevens (S Club) as a mum as she's full of style!closing quote
Shannon, 15, Kent

opening quoteJeremy Clarkson....because he seems like the loveliest guy in the world! Plus I could be driven to school in a Jag ;) closing quote
Suzi, 16, Bristol

opening quoteI would like Rachel S Club or Tina S Club to be my mum and Gareth Gates to be my dad then they would spend loads on me and give me what ever I wanted and I would go with them on all their show and tours and so on.closing quote
Helen, 13, Solihull

opening quoteI would like Justin Timberlake to be my dad because every night he could sing to me in his brill voice.closing quote
Daisy, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI'd love Orlando Bloom to be my parent - or JK Rowling coz I think they're the two coolest people I know.closing quote
Shana, 16, Leeds

opening quoteI like Bradley from S Club because he is so cool and I would like to dance like him. He's one of the people I look up to.closing quote
Stevo, 11, Middlesbrough

opening quoteI don't want a celeb parent- I want a celebrity sister! It would be cool to have Avril Lavigne as a sister, 'cos ya get free CDs.closing quote
Marlena, 8, Coventry

opening quoteI would want Jennifer Aniston to be my parent. She seems like she would be a good mom, and that she would be cool about things.closing quote
Eve, 11, London

opening quoteI would love to be Ms Dynamite's daughter coz I would meet loadsa celebs, and she is da best singer in da world! Ms Dynamite's in da house!!!!closing quote
Eve, 11, London

opening quoteI would like Eminem as my dad - that would be cool. He could sing for you and you could meet other singers as well. closing quote
Hannah, 11

opening quote JK Rowling! That would be the best, she seems so nice and I could hear about Harry Potter before it was released!closing quote
Harriet, 15, Melbourne

opening quoteI would like to be Lee from Blue's daughter because then I could meet Duncan and swoon over him !!!!! closing quote
Jo, 13, Cheltenham

opening quoteI would LOVE to be Julie Walters daughter or Alan Rickman's daughter because they are the best actors closing quote
Helena, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteI'd love Orlando Bloom as a parent, because he wouldn't embarrass me at school and I'd make all the mums jealous! closing quote
Jessica, 11, Worthing

opening quoteI would like David Beckham as my dad because you could get to see free football games. closing quote
Clare, 10, Glasgow

opening quote I would absolutely LOVE to be Sir Ian McKellen's daughter cos I am a REALLY big fan of his and he such a brill actor! I would rather keep the Dad I have now though!closing quote
Francesca, 11, Oldham

opening quoteI would love either Ant or Dec as my celeb parent because they are so funny and I love them both to pieces. And they would know so many famous people as well! closing quote
Dearbhla, 14, Derry

opening quoteForget having a celeb parent, one day I wanna BE a celeb parent, but as far as present celebs go, Bryan Adams would be the coolest by far! closing quote
Maddy, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI'd love to be Alan Rickman's daughter (Professor Snape) how cool would that be? Not to mention he is a wicked actor but you could meet all the peeps from the Harry Potter film! To be Dennis Lawson (Campbell-Gore from Holby) or Brian Capron (Richard Hillman from Corrie)'s daughter would be kinda cool as well as they are also cool actors! But nothing could beat SNAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Grace, 14, Bristol

opening quoteEither Kylie's daughter as she is ace and funky and in interviews is always a laugh, or Ant or Dec's because they are so funny!closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI have no celeb pair that would want to be my parents, but I know for sure who I WOULDN'T want as my mum and dad! Victoria and David Beckham! I would end up with a name like 'Paris!' or 'Florida!'closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteI'd love to be Orlando's Blooms daughter. Then I could have gone on the set of LOTR! How cool would that be!closing quote
Johannah, 13, London

opening quoteDefinitely Jennifer Lopez she's so pretty and cool, I would be soooooo popular at school!!!!closing quote
Nareen, 13, Bedford

opening quoteI'd love JK Rowling to be my mum so I could know the plots of all the Harry Potter books before anyone else and also have a role in the Harry Potter films!closing quote
Dani, 15, Essex

opening quoteI'd love my dad to be Leonardo Dicaprio as he could take me to go see all his films and all my friends who be so jealous as they would say they fancied my dad!!closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedfordshire

opening quoteI would love to be Robbie Coltrane's daughter because he could introduce me to top celebs, not to mention all of the Potter stars!!! I would be in heaven!!!closing quote
Fiona, 14, North Wales

opening quoteI would want to be Beyonce's daughter as I would be a great singer and song writer like her, and I would get to meet so many cool people in the R'n'B and hip hop world.closing quote
Kiran, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI would want to be Brad Pitt's daughter so I would meet all the cast of Friends!closing quote
Jenny, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI'd love to be Rachel from S Club's daughter cos she's really cool and she can show me cool dance moves! and I could meet celebs.closing quote
Laura, 11, Much Wenlock

opening quoteI would like Davina McCall because you could see lots of TV programmes in the studio cause she presents them all.closing quote
Lauren, 15, Scotland

opening quoteI would love for my mum to be Sarah Michelle Gellar as she is really cool (and the best) and kicks butt! Also she is into the top fashions!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Somerset

opening quoteI wouldn't want celeb parents. I like mine just the way they are. A celebrity parent would cause too much attention and would probably end up in the papers for something.closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteI want to be Cat Deeley's daughter, cos then she could introduce me to loads to celebs.closing quote
Claire, 11, Dorset

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