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  How should Phil leave Albert Square?
Updated 24 February 2003, 14.56

Phil Mitchell is leaving EastEnders - but not forever.

Actor Steve McFadden is quitting the soap for a year to "try other projects".

How do you think he should exit the show?

Maybe he goes "up West" to buy mum Peggy some new leopard print tops - and never returns.

Or he gets a job teaching people how to speak proper English at a university and moves away.

opening quoteI think Phil should get bitten by a mosquito and catches yellow fever in Africa. He then accidentally brings it back to London and it kills Louise and Peggy.closing quote
Ailsa, 11, Bradford-on-Avon

opening quoteIt is easy to guess that Kate is an undercover cop and he tells Kate what he did to Lisa. She tells the police and he goes to prison.closing quote
Abbie-Rose, 9, Blackpool

opening quoteI think that Kate should be a friend sent by Lisa to kill him and she goes round to give Peggy a manicure and while Peggy goes out to get some wine, Phil comes home. He goes to get a drink and her nail file turns into a knife and she stabs him and she runs out of the house and out of the square back to Lisa.closing quote
Olivia, 12, Matlock

opening quoteHe should get stabbed in the back with an enormous knife by Kate, who then turns out to be Lisa's estranged sister! closing quote
Fayona, 12, Chester

opening quoteI think Louise should get a gun and accidentally shoot Phil (like mother like daughter)! Phil'll survive but b so scared of his kid he'll do a runner. closing quote
Sarah, 11, Oxford

opening quoteI think Phil should discover that Peggy adopted him from two space aliens called Spoc & Marsha and that he has a magnetic field around him. He decides to experiment by sticking his head in a microwave causing a large explosion that blows up the whole street. The end. closing quote
Sophie, 13, Bath

opening quoteI think he should have a fight with Alfie and, saying that, Alfie should leave but Sam stops them but she burns down the pub. Phil dies but every1 else survives but the pub is never 2 b seen again closing quote
Karoline ,11, Trowbridge

opening quoteAfter nearly murdering Trevor, it becomes an addiction for Mo so she does the same again to Phil! closing quote
Richard, 12, Merseyside

opening quoteLisa steals Louise and when Phil comes back from South Africa he goes on a search and gets murdered closing quote
Dalinder, 10, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI think Lisa shud cum back to the Square and track down Phil. Then she shud hit him with an iron like Mo and leave off to Spain. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancaster

opening quoteHe gets eaten by some giant sprouts. closing quote
Jessica, Barton

opening quoteHe should die! I dunno I think it's kinda funny when ppl on soap operas die - they make it a heartfelt big occasion which I find extremely hilarious. Oh oh they could have someone kill him but no one will know who and then they'd have this whole murder mystery thing going on. closing quote
Beth, 14, Niagra Falls, Canada

opening quoteI think Phil should leave by Lisa coming back and whacking him over the head with a pole or something like that closing quote
Leigh, 10, Rushden

opening quoteHe should take up ballet and, when it does not work out, comes back to the square!closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Taunton

opening quoteHe should get a life sentence in prison for all the bad things he's done!}:>( closing quote
Michael, 9, Stamford

opening quoteHe pretends to die so Peggy gets insurance. closing quote
Matt, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteHe gets so fat he explodes into a million different pieces, that scatter all over Albert Square. closing quote
Lucy, 12, Bognor Regis

opening quoteThere's 3 places Phil could go. Brighton, Southend or Manchester (like someone already said!) Cos they're the only places people go! closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteHe should be killed by Kat and then...he comes back to life!!!! (good eh?) closing quote
Alice, 13, Market Harborough

opening quoteI think that he shud be tried 4 the murder of Lisa, and then he runs away America cuz he's guilty. Or he can hit Peggy with a crow bar closing quote
Jade, 14, Wolverhampton

opening quoteWhen he goes to Africa, Ben should ask him to stay and Phil can't say no. closing quote
Jo, 14, Basingstoke

opening quoteIsn't it obvious? He disappears into the mysterious EastEnders void that is Manchester... closing quote
Char, 13, St Albans

opening quoteHe decides to go off and study at Oxford University. closing quote
Mohammod, 13, Bristol

opening quoteKat should through a melon at his head closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Sevenoaks

opening quoteI think he should be playing PlayStation when it suddenly blows up and he flies out the window, hits the road, then gets squashed by a car. closing quote
Lizzie, 11, Bury St Edmonds

opening quoteHe's gonna give up fame and fortune to go work in an old folks home closing quote
Elle, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteHe finds out that he didn't kill Lisa - it was a dream and she comes back so he dies with shock. But then in hell he realises it wasn't Lisa it was her long lost twin!! closing quote
Laura, 10, Gravesend

opening quoteI think that Lisa should really not be dead - and just lost a lot of blood and she tracks down Phil and kills him. closing quote
Samantha, 11, Bromley

opening quoteI think Ian will murder him! Well Ian hates him and apparently is gonna be a murderer! closing quote
Sophie, 10, St Albans

opening quoteJoin The Bill like the rest of them. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteI think he should fly away on a broomstick! (Just like Harry Potter) closing quote
Natalie, 15, Essex

opening quoteHe decides that his true feelings are for Dot Cotton and they run off together and they are never seen again closing quote
Lucy, 12, Chesterfield

opening quoteHe should run away with the circus. closing quote
Megan, 10, Glasgow

opening quoteHe finds out Kate (his girlfriend) is an undercover cop and he runs away. But he told her what he did to Lisa so the police are after him. closing quote
Rochelle, 14, London

opening quoteHe should be an opera singer!! He's got the belly!! closing quote
Elly, 14, London

opening quoteHe decides to run the London Marathon but gets lost and turns up a couple of years later closing quote
Anne, 13, London

opening quoteHe gets abducted by aliens closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteHe should be murdered, but who's the murderer? closing quote
Maria, 12, Weshoughton

opening quoteHe becomes one of the team at Newsround Online! closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteOne of them actually does something useful with their tragic, crime-stuffed lives and he goes off to help the Third World or animals! closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI think he should get run over by a milk float delivering milk to Ian Beale closing quote
Em, 14, Horsham

opening quoteHe wins an award for having the baldest and shiniest head in soap and then someone steals his award and then he beats them up and is locked in a prison. closing quote
Lauren, 15, Guildford

opening quoteI think he will become a famous singer and go on a year-long tour around the world to promote his single I Got Shot Down. The supporting acts on his worldwide tour will include Beppe with his hit single I Whisper. closing quote
Sonia, 15, Leicester

opening quoteHe should be an opera singer!! He's got the belly!! closing quote
Elly, 14, London

opening quoteHe has an affair with Sharon, who's having a baby that belongs to Alfie, who's in love with Kat, who secretly fancies Jim, who's going out with Peggy, who suddenly realises that EastEnders is getting 2 complicated and tells Phil: Gerrout of mah pub! Go on, Gerrout of it! Sling yer 'ook and don come back....I don't care if you're "faaaaaaaamily" just gerrout of my pub! closing quote
Izzie, 13, Tunbridge Wells

opening quoteHe weds the undercover cop, and moves to Scotland with her. closing quote
Lyra, 12, Belfast

opening quoteHe feels frustrated with everyone and everything and moves to America for a long and sunny holiday. closing quote
Lily-Mae, 15, St Austell

opening quoteI hope he gets into a really foul mood and drives off somewhere and the car is blown up. So everyone thinks that he is dead, but then in a few years he'll come back with a cool story. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI don't really care how he leaves, as long as he's gone. He looks like a giant tomato and it's about time he left. He probably goes to jail for killing Lisa or something... closing quote
Lauren, 14, Devon

opening quoteAfter being spotted by a scout, he leaves the Queen Vic to become an international swimwear model! closing quote
Conner, 16, Hailsham

opening quoteI think that because his new girlfriend is an undercover spy for the police, (she's trying 2 find out what he did with Lisa) he'll tell her what he did with Lisa and then she'll tell the police and so they take him 2 jail. closing quote
Farah, 13, London

opening quoteHe finds out that Kate is a cop! And moves with family in South Africa. closing quote
Con, 9, Colchester

opening quoteHe tries out for the next version of Popstars, beats everyone by miles and starts a dazzling pop career, becoming the pin-up on thousands of girls' walls! closing quote
Vikki, 15, Eastbourne

opening quoteNice and traditional, in the back of an East End black cab closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteHe is found guilty of murdering Lisa but he escapes from prison and goes into exile! closing quote
Juliet, 12, Belfast

opening quoteI actually know how he's going to leave, but it would be unfair to tell. So I will say that an evil flying pig will collapse on him! closing quote
Orla, 9, London

opening quoteHe decides to give it all up and become a monk. closing quote
Roger, 14, Taunton

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