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  What do you think of Celeb Fame Academy?
Updated 15 March 2003, 12.33
Doon, Fearne and Jo
So the celebs are in the Fame Academy and you've had a chance to see if they're any good.

So how has it been so far?

Did Fearne deserve to get kicked out? Who do you reckon will win? And who can't you stand?!

opening quoteI think that it's a brilliant way of raising money! I'm really glad that celebrities make fund raising look so cool! It also makes other people more aware because they are our role models so if they raise money for charity, we will too!!closing quote
Gulshan, 10, Blackburn

opening quoteI was suprised when Fearne left. I think she should have won, I also think the show is great. Ruby thinks too much of herself and also they think they can sing but they can't the only one one that sing is Fearne.closing quote
Jessie, 14, Worcester

opening quoteI think Fearne was rubbish - she got a second chance and she blew it! I hope Kwame wins - he is by far the best!closing quote
Zara, 11, Manchester

opening quoteI was cheering for Fearne and Ruby, cause Fearne is my fave presenter and Ruby is really funny! So now Fearne has gone out, GO RUBY!!! Also I think that they shouldn't take it so seriously! Kwame is good, but Will is taking it as if he was on the real Fame Academy and so is Ulrika! COME ON! It's Comic Relief we're talking about here, it's not serious people! closing quote
Elmo, 12, Bishop's Stortford

opening quoteIt isn't fair that Fearne went because she was really good.closing quote
Gemma, 15, Telford

opening quoteI think that it was a good idea to lose Fearne coz she's only good on the Saturday Show and terrible at singing!!! I think that Ruby Wax should win coz shes a good laugh, and voice is so funny!!!!closing quote
Amrit, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI think Ruby is very pretty, brilliant and her songs are great and I hope she wins the Fame Academy.closing quote
Jack, Andover

opening quoteI think Fearne had a bad voice but cuz she is so great on tv she should've stayed. Jo is sooo boring she should go !closing quote
Samantha, 12, London

opening quoteI think Fearne was just like Katie from the last series - she was picked on for being the youngest and that was not fair. She should have won.closing quote
Maggie, 11, Ayrshire

opening quoteI hate TV shows like Fame Academy. I'm also glad Fearne got voted out, she couldn't sing to save her life! I like Kwame though.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteI think she woz the worst out of 'em all. I say good riddance!!!! She had my vote!!!!!closing quote
Ealish, 12, Peel

opening quoteI think she was really brave to go on Fame Academy. But she did hit some very dodgy notes. Sorry Fearne, but I chose Doon as well! I thought Jo was really good and shouldn't be singing for survival & Ruby hasn't got the best singing voice but she's really funny!closing quote
Holly, 10, Laindon

opening quoteI think it's great how celebrities are making fools of themselves for Comic Relief!! Most of them look absolutely petrified and can't sing except for Kwame. He's got a fab voice!! But you gotta love Ruby too!!!!!!closing quote
Maddy, 13, Poole

opening quoteCelebrity Fame Academy is great I was so upset when she left I kept on voting for her and I was so dissopointed she left. Ruby is funny so I think she may win because she is so funny.closing quote
Eilidh, 10, Edinburgh

opening quoteI wanted Fearne to stay. She's my favourite cbbc presenter and she's a great singer. I crossed my fingers for her to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Charlotte, 9, Cranham

opening quoteI think that Kwame will win. I do not think Fearne should have gone out because she is so cool. I can't stand John his voice is terrible and he makes me go out of the room because of this. But I always watch the rest of the students because they are all so great.closing quote
Chantelle, 11, Chafford Hundred

opening quoteI think that all the people on Fame Acadamy are really full of themselves and they seem to forget that it's for charity, and they are taking it far too seriously!!closing quote
Laura, 12, Scotland

opening quoteI think Fearne was WAY better than that Ruby Wax, I mean, who's cat was screaming??? I'm a big fan of Jo but even she sang worse than Fearne! It's totally not fair. Well done anyway Fearne!closing quote
Anna, 13, York

opening quoteI absolutely love watching fame academy! I want Jo to go coz it seems like she can't be bothered to sing or dance any more. Plus I think Kevin has a crush on Carrie!closing quote
Charlie, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteFearne definitely deserved to be kicked out, she really couldn't sing, Ruby should win coz she's the most entertaining.closing quote
Rosie, 15, Winchester

opening quoteI think Fearne shouldn't have been kicked out because she worked hard on her songs and she's the best children's TV presenter.closing quote
Jenn, 12, Crosby

opening quoteI think that the best student is Kwame as he has such a brilliant voice and I am surprised that they thought his singing was just alright! It should of been brilliant.closing quote
Nicola, 11, Staines

opening quoteIt annoys me when people say Kwame should win because he has a good voice, it's COMIC relief so the funniest should win so it's out of Ruby and Jo!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI have to say it but most of the celebrities can't really sing!! The only ones that can are Will And Kwiane!!! U have to admit it's true!!!closing quote
Barbara, 13, Mansfield

opening quoteI think Doon should've gone. I reckon she's too cocky and needs to be stamped out. Why did the others kick Fearne out? They made a BIG mistake!closing quote
Kayley, 14, Derbyshire

opening quoteI don't think that Fearne should have been kicked out to be perfectly honest, I thought Ruby Wax should have kicked out as she just sounded dead and dull.closing quote
Josie, 12, Bourne

opening quoteI thought Fearne was terrible and I'm happy she got voted outclosing quote
Max, 11, Watford

opening quoteI can't believe poor Fearne - she did do well - I'm soooo upset! She had such a good voice that I didn't expect!closing quote
Lauren, 12, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI think ruby was dreadful but I think they should keep her in because I want to her make a fool of herself again because she makes me laugh. I can't believe Fearne went she was really good, Ulrika is brilliant, but one thing I don't like are Jo's high notes -WHYYYY?!closing quote
Jodie, 10, Somerset

opening quoteOH my word! It was fab! Celebrities are doing a great job! I wish good luck to them all apart from the ones that can't sing (i.e. Fearne!) No offence! It's a great cause too. I will definitely vote as all the cash goes to comic Relief! closing quote
Amy, 13, Leicester

opening quoteWill & Kwame are both fantastic, but Will is a bit better cos as well as having a great voice, he's really entertaining when he performs.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Yorkshire

opening quoteI don't think that Fearne should have gone. I bet you she went because she is the youngest. IT'S NOT FAIR!!closing quote
Annalies, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteI think it's great fun because it's all going to a good cause and it's nothing to be serious about!closing quote
Katie, 13, Dorset

opening quoteI think out of all of the fame academy students Will was the best he was brilliant and so was Kwame. I think Fearne didn't deserve to go out.closing quote
Megan, 9, Dundee

opening quoteI thought that it was a brilliant performance and that the only reason she got kicked out because mainly teenagers and adults watch it. So none of the people know Fearne because she doesn't go on any adult TV programmesclosing quote
Katie, 8, Harpenden

opening quoteI think it's really funny watching celebs look really stupid in front of millions of people, and it's for a good cause too. Best of both worlds!closing quote
Daisy, 11, Chelmsford

opening quoteRuby, Doon and Jo should stay in the academy coz they're all hilarious! Kwane should win coz his voice is amazing - I think afterwards he'll probably get a record deal! I want Will to be the next to be expelled coz he comes across as a right bighead - it's clear he loves himself!closing quote
Rachael, 13, Cwmbran

opening quoteI honestly couldn't care less. Reality TV shows suck. After Popstars, Pop Idol, and the original version of Fame Academy, it's getting really boring.closing quote
Jemima, 13, Swindon

opening quoteI watched it last night and it was wicked. It was way better than the ordinary fame academy and I want to cheer John (Cold Feet) on cos he was fab!!!!!!closing quote
Silvia, 9, Lymington

opening quoteIt's better than the original Fame Academy and I like the way the judges treat them like it is real rather than just a laugh! I think people shouldn't take it too seriously, Ruby was ace!closing quote
Anna, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteRuby Wax is priceless! Its nice to see someone make a complete fool of themselves for the sake of charity.closing quote
Katie, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think it's a great idea to do a celebrity Fame Academy. Well done to all the people who have agreed to do it! Let the Big Hair Do be with you!closing quote
Jessica, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteI think it is MUCH better than the normal Fame Academy, it helps to have celebs on the show so that they know what it is like to stand up there!!!closing quote
Elycia, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI thought Ruby was so funny, but she can't sing! Kwame is defo going to win his voice is so good! They were all pretty nervous, which I thought was stupid, cause it's only for charity and a laugh!closing quote
Louise, 10, Belfast

opening quoteI preferred the original Fame Academy coz they were real people trying to make it big coz music is there life. They could have done a completely different show with celebs on!closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedforshire

opening quoteI think it's better than the ordinary Fame Academy, it's nice to see some celebs making fools of themselves! I hope Fearne wins though.closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteI think that Ruby Wax and Fearne are the coolest celebs on da show. Ruby coz she is SO funny, and Fearne coz she is pretty, funny, talented, and she rocks this world!! Go Fearne!! closing quote
Bethany, 13 Wiltshire

opening quoteI think that Ruby was terrible and that she should've left the Academy! closing quote
David, 13, Ballymena

opening quoteI thought it was brilliant!!! So funny!! Ruby, Jo and Doon are fantastically hilarious! And Kwame has a gorgeous voice! Fearne shouldn't win and I don't like the way CBBC keep pushing her forward. She's rubbish.closing quote
Emma, 16, Southport

opening quoteI was surprised by two things. good they were (except Ruby Wax)and 2.that Paul was voted out and not Ruby. She was terrible. I thought Paul was good as wellclosing quote
Kathy, 12, Hazel Grove

opening quoteMost of them couldn't sing that well, but Kwame WOW! WOT A VOICE!closing quote
Emma, 16, Linlithgow

opening quoteI think its really good because everyone knows them and it's interesting to see who can sing and who sounds like a cat being strangled.closing quote
Helena, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteI think it's funny because they all think they can sing but they can't!!closing quote
Laura, 12, Gosport

opening quoteI thought it was quite good, but I'm glad Paul got evicted, I thought him (and a few others) thought too much of themselves, and acted like it was really serious!closing quote
Rach, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI was surprised how nervous they all looked. They're supposed to be famous!closing quote
Phil, 12, Leeds

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