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  What does the cover of Potter Book 5 mean?
Updated 09 April 2003, 10.47
Potter book five cover
OK, the cover design for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has finally been released.

You can see in the picture above, with the phoenix and the flames, but what does it all mean?

What d'you reckon happens in the plot based on what you can see on the cover design? Have you got a clue?

opening quoteI think Dumbledore will tell Harry that Fawkes is actually an animagus who can turn into his mum Lily. I also think she can only transform every 5 years, surrounded by a ring of fire. I think Harry sees her transform but Voldemort makes a trap and he kills her. Harry only sees her for a minute. closing quote
Eleanor, 10, Windsor

opening quoteI think Dumbledore is gonna have Fawkes stay with Harry 24/7 so nothing can hurt him. closing quote
Lisa, 12, USA

opening quoteFirstly I'd like to say that it looks AMAZING and 2ndly I think the flames represent evil and the phoenix shows overcoming the evil and providing hope for all or just plainly that Harry is an animagus and turns into a phoenix?!!! closing quote
Megan, 15, Pymouth

opening quoteI agree with Carmen. I think that phoenix represents an organisation which worked to destroy Voldemort and that Fawkes (Dumbledore's phoenix) is the mascot. It could also represent that when something evil happens, something good is reborn stronger than before. closing quote
Daisy, 14, Chesterfield

opening quoteThe new Harry Potter cover is so cool! But I wish that Harry was on it. All that I can think of from the cover is that it is something to do with Fawkes being reborn like in book 2. I think this signifies something really important in Harry's life and in this book Dumbledore is going to tell him. I cant wait 3 months for it to come out!!! closing quote
Emma, 13, Florida

opening quoteI reckon that the new cover is SPECTACULAR and it makes me think that Harry will soon get his own phoenix, possibly related to Fawkes. I can't wait to find out what will happen! closing quote
Phillippa, 10, Swindon

opening quoteThe cover looks more magical and exciting than all the other books. I think Harry's powers will be stronger and it should be action packed! closing quote
Layla, 14

opening quoteIt gives away NOTHING! Which is amazing really, I mean it's just Fawkes being reborn (like he was in the second book). But the fact he's being reborn is probably vital to the plot, knowing JK! closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think that the doors in the American version show choices between what is right and what is easy. I think that the Order of the Phoenix is an organisation that fought Voldemort in the past. closing quote
Carmen, 14, Hawaii

opening quoteI think Harry will decide to follow in his father's footsteps and become an animagus and will be a phoenix. closing quote
Claire, Cornwall

opening quoteWell it's OBVIOUSLY about a phoenix!!! closing quote
Zara, 11, Manchester

opening quoteI think the front cover symbolises the hate which Lord Volemort feels for Harry and all things good because of the fire. Yet the phoenix symbolises hope for better things to come. closing quote
Victoria, 15, Bucks

opening quoteAll I can tell is that it has something to do with Fawkes! closing quote
Danielle, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI think the Order of the Phoenix is a group of secret people who fight against Voldemort/evil wizards. I think he was saying 'the old crew' because they thought that Voldemort had gone forever. But now they know he's back, so he's trying to get the organisation back. Have you noticed how there is fire in both the English kids and english adults version?!?!?! Strange. Maybe the person who dies, is killed by fire! closing quote
Chris, 13, Stowmarket

opening quoteI also agree with Helen on her idea but my original idea was that Dumbledore will give Harry Fawkes (his own phoenix), and it will play a part in the battle against Lord Voldemort. closing quote
Stephen, Ormskirk

opening quoteI think Hayley is right about the American cover being about Harry having to choose. Rowling has said in interviews that Harry will have to make choices - the easy way out may not always be the best choice. I think the American cover also symbolizes him being alone. The reason being is that on all of the other book covers he is not ! closing quote
Liz, 13, Florida

opening quoteIn the american cover, it shows Harry in some sort of home or classroom. Candles are floating around him with two open doors up ahead. He's holding up his wand in what could be fear. So I assume he's either hiding there, or going through some test like in Book I and Book IV. closing quote
Syed, 15, Rugby

opening quoteSince Dumbledore has a phoenix it could be an against-Voldemort organisation which has risen from memory where it was consigned following the battle at Godric's Hollow when Harry's parent's died. On the other hand it could be a new name for the death eaters to symbolise Voldemort's return to his body - a phoenix because his wand contains a phoenix feather! closing quote
Thomas, Norfolk

opening quoteI agree with Helen but think the American cover suggests that Harry will have to choose. I hope it isn't who to save from death - Ron/Hermione! closing quote
Hayley, 12, Werrington

opening quoteThe phoenix is often used to convey a passage of time or show immortality as it's reborn from its own ashes when it dies. This could be significant and represent Harry's life of perhaps a particular aspect of it. Phoenixes also are a symbol of loyalty and undying love. In the 5th book this could be when wizards and witches from all over the world unite with the aim of defeating once and for all Voldermort. The new cover is just what I hoped for! closing quote
Jenny, 14, Hong Kong

opening quoteI reckon the phoenix isn't real but it's a sign of something else that exists which will be reborn and is important in Harry's life. Now I REALLY can't wait to find out!closing quote
Helen, 11, Congleton

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