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  How do you feel now war has started?
Updated 09 April 2003, 10.46
Tell us your views now the war has started
The war with Iraq has begun.

US and UK troops are bombing Saddam's country and getting ready to invade.

What are your views now war has actually started?

Are you worried about the British troops and the people of Iraq?

opening quoteI would like to say that although the war is a bad thing! It's also a good thing because Saddam Hussein will get the message and just get on with people. From what I have heard not many people over there like him anyway and it's a shame they have to put up with another war! But I'm also very proud of Tony Blair because sooo many people have disagreed with him but he stood by his beliefs and the war has started but already it's going well for us! So hopefully it will be over soon! And not too many people have died!closing quote
Steph, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteI have mixed feelings about the war. If we didn't go to war Saddam Husein might've used the weapons to attack the U.S. By going to war we are trying to protect our country, but many innocent people will die. closing quote
Ashley, 10, USA

opening quoteI think by bomming Iraq Saddam might feel to presure to retaliate. closing quote
Alexandra, 11, Illford

opening quoteI am saddened by the fact we are at war. It is hard to really understand how people are feeling in Iraq because it is so far away. One night on the news there was footage from the troops and people in Iraq - that is the closest I have got to being able to understand how it must be in Iraq for everyone there, and that understanding is minimal. closing quote
Rachel, 15, Derbyshire

opening quoteI think It is utterley pointless to go to war. But as we are at war we do need to support the people that are fighting for us. I feel sorry for all the people who have family and friends in Iraq and the armed forces. I cannot see why this matter could not be sorted out peacefullyclosing quote
Rachel, 14, Burnham

opening quoteWar is stupid! So are Tony Blair and George W. Bush for starting this stupid war in the first place!closing quote
Kirsty and Annie, 14, Dalkeith

opening quoteI'm glad we are doing something to get rid of Saddam because he is an extremely evil and sick man who tortures his own people, but in the process these people are going to die which im not happy about.closing quote
Jen, 14, Farnborough

opening quoteIt doesn't make sense that, even though this is a fight of the countries' leaders it is the innocent that are being killed. And that British people could die, for America. We as kids are taught that two wrongs don't make a right, so why do they not listen to their own advice?closing quote
Layla, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteI'm upset and scared. I still think that there was some way of sorting it all out. I don't think we had to do this with weapons, I think there should have been more time. If you look at all the facts, this really doesn't make much sense! Even though I am against the cause I still support the troops, I'm proud of them and I want them to know that my heart is with them no matter what.closing quote
Amethyst, 13, Washington

opening quoteI think that it's sad that we have gone to war but it's necessary. Sadam has done terrible things to his own people and we need to save them. I feel sorry for all of the innocent people especially the children who get caught up in this.closing quote
Cassandra, 13, Chelmsford

opening quoteI don't think that the war is right, but now we are at war I think we should be supporting the soldiers who are fighting.closing quote
Rachel, 15, Reading

opening quoteI'm glad we've gone to war. Saddam is a threat to the rest of the world with his wepons of mass destruction. He uses them on his own people so he won't think twice about using them on other countries.closing quote
Harriet, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteMy father is in the RAF. He has recently been to Oman, and I'm worried he will get called up. This war has a very big emotional imnpact on everyone.closing quote
Toria, 13, Findhorn

opening quoteIt's stupid because innocent people will die.closing quote
Harriet, 9, Stowmarket

opening quoteI think that Blair and Bush are wrong to go to war without the U.N backing them up. If Sadam has chemical and biological wepons he will use them against us in defence.closing quote
Rachel, 11, Newcastle Under Lyme

opening quoteI think that now war has started, more terrorists will try to attack innocent people in innocent countries like we saw in 9/11. Although Iraq has little chance of boming us, declaring war on Iraq still puts an amount of danger upon us. closing quote
Christopher, 11, Witley

opening quoteI didn't think war was possible until 9/11. Now I'm scared for my country and the world. Kids in America have a constant fear of someone striking us everyday. I think that Iraq has messed with the wrong country, especially when it comes to war. My friends try to act tough about this war, but I know they're scared just as every kid is right now.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Virginia, USA

opening quoteYou go Blair and Bush, get Saddam we will back you all the way! Support our boys and girls, bring them safely home. We hope you got Saddam this morning - he needs to be stopped. Stand up for your country, I would never have thought we could be so unpatriotic!closing quote
Freya, 13, Cornwood

opening quoteI think that now that war has started many people are going to die, and there cannot ever be peace if we hate like this. Some of my friends have gone on a walkout and I think they mat be suspended. I know that my sister is in the military and she could die. Bush and Blair are ruining so many lives. We are all forever doomed if there cannot be peace.closing quote
Becca, 12, London

opening quoteWe feel sorry for the people in Iraq. Why did Tony Blair want to do such a thing?closing quote
Class 5B, Chesham

opening quoteI can remember back to the week following September 11th 2001 and someone in my class saying that there will probably be war, no matter what. He was right. I can't believe Blair would do this! Soldiers that have families may die! It's horrible to think about what they're going through!closing quote
Emma, 11

opening quoteI think this is a terrible course of action and I am disappointed in our leaders' failure to inform and support us. Somebody should tell him that NO WAR doesn't mean NO ACTION. Something needed to be done about Saddam Hussein, but not this. Attacking Iraq is like attacking someone with a tumour rather than removing it. closing quote
Richard, 15, Windsor

opening quoteMy dad fought in the last Gulf war but he hasn't been called up. But I never thought the weapons inspections would amount in war. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteI think that war isn't the best solution to this. They could have done this with peace. War is not good for anybody whether they are rich or poor and how powerful they are. And not only that, many people can be killed. closing quote
Amy, 12, Vancouver

opening quoteI remember my parents always saying they hoped there would never be another war. But this has changed that, and it's pretty terrifying. Even living in Australia, whenever there's a plane overhead everyone tenses up, maybe because we feel the terror of the Iraqi's during those moments of suspense. It's terrible, and the public doesn't know enough information to have an opinion on war. How did we let this happen? closing quote
Caitlyn, 12, Sydney

opening quoteI have become a different person within the last few hours, and I realize now not to take the essence of life for granted. As I write this, I can see the explosions in Iraq on my television, while I am sitting safe at home. I am in an utter state of shock and disbelief. How can the prosperous and wealthy America attack a deprived impoverished Iraq? My heart goes out to those who will suffer in this atrocity. My friends and I are scared for not only the USA, but for also the world. closing quote
Arianna, 13, Mississippi, USA

opening quoteI think that war isn't the best solution to this. But we'll probably win anyway considering how many allies we have. closing quote
Kaelyn, 12, Hillsboro

opening quoteA couple of years ago before 9/11 I thought that war would be impossible. Now that I'm older of course I know it's possible. We're at the beginning of it right now. Americans treasure their rights. I, being one, do too. I'm watching the news more than ever before and I realize that they're giving all this information about the war. closing quote
Cara, 12, USA

opening quoteWell, as of now war has started. I (like many Americans), am anti-war. However, I think we should support the troops. They do not decide whether they go or not, they are ordered to. They are over there to fight, perhaps even to die, and we should support them, not as soldiers, but as people. People almost seem to forget that soldiers have lives and families, and I doubt that they want to die. Even if we do not support the war, we should support the people who are trying to end it faster. closing quote
Rachel, 14, New York

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