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  Did you march against war?
Updated 03 March 2003, 09.46

Millions have been marching around the world to say they don't want war with Iraq.

Did you join them, and if you did, why?

Or do you think it's a waste of time and that marches won't solve anything?

opening quoteI didn't demonstrate but I would. My brother is in the army and I don't want to see him killed. Plus why should we get involved in something we don't need to get involved in. On the other hand he could have evil weapons and we need to stop him before he does anything with them.closing quote
Katie, 11, Sheffield

opening quoteI haven't marched at any of the marches yet but I hope to, I don't believe that war is the best answer and I think we should do as much as we can to stop it. Hopefully the MPs will listen to what we have to say!closing quote
Becky, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI didn't march and I don't think that it will make much difference. If war is the only answer to getting Saddam then let it be. The war won't do as much damage as Saddam has done over the years.closing quote
Katherine, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteUnfortunately, I didn't get the chance to go to the march because I had to follow a strict timetable for my GCSE revision. However, I did go to the first one which was quite small. At that time things were not that bad as they are now. I am strongly against the whole situation and think that Bush and Blair should sort it out in a better way.closing quote
Ruki, 15, Sheldon

opening quoteI went to the march and I was surprised and happy to see so many different cultures there not just English or Iraqi, I am Iraqi and to see such a unity of people come together was quite touching.closing quote
Nora, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI wanted to march really bad, but I couldn't because my friends and parents think it's stupid and dangerous. I hope that everyone who did march had some effect on the world's leaders and what their decision on war is going to be.closing quote
Alysia, 14, Seattle, USA

opening quoteI didn't march, but some of my friends did and I think they were right to do so. If you live in a democracy you have to accept the majority's vote, we can't all just do what we want!closing quote
Amanda, 13, Belfast

opening quoteI went yesterday and it was amazing! It was nice to know that if Blair decides to take action there will be all these people ready to come out and do something about it.There were really good banners and here is one that I liked- "If a leader takes his country into war without good reason - then he is not fit to be a leader." Trueclosing quote
Sarah, 15, Rayleigh

opening quoteI was right in the middle of the march on Sat and there was such a vibe that u wouldn't believe. We wanted our voices to be heard. Tony Blair is risking many innocent lives, that have already seen too many wars, to get to one man that he probably won't reach in the end. We came out to the march on Saturday because government has stopped being about the people and all about the power. closing quote
Stacey, 14, Eccles

opening quoteYesterday was the PEOPLE AGAINST WAR DAY!!! And like a lot of people I walked all across the big city Montreal. There was a lot of Canadien celebrities who did some speeches etc.We were 150 000 people, it was a big protest and everything went well.I'm glad I've been a part of this because I'm really against war.It was kind of cold though,but it was worth it!!! So lets not forget: WAR IS USELESS!!closing quote
Vanessa, 16, Canada

opening quoteI went down to London for the march against war on Iraq. I think the amount of CHILDREN who did really shows what the adults of tomorrow will be like. Better.closing quote
Ally, 16, Manchester

opening quoteI marched, or rather shuffled, in London. There were so many people there who all believed war was evil. I just hope 2 million unhappy citizens is enough to deter Tony Blair from following Bush into war closing quote
Ciara, 14, Wakefield

opening quoteI went up to the London march because I felt it was important to show what I believed in. Yes, Saddam is bad, but what will he care if we start bombing the people hes been killing all these years anyway? The problem is with Saddam, not Iraq!!! Also, Bush shouldn't be using this situation as an ego-boost, just because he couldn't get Osama bin Laden, and so his 'land of the free' can continue leading their extravagant lifestyle that needs more oil. Our money should be spent on the NHS, to save lives not destroy more innocent ones! There's more profit in Peace!!!!! closing quote
Amanda, 15, Worthing

opening quoteI don't think we should go 2 war with Iraq & that's why I marched yesterday. Me & my mum & my brother all think that we shouldn't, in fact all my family think that. I also think it's good that in Hyde Park we had Jesse Jackson & Ms Dynamite; it proves that not just the common people of England & America think that we shouldn't. I don't think that Blair will be able to ignore this. closing quote
Toni, 11, Lincoln

opening quoteI didn't march because it can get very violent here, but if I could I would have. They should listen to what we have to say. Bush has no excuse to kill millions of innocent people to get Saddam out of the way and even if there was a war what good will come out of it? Bush should see what the rest of the world has to say. Not the leader, PM or presidents, but what the public has to say. Let us all say NO to war.closing quote
Noreen, 16, Pakistan

opening quoteI couldn't go, as I was going out to see Feeder in concert. So to show my support I wore a t-shirt that I made that said 'PEACE NOT WAR'. I got a few looks!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteI marched yesterday in London against war with Iraq. I'm not saying that I want Saddam to be the president of my country but I know that this war isn't going to solve anything. It's just going to make things worse. I have family & friends in Iraq and their lives are at risk. War isn't a solution, everyone knows that. People are meant to learn from their mistakes and war has hardly ever solved any problems, it's just caused more problemsclosing quote
Yousif, 14, London

opening quoteI didn't march but I would have if I could have. I think war is a stupid idea, loads of innocent people will be killed.closing quote
Louise, 11, Lanarkshire

opening quoteI didn't march anti-war as I'm totally for war. If they have a pro-war march in my local area, I'd probably do it, to make people stand up and notice there are some of us that do want a war with Iraq. closing quote
Hazel, 11, Cambridge

opening quoteThere were thousands of people at the march, including me! I'm really glad there were so many people who agreed that war was not the way. Tony Blair will have to listen now!!! closing quote
Megan, 11, Hitchin

opening quoteI didn't go to any of the marches. I saw one in our town centre, but it wasn't very big, and very few people were there. I don't see how marching will solve anything - it seems Tony Blair already has his mind made up, and despite what his people are saying, he isn't taking much notice. But we do live in a democratic society, and we have a right to do it. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteI respect people who think that protesting or marching is worth it but I reckon it's all just more havoc and problems for the police and transport. Most of the people who marched probably want crime to go down but with all those people marching, the police had less time to deal with criminals, just think b4 u act! closing quote
Dan, 13, Emerson Park

opening quoteYep, I went marching. It was really cool cos I've never made so much noise in my life! I really hope it makes a difference! closing quote
Ruba, 11, Kingston

opening quoteI went up to Glasgow and I marched from Glasgow Green to the SECC. Tony Blair was to have a conference there and we were going to make so much noise no one could hear him!!! Unfortunately, he changed his conference time to the time the march started. NO WAR!!! closing quote
Aili, Edinburgh

opening quoteI marched today in Belfast. I marched because I think this war is only going to kill defenceless, innocent people. I also think that Tony Blair and George Bush haven't thought about what's going to happen afterwards. I mean has anyone??? closing quote
Susie, 13, Belfast

opening quoteI marched 2day because I am opposed to anything that causes death and splits up families. All this war will do is stir up more trouble and cause many deaths worldwide. Besides there is no proof at the moment that Iraq holds any of the weapons that people have said they hold. I agree that Saddam is an evil man and he does need to be stopped but killing people he has already tortured will not make a difference to him! closing quote
Alice, 14, Bristol

opening quoteYes, I did march against war and terror, and I didn't do reluctantly either. I am really proud I did it as I keep thinking I done something that made me part of peace and made me, like millions of others feel special and caring for the world. As well as being interviewed on TV, I am really proud and glad I did it, and well done to everyone else that done it too, you should feel really proud of yourselves, congratulations! For me every step of that 2/3 hour walk was well worth it!!! closing quote
Marianne, 10, Glasgow

opening quoteI went to march today! I don't think marching is stupid! I think it will put a point across to Blair and Bush!closing quote
Hina, 14, London

opening quoteI had to travel to the other side of Northern Ireland to show how much I don't want the war! I'm very proud of myself because I get travel sick on buses easily!closing quote
Kathleen, 14, Derry

opening quoteI went to the march today, over 4 hours in the freezing cold because I believe it's worth it. Why won't Blair listen to us? I am tomorrow's voter and I can say that Blair will no longer be prime minister if he won't listen to his people. War won't solve anything and today proved it, over a million people could march peacefully through the capital and make their point, who needs war? As a lot of banners said today, make tea not war, and drop Blair not bombs. We need a leader that can see what his own country is screaming at him before tackling affairs further abroad.closing quote
Sylvi, 15, Kent

opening quoteI marched in London today to stand up for what I believe in. It's amazing that over a million people came together to stand up for what they believe in. An event that will live in history. closing quote
Maxine, 14, Surrey

opening quoteYep, I marched with a metre long banner across my head, yep I shouted against this insane war thing, yep I want it to stop, yep it's GONNA STOP. closing quote
Aséna, 12, London

opening quoteI marched in London and it was really good. The atmosphere was good - it was very positive, as everyone thought it was the right thing to do and were keen to show what they thought. It was friendly and peaceful. We may have been from entirely different backgrounds and have different views on the situation but we were all united in one thing - No War. It was friendly and you could chant along with people you had never met. I hope it has made an impact. closing quote
Isobel, 15, Kent

opening quoteI went to the march today. It was very peaceful and no one used violence. I think anything to do with war and violence is wrong. Saddam has been bombing his own people for years .But war won't help this. What I want to know from global leaders is: 'Why didn't you help the people of Iraq before any of this?' I think George Bush has never really seen or taken notice of the affects of war. What I'd like to ask is: 'Who going to disarm Bush?' You really do need to look at this through other people's eyes.closing quote
Amber, London

opening quoteI went on the Dublin march today mainly because I am completely anti-war and I hope all these marches makes Bush realise how many people are anti-warclosing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI marched because I think that in this day and age war is simply stupid. We are supposed to be a civilised nation, and I think it's just sad when it comes to the point where people believe violence is the only way forward. War isn't right in any situation, and I think Tony Blair and George Bush should think long and hard before they start the mindless killing. closing quote
Vicki, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteI went marching and it was wicked, but I didn't stay for the speech thing at the and cos we had to catch a train. I think Tony Blair is being really stupid cos he's not listening to the nation. There were some really rude comments abot Bush and Blair, but I suppose most of them were true. It was worth it though! closing quote
Claire, 11, Kent

opening quoteI am upset because was told by my parents that I could not go, although my Dad is. My Mum thought that it would be too dangerous just in case I got split up from my friends and family. closing quote
Rebecca, 12, South Wales

opening quoteI think it's stupid. We should go to war with Iraq or else Saddam will kill more and more people. Do the people marching really want that? And the protesters leave a huge mess behind and it's us Londoners that have to live with it closing quote
Corey, 13, London

opening quoteI'm going to march in about a week. Even though I'm only 13 I'm the one who is organizing it. It's important to get your views out there, especially if you are a minor, you can't get in trouble with the goverment by having you're own opinion. Some of the best things in history have come because marchers used minors.closing quote
Amethyst, 13, Washington, USA

opening quoteI think war is wrong because it only kills innocent people. I went to the march today because I am against it and I think its stupid that Bush and Blair aren't listening to their own countries!closing quote
Laura, 13, Belfast

opening quoteI am not marching. Of course I don't like war but if it is the only way to get rid of Saddam then so be it.closing quote
Erin, 13, Scotland

opening quoteI do think war is wrong but I would never march because I don't really see what protesting can do!closing quote
Fayona, 12, Chester

opening quoteI marched today in Belfast city centre because I oppose the war aginst Iraq. I think it is totally immoral and unjustified!closing quote
Nicola, 15, Belfast

opening quoteI think war is wrong - of course it is - but I think protesting is stupid. The goverment may know more than you know, but can't expose it. closing quote
Bella, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteI'm not marching against war but I would if I could. My friend is and I think she is doing an amazing thing as she is representing our nation for us. closing quote
Ems, 14, Norwich

opening quoteI've just been watching the marches on TV. I think they are a really good idea. Blair should be listening to the views of his country, he shouldn't follow everything that Bush says. Why can't he just think for himself and his country? closing quote
India, 13, Hemel

opening quoteI can't march cos I live too far away. If I did get the chance then I don't know whether I would march cos although the war is so wrong, I think it's going to happen anyway, Bush just won't listen. Also, what will happen if Saddam Hussein does do something to Britain or America, then he will have hurt us, and he will still be in power to fight us. closing quote
Jenna, 13

opening quoteI went on the war march in London today because I don't think war is right. If we go to war millions of people may die. War is never a good thing. closing quote
Hannah, 12, London

opening quoteI wish I could march, but I couldn't get to Belfast. Some people from Derry marched for three days to Belfast... now that's dedication. I'm having a mini march in my house though. closing quote
Brónagh, 13, Derry

opening quoteOne of my friends is going to the London march and if I could get there I'd be there too. At the moment Bush and Blair are acting like babies, I'm sure we could discuss this and find a solution much more maturely than they could. They just want to show the world how much damage they can do. closing quote
Bianca, 16, Madienhead

opening quoteMost of my friends are marching and so are my parents and some of their friends. I'm not because I'm ill, but if I wasn't I would be out there screaming my head off: "no war". I hate the thought of it, it really scares me.closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteI live too far from London but I'm tempted to march through my town. War isn't right, it doesn't solve anything. Bush and Blair should take notice of the public opinion and not try and be the heroes who are going to save the world. The public are always right. closing quote
David, 12, Bangor

opening quoteI'm not marching cos I woke up too late(my brother is tho), but as a strong believer of not going to war with Iraq, I am proud of those marching in the streets of Glasgow and around the world. That's really inspiring. Keep up the good work!, and maybe Tony Blair and those who want to attack innocent civilians, will think twice about attacking Iraq. To those who are marching,let your voice be heard,and I really admire you! closing quote
Fuzzy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm not marching, but I still think war is wrong and that Tony Blair should listen to the public, everybody's view counts. War will never be the right way to sort things out!!! closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteI am not marching because Saddam is a madman and I don't know if you guys heard Colin Powell's speech if you did you would understand why we have to go to war, Saddam kills his own people, we have to disarm him!!! War might not be right but it's the only solution, I don't like the thought of war but Saddam has nuclear weapons and we are doing this for everyone's sake. Instead of thinking about yourselves think about all the people that will be going to war and of course I feel for the children in Iraq but when they're older they won't be in danger of Saddam. Think about it!!! closing quote
Annie, 13, New York

opening quoteMy friend is going to London to join in the anti-war marches. I think war is wrong. I was talking to my penfriend from Spain and she thinks war is wrong. There is no point in going to war. closing quote
Maggie, 11, North Ayrshire

opening quoteI'm not but I wish I was. It is stupid that Tony Blair are ignoring the public. They only see what they went. LISTEN TO US BUSH & BLAIR. closing quote
Stephanie, 12, Kirriemuir

opening quoteAll of my family are agaainst the war even though we are German and aren't involved. We have always tried to make peace and we have even organised street strikes. We want every human to be free like we're meant to be free, because war is wrong, it's yucky and raw like its name backwards and as Germans we're turning against our ancestor Adolf Hitler to fight for peace. closing quote
Petra, 15, Berlin, Germany

opening quoteI think that people can protest about the posible war but it won't change anything. closing quote
Joanne, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteI would if I could! Why can't just get on!?! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI can't go to London, but I am very much against war and make sure everyone knows that! closing quote
Sibyl, 12, Stockport

opening quoteWAR IS WRONG. The UN was created to stop it happening EVER again to us. We have to stop something like a world war happening again. If we form an alliance against Tony Blair and his theories, we can do just that. Nothing can stop me marching. Imagine sitting at home, waiting for your brother, or dad, to come home, and knowing that there is a highly possible chance that they will never return and you'll never see them ever again. Do YOU want to have to experience that? THINK. MARCH. NO WAR.closing quote
Poppy, 12, London

opening quoteI would definitley march but I can't coz of where I am. But I will be marching at home down my corridoor!!!closing quote
Gina, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI think marching is stupid. Will they still be marching if Iraq did something like September the 11th in Britain? I don't think so!! Saddam's regime should be broken before he can get hold of dirty bombs and other things and make the world hell. Also these marches are going to be perfect places for suicide bombers to go especially if there's a million people; all they need is a few bombers and then there will be a million dead!!!closing quote
Dale, 14, Thurso

opening quoteI wish I could but my parents won't let me! I'm always going on about it so I'm sorta protesting!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI really wish I could march but I can't get to the event. I will be there in spirit though because war is terrible and should be left in the history books where it belongs.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Wakefield

opening quoteI'm marching because I don't want my Dad to go to war and I don't want him to get killed or have a serious injury.(I also want a baby brother so I want him to stay).closing quote
Hannah, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteOf course I'm marching! War can only kill, it's nothing good with it. It's horrible.closing quote
Emma, 16, Belfast

opening quoteI'm not marching, but I wish I could. I think that many people showing how they feel does make a difference, or should!closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI'm marching because I think war can never be rightclosing quote
Steve, 12, Belfast

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