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  What do you think of the CBBC channel?
Updated 24 February 2003, 14.57

It's the CBBC digital channel's first birthday!

Those of you with digital, cable and satellite have been able to enjoy your very own channel. It has loads of great programmes, including Newsround and Newsround Lite!

But what do you think of the CBBC digital channel? How would you change it?

Maybe you can't get it, and wish you could?

What kind of programmes do you want to see on the CBBC channel in the next year? Send us your ideas now!

opening quoteI love your show and especially I love Tracy Beeker. She is great.closing quote
Janey, 12, Desford

opening quoteI am the BIGGGGEST fan of the CBBC Channel! That's basically all I watch! Especially Newsround and Blue Peter. Happy 1st Birthday!closing quote
Junaid, 10, Manchester

opening quoteI don't get CBBC, but I love the website! Happy B-day!closing quote
Kimi, 12, Nevada, USA

opening quoteI watch the usual CBBC, and it's still as good as ever!closing quote
Ros, 11, Cheltenham

opening quoteI think it is great but some of the programmes can get boring and repetitive. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow was good at first but it is so pedictable it is just boring. I always watch UK top 40 though. The bad thing is you need digital to enjoy this channel!closing quote
Lucy, 11, Cheltenham

opening quoteI love the CBBC channel because it has loads of cool programmes and it has more childrens' programmes to offer than any other channel.closing quote
Emily, 10, Worcester

opening quoteI love the CBBC channel it's good because if your ill you can watch that insted of Trisha etc! I love U get me and Jeopardy they should put more shows like that on!closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedfordshire

opening quoteI watch CBBC everyday after school and I think it's great after a hard day at school! HAPPY B*DAY!closing quote
Laura, 14, Lanark

opening quoteI don't have digital but I have seen the CBBC channel at other people's houses and I think it has good programmes on but I think it also has too many rubbish, cheap American cartoons on.closing quote
Edward, 10, Leeds

opening quoteI don't watch CBBC channel all the time time for 2 reasons:
1. my brother is always watching boring old 'Nickolodeon!!!
2. I have loads of homework!!!!!
closing quote
Kate, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteHappy Birthday CBBC, it's great. Although I don't have the the digital CBBC channel I love coming home and watching some cool programmes. I love Cave Girl and Tracey Beaker.closing quote
Sian, 12, Coulson

opening quoteI think the CBBC channel is a good opportunity because you get to see the programmes that you can not see and it is fun to watch.closing quote
Sarah, 9, Ashford

opening quoteI think that the CBBC channel is sick it the best cannel ever.closing quote
Harshid, 12, Leicester

opening quoteI think the CBBC channel is great. I love Xchange. I thought I would not watch it much but I watch it everyday!!closing quote
Maggie, 12, North Ayrshire

opening quoteI don't know what the CBBC Channel is like cause I don't have digital but I watch it on CBBC1 and it's wicked!closing quote
Louise, 12, Hilperton

opening quoteI think it is great because people who only watch CBBC can watch it all the time because it's on freeview!closing quote
Ashley, 12, Walsall

opening quoteI'm sure I'd love CBBC ... But I live in the states so that's not possible... Happy Birthday anyway!closing quote
Gemma, 13, New York, USA

opening quoteCBBC is the best channel ever I tape them all and watch them again and again and it's also the first channel I try to find when I get home from shcool.closing quote
Chris, 12, Felixstowe

opening quoteI think it must be good but it is annoying that everything is now on the channel and I don't have it.closing quote
Holly, 14, Bangor

opening quoteI don't watch the CBBC Channel because I don't really like the programmes that are shown. Maybe if they had a computer game programme then I might watch it!closing quote
Fayona, 12, Chester

opening quoteI wouldn't know. I don't have it. I hope I'm not missing out on more info from Newsround because I don't have digital!closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI love the CBBC Channel! I watch it all the time! If I ever get bored with normal TV I know I can watch something interesting on CBBC. It would be good if it could be on later than 7pm though...maybe from 7pm there could be films?closing quote
Nicola, 14, Middlesex

opening quoteI watch CBBC sometimes but not all the time. It's very good, Newsround especially. Most of the time I watch Viva S Club.closing quote
Louise, 10, Lewisham

opening quoteThe CBBC channel is OK, but sometimes it has repeats that I've seen before and if your sick only boring "educational" programmes on weekdays!closing quote
Sibyl, 11, Stockport

opening quoteWoah,that year went quick! I think CBBC is a good channel but they should stay on later at night!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI watch it lots, and especially watch Newsround Lite when it's on!closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteThe CBBC channel is rather good- especially Dick and Dom in the Bungalow- the level of sub-humour makes it hilarious. Shame that you fob viewers off with "Animadness" half the time. Knowing the schedule helps.closing quote
James, 15, Market Harborough

opening quoteI love CBBC, it's great to watch after school. And it's got lots of my fave programs on like Cave Girl, Wild Thornberrys and Tracey Beaker.closing quote
Olivia, 12, Matlock

opening quoteThe CBBC channel is sooooo cool becoz u can watch it wen CBBC has finished 4 da day! It's gr8 Happy B*day CBBC channel.closing quote
Chaz, 13

opening quoteI don't have the CBBC channel, but I really want it, I will watch CBBC1 sometimes.closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI love CBBC, but I only get to see it at my friend's cos I don't have digital.closing quote
Ike, 12, Cleethorpes

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