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  Are you sick of made for TV pop stars?
Updated 24 February 2003, 14.53

Made for TV popstars like Hear'Say were huge when they first appeared on the scene.

Viewers loved watching how a person could go from being an ordinary nobody to an extraordinary somebody!

But has the novelty worn off? Are you sick of reality TV pop shows? Or are you on the edge of your sofa waiting for Pop Idol 2 to hit your screen?

opening quoteI think the T.V shows are entertaining to begin with, but once they get to the finals it's really boring - all that happens is the judges tell people that they are rubbish/fantastic and that's it. The bands are just one-hit-wonders. Most of them just can't sing, and the ones that don't get into the band are always the only ones that can! Also, it puts down all the people who lose and that is really mean. closing quote
Kate, 12 Winbourne

opening quoteIt was cool at the beginning. It was a good chance for people to get famous. Now they're overdoing it! Cheeky Girls? Girls Aloud? Oh please! closing quote
Linzi, 13

opening quoteI think they are pointless because they'll either split up or have a big argument and then split up and some of them have rubbish voices. closing quote
Polly, 10, Burton Latimer

opening quoteSome think I'm really sad but I absolutely love reality TV shows!!!! I've watched them all! I love them and don't find them in the least boring. After watching these shows I have not followed the embarrassingly sad six, or one true voice but I think the Pop Idol finalists particularly will do well in future. However I am not sure about Pop Idol 2. Your going to get all the rejects. I mean anyone with any talent MUST have auditioned by now! closing quote
Lottie, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI don't see the point, because if you tell people that you're manufactured they might get turned off. People like Oasis, Miss Dynamite and Sugababes - not Girls Aloud or OTV. closing quote
Freya, 11, Wales

opening quoteI think that the whole 'star search' idea is a good 1, but only if you do it properly. It shouldn't be shown for TV - these are people's lives that they are messing with. closing quote
Sarah, 12, Derry

opening quoteI think that most TV popstars can't sing and they can't dance either. Gareth used to be a normal boy - look at him now he's a superstar. Not fair at all is it. I wish I was rich. closing quote
Tom, 11 Halifax

opening quoteIt's terrible! Most of the "popstars" never make it into fame (what happened to Utopia in The Next Big Thing?) other popstars had to work for fame, manufactured bands don't. closing quote
James, 12 Durham

opening quoteI think the whole reality TV popstars thing is been taken far to far. I am a great fan of Will Young because he has such a unique voice, Darius is also very good. But I think bands like One True Voice and Girls Aloud and Hear'Say are popular for a while but then bang every thing goes down hill for them! I think if there is another Pop Idol then great stars with great voices such as Will Young will be forgotten and we don't want that, do we? closing quote
Sarah, 14 Edinburgh

opening quoteReality pop tv shows are pointless. All they do is audition loads of people who just went along for the fun of it. The winner only gets to number one because they've had so much initial publicity from the tv show and all the younger people think it's 'cool' to buy a single of the guy they saw on tv who is only doing a cover song. It's unfair on the people who get into the music industry the hard way. They had to work hard for years, know and get beaten by somebody who just had to take one single round of auditions. closing quote
Sarah, 15 Gloucester

opening quoteI think it's brill 'cos really great singers are SOMETIMES recognised via TV, but sometimes the contestants are absolutely AWFUL! closing quote
Laura, 11, Stubbington

opening quoteI think that people like Will, Gareth and Darius were born to be stars and reality TV is just a more entertaining way of discovering them. closing quote
Emma, 13, Ayrshire

opening quoteI think there's a limit to how much you can do with reality tv music shows, and let's face it, it has run it's course! If they want to churn out more shows, then so be it, but don't expect me to be watching it every week and buying the records. It was great at the beginning but now it's just old. closing quote
Megan, 15, Hertfordshire

opening quoteI think that it's so sad that people with so much talent are wasting their time on tv pop shows. Yes it does get them famous but they loose their individuality and that¿s what makes them so special! closing quote
Sarah, 15, Norwich

opening quoteI love manufactured pop, its cool and has a nice vibe to it! I just loved popstars I videoed it and watched it 24/7. closing quote
Robert, 12, Bromley

opening quoteMost of them can't sing and they never write their own songs. I'd like it if they could make a good band on TV. closing quote
Louise, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteI think pop stars like Will Young and Liberty X are great. People must like them if their singles go to no.1. They are young people living their dreams. closing quote
Lydia, 11, Devon

opening quoteI think the fact that people no longer like them is because in England there are too many. When you look at America they don't have much more than American Idol (America's answer to Pop Idol). Personally I love so-called Made-for-TV stars and love the shows whether they're in this country, or over in the US closing quote
Lee, 11, Ellesmere Port

opening quoteLeave it! I like reality TV stars because, if you think, if it's only a voice in an audition room, no backing track or anything, you can tell who has a good voice! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteYes, definitely, the shows are bad and the music's worse. And its taking over the charts so the people who try hard to get up there can't. closing quote
Rhiannon, 12, Essex

opening quoteI'm sick of TV pop stars. They are around for a couple of months and then they just disappear. Give me a rock band any day! closing quote
Sarah, 15, Co. Antrim

opening quoteI like watching the shows for entertainment and it is sometimes quite funny, but I hate Gareth Gates because he doesn¿t write any of his own songs and just does covers. I love Darius and David Sneddon because they are talented in both singing and song writing. I think Fame Academy is much better than popstars. closing quote
Zoe, 14, Southampton

opening quoteNO NO NO NO NO! I¿m Will Young¿s biggest fan! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI think it is a great to have a show that helps people to fulfil their dreams and realise their talents. closing quote
Becky, 12 Cheshire

opening quoteYou're getting sick of it? Well there's more to come - Irish Popstars winners (and its a totally lottery let's face it - look what happened to the 'winners' of our Popstars...)Six are about to be released in the UK...yes that's actually their name...and yes there's actually six of them - original, ey? I'm in Ireland at the moment and they are seen here as being strictly for the under-ten year olds, although they do have a small number of teenage fans as well. For their release in England they are going to be 'sexed up' according to the Irish papers and Louis Walsh their manager because...get this...their current image would be 'embarrassing'. Well you can make up your own minds in a few weeks time! closing quote
Catherine, 14, London

opening quoteI tend to like watching pop shows but I didn't like watching Popstars the Rivals because I thought it was boring. I like Gareth Gates! I think he will be around for a bit. I do think the shows are getting boring! Pop bands can get popular without going on pop shows like Blue and Westlife. closing quote
Claire, 15, Swadlincoate

opening quoteI think that Pop Idol and programmes like that find just as talented people as the record companies do just by listening to tapes they are sent etc. In fact, I think that the singers that have come out of the talent shows are loads better than half the people in the charts. Surely it doesn't matter how people are discovered so long as they have talent. closing quote
Emma, 14, Swansea

opening quoteI think things like Popstars should stop but things like Fame Academy are ok Because there is REAL TALENT rather than wannabes (i really like will though) closing quote
Hannah, 12, New Romney

opening quoteI think they are great but manufactured pop bands are not half as talented as proper bands who write songs themselves and actually KNOW the people they are in a band with! closing quote
Abi, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI don't see why everyone hates them .... auditioning for a pop band isn't 'manufactured' pop .... it's perfectly fine! People audition for movies right? It's just the same! closing quote
Amy, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI hate things like Fame Academy, Pop idols and so on. I don't like Girls Aloud or One True voice. They're plain and boring. But I admit that I do have a Will Young cd, because I think he's a talented singer. closing quote
Caroline, 14

opening quoteI think that the pop stars series have well and truly been done to death. It's ridiculous! It makes children think that this is the way to get famous and its pathetic! closing quote
Ben, 15, Cheltenham

opening quoteNo way. They¿re great. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid!closing quote
Libbi, 12, Buxton

opening quoteAbsolutely! All they do is churn out useless cover versions!closing quote
Isobel, 12, Glasgow

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