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  Your congratulations for JK and her new baby
Updated 09 April 2003, 10.47

JK Rowling has given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

The brand new mini-Rowling is called David Gordon Rowling Murray, and was born on Sunday afternoon.

opening quoteCONGRATULATIONS!!!...I'm so happy for u and ur husband....I hope ur new baby boy is healthy!!.That's really nice what u have named him. I think it a real cute name..well good luck with all the diapers.closing quote
Denisa, 13, Johnson City, USA

opening quoteAll my love and best of wished are with you and your new baby boy. Good wishes for and him for many years to come. Congratulationsclosing quote
Kwan, 15, Middlesbrough

opening quoteOh! Congratulations! I am so incredibly happy for you. I wish you the BEST of luck with your new baby boy. closing quote
Diane, 15, London

opening quoteCongratulations ...Have a great day.closing quote
Wee, 15, Thailand

opening quoteCongratulations J.K.! I'm sure you're new baby will enjoy your bed time stories!closing quote
Ben, 14, California, USA

opening quoteBest of luck JK for you and your baby boy and your family!! Can't wait till OotP!closing quote
Andrea, 13, Canada

opening quoteCongratulations! You must be so happy and I know that baby is lovely.closing quote
Sasu, 16, Finland

opening quoteCongratulations and best wishes from Oostburg!closing quote
Quincey, 15, Oostburg, Holland

opening quoteHi JK and Neil! My friends and I wanna say... CONGRATULATIONS!! David Gordon is such a cute name! (Good thing you didn't call him Voldemort or Tom! hehe...:) I bet Jessica is pleased to have a brother!closing quote
Cheska, 14, Philippines

opening quoteCongrats JK and Neil! I had the biggest feeling that he would be a boy! Is there any word yet on whether the magical quill at Hogwarts put his name down for the class starting in 2014?closing quote
Dawn, 16, Essex

opening quoteCongratulations! I wish the very best for both of you. Hopefully your baby'll also love your books as much as we love them in this cold but sunny Finland. Don't forget uss, your faithful fans. Take a good care of your precious baby and don't worry about the sixth book. We'll wait patiently :) Best wishes, the fans of Finland.closing quote
Devilita, 15, Turku, Finland

opening quoteCongratulations! I hope you and David are very happy and well! I'm a very big fan of the books, I think they are amazing! You deserve a lot of happiness! I give all my best wishes.closing quote
Fi, 12, Norfolk

opening quoteCongratulations on the new baby boy!!!! He must be sooooo cute!!! Awww!!! Good luck!!!closing quote
Annie, 12, Montgomery

opening quoteCongratulations! David's such a cute name as well! Take care! (Oh, and no rush on the rest of the books! Haha)closing quote
Jessica, 10, London

opening quoteI'm am sooooooooooooooo happy for you. You rock and I bet the baby does too.You are a great author!closing quote
Sarah, 11, Essex

opening quoteCongratulations JK!! Best wishes and good luck with everything!closing quote
Becca, 13, Grantham

Great name - my dad's called Gordon and my Granda's called David! No rush on book 6!
closing quote
Catherine, 9, Bangor, Northern Ireland

opening quoteDear Joanne,
Congratulations JK and Neil on bringing new life into the world. I'd just like to wish you good luck in parenting and you'll have no problem in the story department.
closing quote
Julliet, 11, Chippenham

opening quoteHi JK,
Im from Pakistan and I'm a really big fan of your books. In fact you can call me the biggest fan of Harry Potter in Pakistan!! I'm so happy for youre little baby boy. Congratulations, may his life be full of happiness!!!
closing quote
Madhiya, 13, Pakistan

opening quoteI just have to say, CONGRATULATIONS! David Gordon Rowling Murray is such a sweet name. Just one small hitch: Dudley's friend in PS is called Gordon.closing quote
Judith, 13, Croydon

opening quoteWell done J.K.Rowling on having a boucing baby boy. Lots of congrats - you should have called him Harry! closing quote
Johnathan and Jolene, 13, Colchester

opening quoteCongratulations on the new baby! Thank God you didn't call it Harry or Ron! closing quote
Holly, 13, Kent

opening quoteCongrats to the lot of you. I hope his life is full of happiness. closing quote
Vikki, 113, Bradford

opening quoteCONTRAGULATIONS! You must be soooooooooooo happy! Now I know who's going to get the best bed time stories!!! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, and whatever you do, don't stress yourself out with book 6 and 7, David and Jessica HAVE to come first!!!! Congratulations! closing quote
Chris, 13, Stowmarket

opening quoteHope you have a lovely time with your new baby. closing quote
Catherine, 12, Newark

opening quoteCongratulations on your new born baby. I hope you have many hours of fun reading him to sleep with your new book. closing quote
Jonathan, St Austell

opening quoteI'm so glad you are happy! You made me so very happy when you wrote about Harry Potter! Congratulations on your new family. Be really happy. You deserve it! closing quote
Carla, 11, Belfast

opening quoteI know that the birth of the baby is the happiest thing ever happens in a human's life. It's so wonderful to realize that this little being is a part of yourself and it's the closest person in the world for you... Congratulations to J. K. Rowling and Neil Murray! I hope your boy will be really magical (maybe more magical in his soul)! closing quote
Alex, 15, London

opening quoteCongratulations on giving birth to a baby boy, you must be so pleased 'cause now you have one of each!!!!! May his life be full of happiness. closing quote
Katey, 15, Liverpool

opening quoteCONGRATS to all of you ! Lovely name, David Gordon Rowling Murray, :) ! closing quote
Pieke, 13, The Netherlands

opening quoteHi! Congratulations! I just want to say that baby David is soooooooooo lucky to have such wonderful parents! I hope he has a life full of love, health, happiness, dreams and more.closing quote
Zara, 14, Singapore

opening quoteI can't believe it! Congratulations! I'm glad you didn't call him Harry!!closing quote
Hanna, 15, Manchester

opening quoteGood luck with your new babyclosing quote
Sarah, 13, West Yorkshire

opening quoteCongratulations and all my best wishes to all of you!closing quote
Gin, 16, London

opening quoteCongrats to JK and Neil! Maybe you can call your next kid Harry or Hermione!closing quote
Satish, 11, Hogsmead (hehe)

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