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  Is war your biggest worry?
Updated 25 March 2003, 16.58

War against Iraq is looking increasingly likely, despite large public protests.

It's a major worry for a lot of you, but is it the only thing that concerns you?

If there is a war, it will be happen thousands of miles away. Perhaps you're more concerned with things closer to home?

opening quoteI am very scared about the war with Iraq, because President Bush and Tony Blair are not giving our selves, 'children' a chance to speak about it, because it may change our lives. closing quote
Cara-Leigh, 10, Arlesey

opening quoteI'm frightened of War, but I'm frightened of other things too. It isn't my biggest worry, no. I don't spend all my time worrying about it, but I'm starting to think now that if we don't act soon, then Saddam Hussein will end up attacking us and the USAclosing quote
Sarah, 13, Chester

opening quoteWar is the biggest thing on my mind and I can't shake it off. It scares me that thousands maybe millions will die.closing quote
Liam, 14, Rugby

opening quoteI am quite scared about war, cause loads of people would die for nothing! War is so, so, so stupid! I think the people who believe that war is what we should do are blinded by the big speeches by Blair and Bush. I really feel sorry for all the children whose Dads or big brothers are in the army.closing quote
Louise, 10, Belfast

opening quoteWar worries me because of what Iraq might do. If Tony Blair and America want to go to War and don't take anyone's views seriously - don't get other people involved!closing quote
Evie, 9, Huddersfield

opening quoteI'm afraid more for the children in Iraq. They are innocent. What have they ever done to us??closing quote
Rachel, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm scared about war, but I don't worry about it because I have other stuff that worries me more - more personal stuff that I might have a chance of having some control over!closing quote
Catherine, 15, Wirral

opening quoteI think the war on Iraq is unfair. They should think of another way of getting Saddam Hussein out of power. They are not going to get rid of him they are going to hurt the people living there. Most of them are ill and haven't got a proper home. War isn't nice for anyone. Nothing will happen to Saddam Hussein, he is surrounded by body guards and his army. I wish I was in charge of this country I'd soon put a stop to this war. Tony Blair is ignoring his people's demands!! Loads of people all over the country are not wanting to go to war.closing quote
Yaz, 13, Middlesbrough

opening quoteYes I am scared about war. Who's not? Innocent people will be killed!!!!closing quote
Ruth, 10, Edinburgh

opening quoteEven though it's wrong it doesn't scare me much because I know that I won't get hurt, but it makes me worry about all those people who's lives will be lost.closing quote
Dalinder, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteAs most people know children don't have a say towards the war. Tony has enough trouble trying to convince his party. War is frightening because it's going to affect the lives of everyone in the world. It's horrible just thinking about the lives that will be lost if we did go in to Iraq. closing quote
Fiona, 14, Longstanton

opening quoteSomething my uncle once said to my mum was: 'Even if it was possible to topple Saddam. There are 12 people waiting in the wings who are worse.' And that really scares meclosing quote
Claire, 14, Loughborough

opening quoteI agree very much with Katie and Ash (below) because I am from Iraq and I have family in Iraq who could be in DANGER!closing quote
Ammar, 11, Halesowen

opening quoteYes WAR is frightening and it must be more frigtening in Iraq, but we to do something about Saddam.closing quote
Blaise, 10, Twickenham

opening quoteSure I'm worried about war, who isn't? But right now I have more things to worry about like coursework. I know it sounds awful but I just don't hae the time to worry about things I can't change.closing quote
Helen, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteAll I'm scared of is us being evacuated. How about if we have to get evacuated, I would never forgive myself for leaving my family. Also what if we get killed?closing quote
Siobhan, 9, Dudley

opening quoteI am totally against war on Iraq, I feel for all the innocent lives that could be lost, I think they need to find a new solution on getting rid of Saddam Hussain.closing quote
Katie, 13, Manchester

opening quoteIf people would listen to children properly as if what we had to say was important (which it is) they would see the easiest way to sort things out. We, as children, see things simpler, without thinking about pride, shame or POLITICS. War is somthing adults do for pride and politics, they can't admit they are wrong.closing quote
Becca, 15, Weybridge

opening quoteI'm very anti-war, I think that even if we do go to war Saddam won't get killed, but we will be killing the Iraqi people who we are "supposed" to be helping!closing quote
Ash, 13, London

opening quoteI am really, really scared about going to war cuz I know my big bro would have to go and me and him are soo close. I would hate to see any of them die cuz we all know Saddam is really scary! But I don't see the point in going to war.closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteHate to disagree with everyone but I think that we should go to war and topple Saddam. His so called co-operation with the inspectors is a joke, he destroys a few missiles but he's been stockpiling for about 20 years so he won't exactly be short. Go get rid of him and establish democracy.closing quote
Alex, 15, Chesterfield

opening quoteWhen I started to worry about the war, I talked to my friends about it and they felt the same way. We all had a long chat about it, and decided to get on with our lives. If we spend all our time worrying about the war, we're not gonna have time for the good things in life! And anyway there is so much I have to do with my life and I'm GOING TO make sure I do all those things!closing quote
Jazz, 12, Hertford

opening quoteI don't like war, and it's frightening, but I'm more worried about other things such as the food shortage crisis in Africa and Mugabe's ruling over Zimbabwe.closing quote
Kimberley, 16, Gloucester

opening quoteI disagree with war but I am not scared if there is going to be a war.closing quote
Charlotte, 11, York

opening quoteIt isn't fair that people should go to war coz if UK troops go and fight, then Saddam would most probably bomb us...and teenagers, like my brother, would have to go and fight, and might get killed.closing quote
Taegan, 11, Nottingham

opening quoteWar is a terrible thing, but Saddam is a cruel man and whether or not he has weapons he should be removed from power. In this case there is a moral case for war.closing quote
Jack, 16, Leamington Spa

opening quoteNot yet, but when I hear on the news about how it 'looms closer' it worries me more.closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI think war with Iraq is wrong. But surely if we do go to war then Saddam is more likely to use weapons of mass destruction against us. Anyway most of the time Saddam seems to be co-operating with the inspectors. DON'T GO TO WAR.closing quote
Sophie, 13, London

opening quoteWar does scare me but terrorism scares me more because we don't know when it will come.closing quote
Charlotte, 15, Kent

opening quoteWar is something you should be afraid of, people will lose their lives. And for what?closing quote
Emma, 16, Linlithgow

opening quoteWar doesn't frighten me much, even though it's wrong. I'm more worried about terrorism! The trouble is, if you spend your life being afraid, you'd never do anything.closing quote
Steph, 13, Brighton

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