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  What did you think of the Brits 2003?
Updated 03 March 2003, 09.48
Blue performing at the Brits 2003
Ms Dynamite and Coldplay won two each, but mouthed off.

Robbie took best male yet again (is that getting boring?).

And Kylie and Justin steamed up the windows with their duet.

But what did you think of the Brits 2003?

Did the right people win or were The Streets robbed?

And was the show all it was cracked up to be?

opening quoteIn the awards I personally think that Justin could not sing the intro but on another note Ms Dynamite was excellent but George Michael not being there let her down!!!!closing quote
Rich & Tom, 13, Upminster

opening quoteI thought the Brits were great! Blue looked great when they were performing and even though Gareth didn't perform, he looked great as well!!!!!closing quote
Philippa, 14, Middlesbrough

opening quoteThat was definitely fixed - cos Gareth didn't win I cannot take that! I 'know' that that was fixed, it must have been cos everyone knows that Gareth should have one every nomination he was up for - so true!closing quote
Eleanor, 11, Berkshire

opening quote The Brit Awards were WICKED!! I was soooo shocked when Kylie came on to perform with Justin. She really is lucky!!closing quote
Shaheen, 13, Barking

opening quote I thought that the Brits were rubbish. I was glad when Eminem won two awards (he deserves it), but I only liked the performances of Sugababes, Justin and Kylie, and pinks was OK.closing quote
Isabelle, 13 West Midlands

opening quote Was it just me or was Avril's voice rubbish live? She's usually soo good! Pink and Ms Dynamite rocked but I wasn't too impressed with Davina - she kept trying to be funny and failing. closing quote
Jenni, 13, Manchester

opening quote No offence to all you Robbie lovers out there - I like him to but it's a bit boring him winning all the time.closing quote
Adam, 11, Middlesex

opening quote Pink, Sugababes, Coldplay, Ms Dynamite, Kylie and of course Justin Timberlake were all really good. Avril and Blue were terrible.closing quote
Isabelle, 12, Kent

opening quote It was Boooooooooooooring!!! All except Ms Dynamiteclosing quote
Mat, 9 Leeds

opening quote Justin and kylie were the best. I luurrrve Justin Timberlake, he's so talented and was the best live singer.closing quote
Lisa, 12, Manchester

opening quote I am really glad Blue won an award but not as glad that Coldplay won two. I don't see why Robbie didn't turn up, he says he has too many awards.closing quote
Rebecca, 10, Watford

opening quote Well done Coldplay and Red Hot Chili Peppers, they deserved their awards and were funny too! I like Robbie but I'm not sure he deserved his award. Davina was good but I didn't like the new layout.closing quote
Laura, 14, Stroud

opening quote I'm just relieved that Westlife and S Club weren't nominated! 2003 is the year that real music will be recognised - Ms Dynamite and Coldplay deserved their gongs. Not too sure about Robbie or Blue. Over all, it was a good show.closing quote
Maxie, 10, Birmingham

opening quote I'm just relieved that Westlife and S Club weren't nominated! 2003 is the year that real music will be recognised - Ms Dynamite and Coldplay deserved their gongs. Not too sure about Robbie or Blue. Over all, it was a good show.closing quote
Maxie, 10, Birmingham

opening quote Well, what can I say - well done to Pink, she opened the show up with a massive bang. I personally think everyone gave it their best. Avril totally disappointed me but well done Coldplay and Ms Dynamite!closing quote
Ash, 13, St Helens

opening quote Like Melissa from Derby, I am sick of Robbie winning - and how lucky was Kylie getting that close to Justin Timberlake? I am sooo jealous!closing quote
Stef, 14, Middlesborough

opening quoteI'm really pleaseed that Coldplay won two awards as I love them, and that the Red Hot Chili Peppers won one as they are also great, but Blue and Robbie didn't deserve it -they are RUBBISH! closing quote
Hannah, 14, London

opening quoteIt was wicked! I agree with Melissa - Robbie wins too much! closing quote
Dalinder, 10, Wolverhampton

opening quoteWell done Will, I was so proud when he won, because it's the one he wanted to win most. closing quote
Gen, 13, Huddersfield

opening quoteI think Robbie Williams deserved his awards. He is a great singer. And Coldplay are the best - and I'm so happy that they won awards. I love the Brits. closing quote
Penny, 14, London

opening quoteAvril should have won them all! closing quote
Robert, 14, Bedford

opening quoteI love Blue and Pink but they were both rubbish! I like Coldplay and thought they deserved their awards. Although I am not a huge fan of Miss Dynamite, she did deserve her awards, and her version of FAITH was excellent. I love the way she is not afraid to let her voice be heard about the war on Iraq and this was a perfect opportunity, and she sang it really well. GO MISS DYNAMITE! closing quote
Fuzzy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteAll the people that won an award (or two) deserved them! A big well done to Will Young. I was so happy for him! Poor Gareth though, he didn't win anything! It was a great night! closing quote
Sammi, 16, London

opening quoteColdplay really deserved to win their awards, they are a great band, great live and Chris Martin rocks. I also thought that Davina McCall was a rubbish presenter. What was with all the cheesy jokes? closing quote
Sarah, 14, Princes Risborough

opening quoteI am so glad Blue won the award. I thought Gareth should have got an award but sadly Will Young won (I hate Will Young). closing quote
Hayley, 13, Worcester

opening quoteI thought the brits were great!!! Well done to all the winners. I loved the duet between Kylie and Justin - that was wicked!!! closing quote
Carolyn, 14, Scotland

opening quoteSugababes and Avril rocked, but like Melissa, 12 from Derby, I'm sick of Robbie winning the same award three years in a row!! closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteI normally love Avril's voice but it is RUBBISH live!! Well done Red Hot Chili Peppers! closing quote
Hati, 10, Derby

opening quoteThe stars had the perfect opportunity to comment on the outbreak of war, especially Coldplay who were correct to say that "we needed to go out with a bang." closing quote
Amy, 13, Bridgend

opening quoteYawn - The Brits are sooooo totally boring. The best bit was getting to see yummy Justin Timberlake. closing quote
Emma, 16, Linlithgow

opening quoteIt was alright, but last time it was better. I think there was room for improvement. closing quote
Bex, 13, York

opening quoteThere was so much hype, especially about the performances, but I thought they were average - except for Coldplay who rocked. What happened to Kylie? 30 seconds on stage and that was it. closing quote
Johnny, 15, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

opening quoteI thought it was great that there was a new urban category. Ms Dynamite deserved to win - she is so good. closing quote
Ciara, 13, London

opening quoteI think Gareth should have got at least two awards. closing quote
Jessica, 13, Bury

opening quoteMs Dynamite deserved the two awards that she picked up. She has amazing talent! Pink and the Sugababes deserved their awards for Best British Dance Act and International Female Artist. Congratulations to all the winners. closing quote
Vikki, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't like "pop' music, but watched the Brits anyway. The best speech was by far the Red Hot Chili Peppers- very funny! Come on the Chilis! closing quote
Natalie, 13, Oxford

opening quoteChris Martin from Coldplay's speeches were definitely the best thing. Haha...he made fun of Blue and Justin - go him! And Ms Dynamite's performance was great. closing quote
Rosie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteThere are too many award shows! Some decent people won, which was good. But how are the Sugababes a dance act? And I know they were singing live, but most of the acts were really painful to listen to! closing quote
Becci, 13, Bishop's Stortford

opening quoteRobbie Williams has released one single and wins an award! This is a complete fix!! I think Ms Dynamite's okay, but she has won too many awards this year! I know alcohol was banned, but it was really quie boring, as there was no real controversy! Well done to Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Although I thought the awards went against smaller bands, like the Coral! closing quote
Claire, 13, Essex

opening quoteI live in Holland and I thought that the Brit awards were stupid, but I was wrong. The Brit awards are cool, but I don't like it that Robbie wins every time! closing quote
Bas, 12, Holland

opening quoteBlue were excellent, and looked amazing. No surprise about Robbie wining. Well done Liberty X - they really deserved their award. Ms Dynamite rocked - she was excellent! closing quote
Helen, 15, Darlington

opening quoteI thought that Avril rocked, and Justin's performance was excellent! closing quote
Laura, 14, Embsay

opening quoteBlue looked absolutely wicked, and Justin sounded really good, but Avril Lavigne was rubbish, I don't think she can sing live. closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteI think Blue and Sugababes were brilliant, and they both deserved the awards they got. closing quote
Priya, 10

opening quoteI thought that it was great - I liked the bit where Justin and Kylie come out - I love you Justin! closing quote
Leanne, 13, Letchworth

opening quoteI am SO pleased that Robbie won again - he totally deserved it too, with such a great album - I just hope he wins again next year as well! I was pleased about Miss Dynamite, Pink and Sugababes winning, but how are Sugababes dance? closing quote
Bella, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteIt was okay I suppose....BLUE were amazing live! And so woz Avril Lavigne. The winners were no surprise. Ms Dynamite deserved those awards! And who knew that Robbie was gonna win!!! closing quote
Jade, 14, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI didn't watch much of the Brits but it's pretty boring just seeing stars get awards and saying the same thing over and over again. But I like the performances! The opening performance 'Pink' was fab! closing quote
Kim, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI thought the brit awards were brilliant and the performers were great' but I thought everyone who was presenting the wards were trying to be really funny but they really weren't. Congratulations to every one who one an award. closing quote
Candy, 13, London

opening quoteThe Brits were great, love all of it . I was dancing to all the songs, even the songs I hateclosing quote
Zahra, 10, London

opening quoteI'm so glad Coldplay won 2 awards. And for one to be presented by Jackie Chan!!!!! Coldplay and Jackie Chan ROCK!!! closing quote
Helen, 14

opening quoteErgh, so predictable! closing quote
Cassandra, 15, Southend-on-Sea

opening quoteMs Dynamite's performance was soooo coolclosing quote
Kirsty, 15, Woking

opening quoteI was really pleased that Pink won Best Female Solo Artist!!!! GO PINK!!! She totally deserved it, more than anyone else in my opinion. :-) closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI'm so so so pleased Wil Young got best breakthrough award!!!!! He's proved all his critics wrong and has shown everyone even though he came from a TV show he's got amazing talent!!! Well done Coldplay as well!!! closing quote
Jenny, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteThe only good thing about the Brits was the fact pop music artists didn't get all the awards and Will + Gareth only got 1!!!! closing quote
Jemma, 14, Southampton

opening quoteI feel that some artists were robbed. Like Robbie Williams winning again. The performances were good though. closing quote
Louise, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteThe Brits are getting boring now, that's why I'm on the net and not watching it. Robbie won YET AGAIN closing quote
Shelley, 13, London

opening quoteI thought the layout of presenting and seating was awful! Go back to the previous years!! And the winners were all very predictable! Coldplay were the only performers who stood out for me too. closing quote
Emma, 15, Southport

opening quoteI thought most of the winners were well deserved although I think that in some of the categories they had to dig pretty deep to find a nomination. I liked Blue and Pink and everyone it was just all great! closing quote
Katy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteThey rocked! I'm really glad Ms Dynamite won a few! She is wkd! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteWhat happened to S club winning awards! BRING 'EM ON S CLUB! They rule all! closing quote
Patricia, 13

opening quoteBlue were excellent but I'm sick of Robbie winning closing quote
Melissa, 12, Derby

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