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  Send fan mail to Fame Academy celebs
Updated 15 March 2003, 12.23

The best of the fan mail for your fave celebs in the Fame Academy?

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opening quoteHI!!!! Just 2 say dat I think u r all doin a BRILLIANT thing 4 charity. Ur all very good @ performin + I can't decide who I like da best, so GOOD LUCK!!! :) :) :) :) :) closing quote
Radoyka, 13, Leicester

For Will

opening quoteI thought you sang Mustang Sally really well the other night, and I think Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me was perfect. I really hope you win becase you are a really great singer. Ignore the teachers if they say anything different because they aren't the ones who vote, I am and I will vote for you lots :)closing quote
Amy, 14, Eastbourne

opening quoteHi Will I just wanted to say that I think you will definitely win! You have a great voice and you deserve it.closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedforshire

opening quoteI'd just like to say, I think the teachers are being very unfair towards you! You have a great voice and you really know how to entertain a crowd! Stick in there, show them what you're made of! I know you can do it!closing quote
Rosie, 13, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteWill, you were fab! Now that Fearne is out, I will be supporting... you! You have got a really good voice and deserve to win!closing quote
Enna, 11, Shropshire

opening quoteDear Will, I watched u on the show on Friday and I thought u were WICKED!!! I never knew u cud sing that well! I didn't even know you'd been in the charts (show's how much I know!). Well, of course, I immediately voted 4 u. I am just writing this message to say you are really cool and I wish u all the luck in the world. U can win this, come on!!!! Have a great time @ the academy, I have faith in you, just go out there and kick butt. Good Luck will! Love Izzie xxxclosing quote
Isobel, 13, Tunbridge Wells

For Doon

opening quoteI want Doon to win because she is so pretty, and she has the best voice, and I like the clothes that she wears.closing quote
Juliet, 11, Marshfield

opening quoteI think that Doon should win because she's the best and she's got the best voice out of all of those losers in there.closing quote
Katie, 8, Harpenden

opening quoteDon't listen to the judges - you were amazing and your outfit on the first night was stunning. Where did you get it from?closing quote
Sally, 15, Wales

For Ruby

opening quoteRuby U R so cool and U should win!closing quote
Ceri, 10, Faversham

opening quoteI think u were gr8, I think u are soooooooooooo funny doing the Avril thing - u do it much better than Avril! Good luck! Hope u win!closing quote
Moh, 14, Assen

opening quoteHey Ruby. I loved your peformance on Sunday night. I voted lots. I really want you to win!!closing quote
Ali, 12, Kelso

opening quoteRuby u r so cool and you can win this thing - go on!closing quote
Elizabeth, 11, Bury St Edmunds

opening quoteRuby you were brilliant! You put on such a comic performance yesterday! That is what comic relief is about, not taking things too seriously and having a great time - and you looked like you did. Good luck and I'm glad you're staying!closing quote
Mac, 16, Croydon

opening quoteHi Ruby!!! I think your performance on Friday was so so so good. It made me laugh lots and I think you should stay in till the very end because you add character and laughs to a very silly show! Also, I know this sounds a bit strange but how old is your oldest son? It's just because he is pretty good looking!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you stay till the very last show! Keep performing like you did on Friday and you will get all the votes you will ever need!closing quote
Jessica, 14, Plymouth

For Kwame

opening quoteDear Kwame, YOU ARE THE BEST AND YOU ARE GOING TO WIN!closing quote
Katherine, 10, Bude

opening quoteMe and my Mum both think you have a fabulous voice so lots of luck at the Fame Academy! P.S. I think you're a little bit better than anyone else at singing at the Fame Academyclosing quote
Dalinder, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteYou were great last night on fame academy mate! Stuff what the judges say and go for it cos you can do it! I watch Casualty every Saturday and as well as a great singer you're also a great actor!closing quote
Silvia, 9, Lymington

opening quoteHi! I thought that your performance last night of "aint no sunshine" was totally great! I think it's brilliant that you can be great at acting and singing and at the same time be a dad! If you get fired (which I don't think will happen!!!!) then you could always look for a career in singing. closing quote
Rhiannon, 12, Essex

For Fearne

opening quoteFearne Girl! You were Great! I loved your performance, I could tell you were nervous but you were great towards the end I hope you raised as much money for Comic relief as you wanted!closing quote
Mac, 16, Croydon

opening quotePlease Fearne can you come to Barnsley because i'm your biggest fan!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE closing quote
James, 8, Barnsley

opening quoteDear Fearne, I watched you on the first night and I thought wow, where has that voice come?closing quote
Zara, 11, Lincoln

opening quoteI think your kittens are so cute. My silver tabby Monica always jumps at the TV when The Sat Show is on. What are your kittens' names? Best of luck in the weeks to are a fab singer.....Ulrika Johnson.....BEWARE!closing quote
Victoria, 12, Glasgow

For John

opening quoteYou were the best on Friday. Nearly as good as Tom Jones. I really hope you win.closing quote
Jac, 7, Blackwood

opening quoteYou are so going to win, I love you. I hope Ulrika loses. closing quote
Fiona, 16, Gloucester

For Ulrika

opening quoteUlrika - you're the best and deserve to win! You have a brilliant vioce. The teachers are mean to put you on probation but no worries all my votes are for you. Ruby can't sing to save her life. She's just funny (sort of anyway!). If she goes further than you, I'll be driving up to the Fame academy to sort it out! Good luck!closing quote
Abi, 11, Southampton

opening quoteI think u r g8!!closing quote
Nicola, 13 , Hull

opening quoteDear Ulrika, You are brilliant!!!!!! Love Lillyclosing quote
Lilly, 10, York

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