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  Will smoking ad ban stop kids?
Updated 24 February 2003, 14.57

Cigarette and tobacco advertising has been banned.

After 13 February, you won't see tobacco ads on any billboards, posters, magazines.

But do you think that this will stop any kids from smoking?

Maybe you think that most kids only start because their friends do, and adverts don't have any effect.

Or perhaps you think that it will stop some kids from starting in the first place.

opening quoteNo way! The only way to stop people smoking is ban selling cigarettes to any ages! Posters etc are waste of time!closing quote
Kirsty, 15, Newcastle

opening quoteI don't think a smoking ad will stop kids smoking because I smoke and nothing has stopped me but I would stop smoking if there was more help.closing quote
James, 12, Bolton

opening quoteBanning ads won't stop kids smoking. I've never seen a smoking advertisement before really so this wouldn't effect me at all if I did smoke!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancaster

opening quoteI think it will help because most kids do it because they see it all around them and they think it's cool. Have you ever seen Joe Camel that was a cool cartoon and it made some kids smoke.closing quote
Behdad, 14, Vancouver, Canada

opening quoteYeah they should stop kids smoking, it's disgraceful. I don't smoke, coz I'm 9 and I will never smoke and that's a promise. Anyway I am a singer and it will spoil my voice if I smoke so let this be a warning to singers that smoke will damage your voice, B-A-D-L-Y closing quote
Rachel, 9, Stockport

opening quoteIf you're going to smoke, you're going to. closing quote
Talia, 13, London

opening quoteAt my school I am learning about chemicals that affect our body and I said to the teacher "Why can't we ban smoking? and he said we can't because it is addictive, so you can't stop people smoking because it's ADDICTIVE! closing quote
Catherine, 9, Warwick

opening quoteEven if smoking is banned kids will still smoke and I think this is because parents smoke. It's a bad thing to show them. But teenagers smoke because they try to show people they're hard! When there not!! closing quote
Kim, 13, Wigan

opening quoteI don't know why anyone would smoke in the first place! You smell, and die too. Did you know that every cigarette takes more than 5 minutes off your life. It's not cool. It's really sad. The cigarette ads might not do much, but it's better than nothing. closing quote
Katherine, London

opening quoteI think the only way to cut down on children smoking is to work harder at preventing adults selling cigarettes to kids. Maybe ID should be asked for. Parents who smoke should be more careful about where they leave their cigarettes too. closing quote
Jenny, 14, Dundee

opening quoteKids already know about cigarettes, it won't make any difference if there are advertisements or not. closing quote
Lydia, 11, Andover

opening quoteI think that smoking should be banned because more and more people are dying each year from lung cancer. My auntie and uncle died last year from cancer and now I know how other people feel when members of their family die and they miss them very much. And I also strongly agree that children should be taught more about the effects of smoking, not just telling pupils not to smoke in the first place, but the dangers that it can cause for them in the future. closing quote
Helen, Liverpool

opening quoteI don¿t think it will change a thing, people I know who smoke were not affected by adverts. It was because of the people around them. They either did it to look cool or just went along with the crowd, this ban will not change a thing. closing quote
Jess, Somerset

opening quoteThe only thing that will stop young people smoking is themselves being strong enough to go against what their mates are doing. closing quote
Natalie, Leics

opening quotePeople r sayin that to educate more wud b the answer. But seriously i think kids are gettin so bored by people going on at them that perhaps it wud b better if a smoker came in and told people their regrets about it but also y they started. The negative attitude is a waste of time people need to b left to make their own mind up closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think that the number of people starting to smoke will decrease but I don't think that it will stop people from smoking. I think that it was wrong to stop the adverts because it is bad for that business. closing quote
Jenny, 14, Buenos Aires

opening quoteI reckon that it might stop some younger kids from starting when they're older, because they won't have been brought up with the advertising. I don't think that it will stop older kids getting involved, because they usually start because their friends do. The advertising doesn't make much of a difference. closing quote
Catherine, 9, Peterborough

opening quoteAdvertising never made any difference to kids, it's their "friends" who get them into it. I agree with Sophie from Gosport, the government should ban it. Kids who smoke think adults don't know, but a non-smoker can a smell a smoker a mile off. They reek! closing quote
Alex, 13, Worthing

opening quotePeople don't smoke because of posters they smoke because others do. If adults stopped smoking children would probably stop too!!! closing quote
Will, 12, Belfast

opening quoteThis will not stop kids from smoking, nothing will. Kids smoke to look cool and sometimes do it to copy what their friends do, and the more people that are around you that smoke, the more likely you are going to start smoking. closing quote
Fayona, 12, Chester

opening quoteNo! Kids learn by example, so unless adults stop smoking, or at least stop smoking in front of us, kids are always going to think smoking is ok.closing quote
J, 15, Dublin

opening quoteThe ban on smoking ads is looking in the right way towards anti-smoking, but we need ads which say don't smoke more often. They have ads like that but more need to be on the telly. However, there will always be kids who think it is cool, and sometimes it can't be stopped.closing quote
Emma, 12, Woking

opening quoteI don't think it will stop people smoking because older kids smoke and the younger ones think its cool.closing quote
Ishan, 12, Redhill

opening quoteI don¿t think the ban will stop kids from smoking. There are nearly no smoking adverts around my area but you will still see as many kids smoking.closing quote
Stacy, 13, Derby

opening quoteIt probably wont because people are already addicted.closing quote
Sophie, 10, St Albans

opening quoteStopping the advertisement of cigarette and tobacco will not stop children from smoking. The only way to achieve this would be to introduce id cards for any one above 11 years of age and larger fines for people who supply/buy/sell cigarettes and tobacco for/to underage people. closing quote
R.L.L, 14, London

opening quoteI'd hope it would stop kids from smoking, but I doubt it. Maybe a small number though, and any is good, right? This pressure to be like everyone else makes me so sad...just be yourself! It gets so bad it feels like everyone is a clone! Be an individual!closing quote
Willow, 14

opening quoteOf course it won't! Do you have any idea how many people I've had to walk downwind of that are smoking? I lose count!closing quote
Leah, 13, Reading

opening quoteI don't even know why kids smoke in the first place, it's bad for you, it's uncool and it absolutely stinks. And it won't stop kids from smoking, the Government should ban it altogether.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteIt wont stop anyone because they won't listen to it. Some of my friends are smoking just to get into a really popular groupclosing quote
Whitney, 12, Hertfordshire

opening quoteI think it's a good idea but probably won't work because a lot of kids are addicted already or feel pressured to do it.closing quote
Petranella, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think it will stop kids smoking. Kids think that it makes them look cool. I think that schools should teach kids the dangers of smoking.closing quote
Laura, 12, Gosport

opening quoteWe should carry on advertising fags!!! Otherwise kids will just think "Well if advertising is being banned, that is probably because it is so cool." Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you.closing quote
Elycia, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI don't think kids will stop smoking because of an ad ban. Most kids at school start to try to look cool.closing quote
Emily, 12, York

opening quoteI don't really think that it will stop kids smoking, but adverts should be put up scaring people about smoking, so they won't start in the first place.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI don't think it will make a difference because most people start smoking because of peer pressure and all the adverts had big black letters on them saying how it causes lung cancer.closing quote
Judith, 15, Edinburgh

opening quoteI don't think JUST banning ads is gonna stop kids from starting. There needs 2 b a much more drastic idea to help stop.closing quote
Esme, 14, Banham

opening quoteI'm sure that it wouldn't stop smoking, we need something much more important than a ban for the adverts. But it's a good start to stopping lots of people smoking.closing quote
Orla, 9, London

opening quoteI don't think it will stop anyone from smoking, as kids usually do it because it makes people think they're tough or because their friends do it. But it shows that the government has a negative attitude towards smoking and I think it is important for kids to grow up in an environment which frowns on smoking.closing quote
Rowena, 14, London

opening quoteNo way, it will not stop ANY kids from lighting up. People need to be more educated in schools about cigarettes and what they can do to you.closing quote
Roy, 14, Markethill

opening quoteNo-one will stop because of it, but some kids might not start in the first place.closing quote
Johnny, 13, Settle

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