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  Should Girls Aloud have cancelled their tour?
Updated 03 March 2003, 09.47

Girls Aloud and One True Voice have cancelled their first tour!

They say it's because they haven't sold enough tickets. Do you think they did the right thing?

Or should the groups play the shows even if they lose money? Maybe you bought a ticket and are really annoyed that the shows are off.

Do you think that they have abandoned their fans?

opening quoteThey have every right! They're ok but they should have waited, it would have been embarrasing if they went on stage and there was hardly anyone there! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quote I am really gutted that the tour has been cancelled. Cancelling the tour looks like there isn't much of a future for Girls Aloud and One True Voice. closing quote
Helen, 15, Darlington

opening quoteIf they had bad sales then I can understand why the tour had to be canclled. What's the point of doing it if not many people are going to show up? Both bands are pants so I'm not really suprised. They'll both be gone by the end of the year. closing quote
Sally, 15

opening quoteI think its is good that they cancelled if it wasn't selling - I think we have another Hearsay closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI think it is really unfair, Girls Aloud are a brilliant band, their voices are beautiful. It is One True Voice's fault. They are rubbish. closing quote
Sarah, 10, Bradford

opening quoteAs far as I'm concernered, they can't sing, (and pop music is rubbish), and they're just another stupid so-called 'band' off TV, and won't be around for more than a year and a half, two years tops. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think Girls Aloud should have researched who would have wanted to see them before they set so many dates. That way, they could have had fewer dates, full crowds, and happy fans. After all some people might really want to see them. closing quote
Emily, 13, York

opening quoteI think that it's a shame that their tour has been cancelled because it is the first one they have done. They said on TV they were looking forward to it. closing quote
Shorelle, 11, Sheffield

opening quoteThe "Manufactured Pop" phase is over. Teenagers are more interested in groups and solo artists who write their own songs, show some talent and make good role models. Girls Aloud and One True Voice are too similar to other unsuccessful groups in the past. closing quote
Jenny, 14, Manchester

opening quoteIt's not fair they cancelled they tour. My mum bought tickets for me to see popstars the rivals on my 8th birthday now I'm very upset. They have spoit it for me and all the fans who have already bought tickets. closing quote
Abbie, 7, Nantwich

opening quoteGirls aloud and One True Voice are going to do worse than Hearsay at this rate! closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteCancelling their first tour doesn't give a very good impression, does it? closing quote
Laura, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI'm not surpirsed at all! They're rubbish and the boys are even worse!closing quote
Lydia, 12

opening quoteThey went ahead too soon, they should have waited until they had an album full of hits out.closing quote
Sarah, 12, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI think it's awful! What about the fans who were really looking forward to seeing them?closing quote
Ben, 12, Kidderminster

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