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  Who do want to see in celeb Fame Academy?
Updated 03 March 2003, 09.48
Cat and Patrick who present the show
Back in January we told you that a celebrity version of Fame Academy was on its way for Comic Relief.

Celebs such as Jordan, Amanda Holden and Michael Greco (who played Beppe in Eastenders) were rumoured to be among the students, but later this week real line up will be revealed.

Who would you like to see in the Academy?

(Remember that the Harry Potter cast will be filming at the time so none of them will be available!)

opening quoteI think Green day should go in because they ROCK so they could show everyone else in there wot it is like to have talent!closing quote
Emma, 15, Merseyside

opening quoteI think that Avril Lavigne should go in, mainly because it would probably help her social skills a little better. And maybe we could see her smile for once!!closing quote
Jenna, 12, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside

opening quoteI'd like to see David and Victoria Beckham in the Fame Academy. Maybe it will be Sinead and Malachi all over again!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteI think Orlando Bloom should coz let's face it the viewing ratings would go up with all the drooling gals and it certainly would have me glued to the box even though he probably can't sing. His good looks would make up for the lack of singing talent!closing quote
Rachel, 14, Merseyside

opening quoteI think Ms Dynamite should go into celeb fame academy because she's talented, clever and co-operative. I met her at a CD signing and thought she was great.closing quote
Emmie, 12, London

opening quoteJade from big brother, I would love to see her sing!!!closing quote
Willow, 12, Cornwall

opening quote I think that Avril Lavigne should go in to the Academy to see how she'd get on with everybody and how well she'd manage it! closing quote
Cleo, 14, London

opening quote I would like to see Rick Waller in the celeb Fame Academy as it would make me laugh and I'm sure it will make others laugh as well. closing quote
Shannon, 11, Northampton

opening quote How about Prince William? And I agree with the person who suggested Lizo, he would be good! closing quote
Catherine, 15, Wirral

opening quote I think Craig David should go into the Fame Academy because he has flavour and it would be cool to see how he would get on with the others that are picked! closing quote
Laura, 12, Bournemouth

opening quote I think Dunc from Blue should go in the academy cos he's sooo gorge (luv him!). Or Graham Norton so he can liven things up a bit!!! closing quote
Sarah, 14, Leamington Spa

opening quote I think Girls Aloud should be in the academy because their single is absolute rubbish. Every time I hear it I get a headache. If they went in the academy when they come out they will be brilliant singers!!! closing quote
James, 8, Barnesly

opening quote I think that Lizo from Newsround should be on celebrity Fame Academy. It would be a right laugh! closing quote
Iz, 12, London

opening quote I think that Patrick and Cat should go in because they presented the last Fame Academy. closing quote
Mark, 10, East Grinstead

opening quote Noooooooooooooooooo, not another Fame Academy! I'd like to see them drop the whole thing and have nobody in Fame Academy. closing quote
Izzy, 12, Abingdon

opening quote I would like to see Britney, J-Lo and Shakira as they are all so nice. I would like Christina Aguilera to go on as well so we could see who wins out of Britney and Christina. closing quote
Andrew, 13, London

opening quote I think Sophie Ellis Bextor should be in the Academy as she is one of my favourite popstars. Also, I do not think many people like her, so if she was put in the Academy all the of viewers would see how talented she is. closing quote
Marianne, 10, Glasgow

opening quote David Sneddon should go back in there and see if he could beat the other singers. closing quote
Joel, 12, Southampton

opening quote I think Graham Norton should go on because he goes on about them so much and he can insult the others. closing quote
Rachel, 12, Hartlepool

opening quote Tony Blair! That would be interesting! closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Ipswich

opening quote We both love Eminem and think he should go in cos he'd win not just because he's talented but also a pure babe!!! closing quote
Jennifer and Emma, 13, Donegal

opening quote I think Sum 41. Then they could show them how to play/sing PROPERLY! closing quote
Rowan, 14, Edoras

opening quote I think all of Steps because we'd then get to know the real reason for the split and to see their reaction to each other. closing quote
David, 12, Bangor

opening quote I think Busted's Charlie should go in with Britney to see if it's a match made in heaven! closing quote
Sophie, 12, Leicester

opening quote No Becki from York! Gareth shouldn't go in to be humiliated and criticised in front of people! I want Eminem to be told how he's talentless! closing quote
Nicki, 13, Staffs

opening quote I think Busted should be in Fame Academy because they are nice. closing quote
Laura, 13, Belfast

opening quote Personally, I'm sick of all this reality TV rubbish! It's boring and humiliating and there is no point in a Fame Academy cos the singers already think they can sing! closing quote
Polly, 12, Scotland

opening quote Ooooh, definitely Lee from Blue, cos he's absolutely lush!! And Justin Timberlake of course, that would be good! closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quote I think the Cheeky Girls should be in the Academy because they would drive everyone mad!! closing quote
Laura, 12, Gosport

opening quote Ant and Dec!! Now that would be funny and I would definitely watch it . Imagine them in a dancing lesson! closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quote Kylie Minogue should be in the Fame Academy because after the Brits performance she proved she was no good! closing quote
Loran, 14, Doncaster

opening quote I think Davina should go on it. She probably can't sing (no offence to her) so it would be funny to see her try and she has a brill personality. closing quote
Laura, 13, St Neots

opening quote I would like to see S Club Juniors, Will, Gareth, Girls Aloud, One True Voice and all the ex-Hear'say members so they can all be slagged off as none of them can sing, dance or write good songs! I would also like to see Avril Lavigne cause she is a wicked singer and songwriter and would slag all the pop acts off. She ROCKS! closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Edinburgh

opening quote Avril Lavigne and The Cheeky Girls coz Avril wouldn't know what to think of their rubbish! She's really good so it would be v funny! Even though he is not a singer Orlando Bloom would be very very nice to watch on my telly! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quote I think that Justin Timberlake should be in there - he might be able to show Kevin Adams something in the dance classes. closing quote
Emma, 9, Hampshire

opening quote I would really want EMINEM to be in their, even though he already is a great performer. He speaks his mind so if somebody got on his nerves he would say and there would be friction and that would be good entertainment! closing quote
Michelle, 14, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quote I would love to see Kelly Osbourne in celeb Fame Academy because she would liven the whole thing up closing quote
Sarah, 14, Sudbury

opening quote Avril Lavigne and The Cheeky Girls coz Avril wouldn't know what to think of their rubbish! She's really good so it would be v funny! Even though he is not a singer Orlando Bloom would be very very nice to watch on my telly! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quote Nooooo, Jenny from Walton...if Britney and Justin were on it they might get back together and they're not allowed to cos he's MINE!!! But I would luv to see Chris Martin on it and see him do more impressions!closing quote
Rhia, 13, Solihull

opening quote The gorgeous James Marsters from Buffy of course. It'd make me watch it. I didn't watch the first one - plus he can sing - check out the musical episode of Buffy, and he plays guitar!closing quote
Ellie, 12, Lincoln

opening quote I would like to see Duncan from Blue in it and see what he gets up to!closing quote
Niki, 13, Birmingham

opening quote I'd like to see Gareth Gates in there so he could be criticised and humiliated in front of millions of people!!closing quote
Becki, 14, York

opening quote I think that Lizo should go on! Or Anne Robinson! Then she'd have no reason to think she is able to insult others!closing quote
Annabelle, 13, Nottingham

opening quote I'd really love to see Justin Timberlake in the Academy - he's sooo gorgeous!closing quote
Hollie, 13, London

opening quoteI think that Britney should go into the Academy and Justin Timberlake and see what happens!closing quote
Jenny, 14, Walton

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