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  What should the Simpsons do in Britain?
Updated 25 March 2003, 16.47

Finally, after more than 300 episodes the Simpsons are finally visiting England!

They've been to Scotland before but have never made it south of the border until now.

They're going to meet JK Rowling but that's about all we know.

What else do you think they should do once they're here!

Should they meet the Queen, sing with Queen (the group that is) or party with Harry Potter's cast?

opening quoteI think the Simpsons should go on the Millennium Eye! Then maybe pop round to see the prime minster for some tea and biscuits!closing quote
Sarah, 12, Leicester

opening quoteOh cool!!!!!! That would be brill if the Simpsons came to England!!!!!!!!!!!! Wicked! I think that what should happen would be that they meet JK Rowling and she helps Lisa with a story writing competition about England and she wins!!!!!!! And Bart and Homer could visit all the famous places in London such as The London Eye and Madame Tussaud's and get up to a lot of mischeif!!!!!closing quote
Becky, 12, Kent

opening quoteI bet they'll do a lot of rubbish cockney accents that sound Australian. And things about drinking tea and complaining.closing quote
Will, 13, Torquay

opening quoteI think that it would be funny if Maggie gets lost in London and Homer goes out looking for her and stumbles into an audition for a Harry Potter movie. Then meets JK Rowling and gets a part in the movie.closing quote
Phil, 13, Bourton

opening quoteI think they should come to the West Midlands! No one takes us seriously especially London. Everything's in London. It would be a nice change! Then they should go back to London and convince a cartoon version of Dan, Rupert and Emma to have a premiere in Birmingham! That would be sooooooo cool!closing quote
Nicola, 13, West Midlands

opening quoteIt'll be interesting, as long the producers don't decide to start stereotyping, because that's the sort of the thing that makes me mad.closing quote
Kimberley, 16, Gloucester

opening quoteI think that the Simpsons should ask J.K. Rowling if she can help them write a book, for Lisa's 'story of the year' competition, and it could be vaugely to do with Harry Potter. Anyway, Lisa would win the prize, and thank Joanne very much! closing quote
Elenor, 11, Newcastle

opening quoteI think that the Simpsons should do a duet with the cheeky girls. It would be really funny if Bart started to do impresions of them wiggling thier bums! Also I think that they should go to a West end musical that is showing a version of the Simpsons style Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet. It would be really hillarious! closing quote
Kirstie, 10, Market Harborough

opening quoteI think they should include a few British bands, visit a few landmarks, and try to make it funny without insulting England!closing quote
Andy, 11, Wirral

opening quoteI think the Simpsons should audition and make it through to a Harry Potter movie and they should do cartoon versions of Emma Watson, Rupet Grint, Daniel Radcliffe & Cris Columbus.closing quote
James, 13, Croydon

opening quoteI think they should go to Madame Tussauds in London. It would be funny if Bart drew moustaches on Kylie and other famous people.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Oldham

opening quoteThe Simpsons should bump into loads of celebs in London, then come up to Scotland because when people think Britian or UK, they automatically think England, but Scotland and Wales and Ireland are there as well. They should also go to Ireland and start a war against Leprechauns.closing quote
Stephen, 13, Cumbernauld

opening quoteI think it will be quite funny to see how the Americans view England. Although I don't want them to be mocking us and the Harry Potter books, I want to see what they say.closing quote
Lily, 12, Ware

opening quoteI think that when the Simpsons come to England they should go to a soccer match with Man U vs. Liverpool. They should be thrown out for stealing tickets, Marge should get dead cross and they'll go home. Then Bart should own up to stealing the tickets even though he didn't and Marge will excuse Homer.closing quote
Laurie, 11, Newcastle upon Tyne

opening quoteI only hope that the English people they meet don't have ridiculously stuck up Victorian-type accents.closing quote
Sylvia, 15, Carlisle

opening quoteI think they should meet Ringo Star as Marge did paint him a picture. Maybe Homer can get jealous...closing quote
Jenny, 11, Chippenham

opening quoteThey should vist many parts of England because then people in America know that there is more to England than London.closing quote
Katy, 13, Yorkshire

opening quoteI think the Simpsons should vist Ware and my school.closing quote
Tom, 10, Ware

opening quoteI don't want them to come here, they'll only make fun like they did to Brazil and Australia!closing quote
Emily, 9, Scarborough

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