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  How important is fame and fortune?
Updated 09 April 2003, 10.46

Kids are becoming so obsessed with wanting to be rich and famous they're getting depressed.

Some think that the only way to be happy is to be loaded, a celeb like Dan Radcliffe or gorgeous.

Do you agree? Or d'you think that's just wrong and there are more important things in life?

What will make you happy? Being a star? Or having health, family and friends?

opening quoteBeing rich and famous might be nice for a while, but you couldn't go anywhere with out crowds all around.closing quote
Lisa, 12, USA

opening quoteBeing rich and famous can make you happy but not all of the time. But not being rich can make you happy and unhappy as well.closing quote
Louise, 13, Leicester

opening quoteWell I think that fame isn't that bad, but I would give all that for some good friends.closing quote
Lucia, 14, Holland

opening quoteWell, I'm kinda depressed because I can't film in the Harry Potter film. It's not that I want fame and money, it's just to prove what I can do! closing quote
Soo, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteIt's wrong, and the way you can be happy is to just think 'I'm beautiful, I have lots of friends' e.t.c and you'll be cheerful but don't think you are better than everyone else because that's mean. I don't think it's right to be depressed just because you're not famous, you can be happy without celebrity, anyways you can't really get some time alone when you go places when you're famous, people all around are gonna want to talk to you or want to have your autograph! closing quote
Ashley, 10, Kearns

opening quoteI'm fine with being famous around my friends although I would love to be an actress. You can't start beleiving your own hype when you're famous or you'll end up like Jennifer Lopez! closing quote
Charlie, 16, Salisbury

opening quoteIt would be really cool being a star and all, but you have to think realistically. Just concentrate on things that you can achieve and will be happy doing :) closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI would like to be kind of famous but I don't want to be superstar famous because I wouldn't want people knowing every little thing about my life, but I suppose being famous should be a little fun =D closing quote
Caitlin, 14, Illinois

opening quotePersonally, I don't really care if I'm rich or famous. As long as I have my family with me, and a healthy heart, I don't care!! closing quote
Kit Kat, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteYou can live without money but you can't be happy having no money closing quote
Steph, 14, Harlow

opening quoteI think Harry Potter has made it worse becuz the stars are kids and they've made TONS of money from it so I think it's made kids more determined to be rich and famous when they can't closing quote
Rachel, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteI think it would be very nice to be rich and famous, but not everyone gets that chance, so it's best to live with what you've got and be happy! Family and friends are more important than money.closing quote
Amanda, 13, Thamesmead

opening quoteFame is fake. Most people can't see fame for what it is, a lot of hard work and invasion of privacy. Also being rich doesn't also make you happy. I want to be rich and famous but I know it will be a lot of hard work, and I dont want it so bad I get depressed.closing quote
Tess, 13, Northampton

opening quoteI would love to be famous, but it's unlikley to happen! At our age all we really need to think about is, friends, family and finishing school! They give you the main joys, not how much money you have! closing quote
Holly, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteIt would be cool being rich and famous for a while. But I think being a celebrity must get kinda depressing cos you can't go to Tesco without making it into the Mirror or something. closing quote
Ella, 12, Livepool

opening quoteI think being rich would be boring 'cos it's good to have to save up for something 'cos then you actually know how much you want it!!! Also when you are rich, people think you are are snobby as well, but you might not be!!! closing quote
Sian, 12, Goole

opening quoteI would rather be healthy, have a family and friends than be a star, because what is fame anyway? I'll tell you. It's having the media in your face every time you go out, it's having no private life and it's having screaming mobs outside your house. Sure, you'll have loads of money and a big house, but is it really worth it? closing quote
Naomi, 11, Merseyside

opening quoteIt's not important at all! Because let's think of people in Africa; they're not rich but they're still important so we shoudn't be bothered about being famous. closing quote
Blaise, 10, Twickenham

opening quoteI'd love to rich and famous, but I'd rather have my health, family and friends. After all, does money ever say ''I love you''? closing quote
Sarah, 16, Grimsby

opening quoteI would LOVE to be rich, cos then I wouldn't have to worry about not having enough money to pay the bills, or buy stuff. I do think that it's a bit silly getting depressed about it, if you really want to get rich, study hard at school ( but don't forget to have fun!) and get a good job. Go for what you believe in but don't get all obsessed cos you could get ill or something. closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Wakefield

opening quoteBeing rich wouldn't be so bad! But I can't get miserable if it doesn't happen cos so few people are really loaded, are they?closing quote
Michelle, 10, Gorton

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