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  Beckham to Madrid: What do you think?
Updated 19 June 2003, 11.11

We asked you whether you thought Man Utd could survive without David Beckham if he did leave.

But now it's definite, so what do you think about his move to Spanish club Real Madrid?

Do you think he'll be able to cope in Spain? Is it the right move?

Should he have gone to another club? Should he have gone at all?

opening quoteI personally don't think he can hack it with the likes of Figo and Zidane. I just don't think he'll be such a big star in Madrid. closing quote
Joe, Man U fan

opening quoteI think he will leave because of what his manager did to him with a football boot.closing quote
Kevin, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteI don't think Beckham should go because he is Man Utd and Man Utd have been good to him now he should be good to the fans and the fans love him.closing quote
Sarah, 16, Norwich

opening quoteDavid Beckham is the best footballer in the world. I think Manchester United will be rubbish without him.closing quote
Kim, 14, Maidenhead

opening quoteI think that if Beckham leaves, Man U will cope cause they've got good players like Keane and Van Nistelrooy closing quote
Emma, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI think Becks should GO! Just think, he'll be playing with Ronaldo, Zidane, Raul, Figo and Carlos! closing quote
John, 9, Stourbridge

opening quoteBeckham has started his career at Man U and should finish it thereclosing quote
Amie, 13, Walsall

opening quoteI don't think it would be a good idea for Becks to leave Man U because our team wouldn't be the same with out him and he is a fantastic player and we need him at Old Trafford!!closing quote
Devan, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteMan Utd will cope as they will buy someone else! Beckham is a big part of Utd as he crosses in the ball into the box and takes free kicks! Beckham will be missed as he is the biggest idol in sport now and don't think he should leave!closing quote
Ben, 13, Crewe

opening quoteIf Beckham leaves Man U it's just tough luck! It can't be a one-man game forever!closing quote
Flick, 15, Sussex

opening quotePersonally we think that Beckham will be a great loss to Man U but he would look great in a Real Madrid strip.closing quote
Jenni & Mandy, 12, Motherwell

opening quoteMan U would be rubbish without Becks, they wouldn't have a chance in winning anything.closing quote
Emma, 12, Portishead

opening quoteYes, because I don't like Man U anyway! And if Beckham did go and Man U couldn't survive it would give other footie teams a better chance of winning cups and games etc!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteThey would survive it would just be a great loss :-(closing quote
Laura, 12, Gosport

opening quoteMan U would never be the same without David Beckham! He is my hero and I don't support other teams. Man U will not be the same.closing quote
Lois, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI don't know about Man Utd but I can't see Victoria, Brooklyn and Romeo moving to Spain.closing quote
Judith,15, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that if Beckham goes the whole team will lose confidence and will start playing really bad!!closing quote
Michael, 12, Belfast

opening quoteBecks is one of Man Utd star players, without him they would not have been where that are now!closing quote
Tani, 13, London

opening quoteBeckham is just one player, they won't even notice he's gone!closing quote
Steve, 14, Leeds

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