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  Should txt speak be allowed in school?
Updated 25 March 2003, 16.49

A teenager's in trouble after writing her entire English essay in text messages.

Her teacher says she couldn't understand it, but could you?

The girl reckons it was easier to write than an ordinary English essay, but does that make it better?

Are teachers just being old fashioned or do they have a point?

Is it important to write properly and get the grammar correct, or should you be free to be creative?

opening quoteIt's great for texts, e-mails and notes but in school it won't help one bit. It won't give you a good job when you're older and it won't help your education!closing quote
Miza, 10, Bristol

opening quoteText talk - text being the operative word, meaning just for informal situations. We go to school to learn for our future - let's face it, what employer is going to be impressed by mis-spelling and a complete disregard for the English language?closing quote
Becky, 14, Derby

opening quoteWow, that's really pathetic. I have never heard of anyone using 'text language' for an essay or anything, and if I did, I'd probably hurt them horribly. But, it's not my problem if you get horrendous grades for something ridiculously stupid you did if you happen to use it. I don't understand how people can't tell the difference between what CAN be used in English (which is correct English, duh) and what can't, like text language or whatever.closing quote
Terri, 15, Clearfield

opening quoteI think u should be able to write in whatever language u like if it's in a txty way or proper English. After all it's only writing it's not that hard 2 read!!!closing quote
Chloe, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think text talk is only OK for emails and text messages! I think it looks dorky when people try wrting essays in text message form.closing quote
Liz, 13, USA

opening quoteSMS speak should be allowed in school. However, anybody who uses it should have to wear a sign round their neck saying "I am an idiot".closing quote
Ben, 15

opening quote*sigh* I am unable to respect anybody who uses text message speak as a legitimate form of communication. Please, go away. Your insect scrawlings offend me.closing quote
Cynthia, 12, Canberra, Australia

opening quoteText language should only be used for texting! (that's why it's called TEXT language) we'll never get a good education if we get too used to using text language instead of the proper English.closing quote
Elaine, 13, Oxfordshire

opening quoteNo way! I think it's fine for emails and texts, but NOT for schoolwork, because it will affect your spelling when you're older.closing quote
Jess, 9, London

opening quoteWe think txt mesages should be allowed in school and that teenager shouldn't be punished!!!closing quote
Janine & Flick, 13, Burnley

opening quoteWell, I think everyone can understand txt language if they take the time to go through it, but proper English should be used in school. closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteIt's pathetic, text talk is for texts only!!! Leave it for chatting with your mates! closing quote
Lori, 13, Halifax

opening quoteI don't think it's a good idea because it affects your spelling. When you are older you may not be able to spell harder words. closing quote
Luke, 13, Ashford

opening quoteI think that students should NOT be allowed because it will create problems for the teachers who have never come across this way of speaking before. closing quote
Mad, 11, Luton

opening quoteOf corz! Sum teecherz r jst 2 borin & they need 2 b up 2 date with wat goes on 2day! closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteText speak is great for texts and emails but it should definitely not be allowed in school work. closing quote
Amy, 11

opening quoteI don't think that you should be allowed to write in text language at school. It doesn't do any good, and it doesn't help you in the future. closing quote
Tally, 10, Ealing

opening quoteI write all my notes in txt, like from a video, if I were going 2 do an essay on it (which I do in normal language), but I wouldn't do it for proper work, ESPECIALLY IN EXAMS. closing quote
Charlotte, 11

opening quotei think txt tlk is ok 4 txt messages and emails, but no 4 essays as it could damage ur education!! closing quote
Carolyn, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI fink txt shud b allowed in classes coz over thousands of years r language as changed plenty of times so txt cud begin a whole new era in languages but teachers shud learn it first closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Keighley

opening quoteIt should not be allowed because lots of people have different ways of interpreting text messages! closing quote
Fayona, 12, Chester

opening quoteI hate text speak! It just looks wrong! It should only be used for text messages, emails and nothing else! closing quote
Natalie, 14, Lincoln

opening quoteNo way! What next - writing complete books in text language? Not everyone can understand all the different abreviations, and spelling in my school is already bad enough. I think that people are just trying to find an easy way out of learning to spell. closing quote
Saffron, 14, Doncaster

opening quoteI think txt tlk should b allowed in schools as long as it doesnt go 2 far and is quite simple and easy 2 read. i think teachers shud learn it so they can read work as it wouldnt make the work as long 2 write and u can get more work done closing quote
Laura, 12, Spalding

opening quotei think it would b kool 2 av txt classes & english classes as well, it wud b gr8!!! closing quote
Sarah, 13, Essex

opening quoteWe should be allowed it because teachers are always moaning about us being slow at our work, and this will make us work faster. closing quote
Ciara, 10, Dundee

opening quoteI don't use a mobile to text message my friends - I phone them - and I find it really annoying when people do write in text, as I can't read it. I know how the teachers, who do get this sort of thing happen to them, feel and I think it should definitely be banned at least in class, if not in school time. closing quote
Hazel, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteI think that we shoud use txt. It's faster and it's shorter, and what Stu said's true. closing quote
Helen, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI sound so grown up wen i say this, but NO i dnt think it shud b allowed!! (Evn tho im writin in txt form!!) How iz dat supposed 2 help us wid our GCSE'z or sumthin?!?! You'll get used 2 it, and write in txt form widout realizing...exactly whut i did in English!!! closing quote
Jenny, 13, Manchester

opening quoteSchool is not the place for text speak. If schools taught it, we students would not be able to communicate properly with the wider community. It would only work if the whole world started using it instead of proper English, and that is out of the question. closing quote
Annette, 15, Hong Kong

opening quoteI think that txt speak should be alowed in school and it's fun to communicate with your mates! closing quote
Karen, 16, Wokingham

opening quoteyes i think schools should let us spk in txt cus every1 as a mobile now but then we need younger teachers who understand and need to be trained 4 txt! closing quote
Alaric, 13, Wells

opening quoteIt isn't really going to help when your older, is it? Say if you wanted to be a barister, the person who you are defending/prosecuting will not apreciate the fact that their documents are all in text speak. closing quote
Rory, 14, London

opening quoteOf corz txt shd b allowd, teachers r jst bein borin n old fashioned. Dey shd chng, nt us kdz!closing quote
Stu, 15, Barnsley

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