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  Your thoughts on the loss of the shuttle
Updated 10 February 2003, 17.04

The space shuttle Columbia has broken up before it could land, killing all members of it's crew.

Nasa lost contact with the shuttle and soon after said there was no chance that it could have made an emergency landing.

Its crew of seven included Israel's first astronaut.

And if you are in Texas and have been affected in any way by this tragic event, you can write a press pack report about how you feel or what you saw and we will publish it on our website.

opening quoteIt's a sad day for us in India. In a country like ours, where heroes are few, we are very sad to have lost one. But the show must go on. Those astronauts will remain as heroes. closing quote
Anil, 15, Banglore

opening quoteI feel really sad about the loss of the crew but we shouldn't forget the hardwork they all put in and Nasa's progress. They will all be remembered in the future when space travel improves because of what has happened. closing quote
Lauren, 15, Southend

opening quoteThe whole of mankind was in mourning over the weekend. I can't believe it happened. I hope this makes the world sit up and notice that people put their lives at risk to explore and further understand the world that God made. closing quote
Mike, 8, Wigan

opening quoteI can only say this was a sad thing that happened and that at least these people got to pursue their dreams of going in Space before they passed away. They are heroes because they risked their lives to find out stuff for America and the world! closing quote
Marina, 14, Illinois

opening quoteThis is a very tragic incident and will undoubtedly be remembered by all. I think we should have a national holiday to symbolise their braveness. Rest in Peace and god bless.( if u believe in god) closing quote
Poorna, 14, London

opening quoteI think that so many lives have been lost that we should give it a break for a while. We've got all the main information we need for the moment, now the Americans are just doing it to prove a point. The people who have died lived there dream, but had to die for it, we need to be sure that other people don't die to live their dreams. Rest In Peace. closing quote
Natalie, 13, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI really hope they were happy when they were in space, the last few minutes of their lives must have been absolutely terrifying. Rest in peace guys, your all heroes. closing quote
Jenni, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI don't think that the astronauts died in vain. They were very brave and courageous people, and will be sorely missed. closing quote
Samantha, 14, Bolingbrook

opening quoteIt just tells u anything could happen, I mean they were just about to land. They will always be remembered as heroes. closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteIt's really sad, they were all very brave and intelligent people. The families must be devastated. closing quote
Em, 12, Colchester

opening quoteThe shuttle breaking up into pieces in the sky like that looked very frightening. When my nan heard the news that the shuttle was lost in space, she was hoping it wouldn't fall like that. But the astronauts who went up will always be remembered 4 their bravery. closing quote
Roxy, 12, Southend-on-Sea

opening quoteEvery astronaut is risking their life in space - let's hope and pray they can find out what went wrong. closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Ivybridge

opening quoteIt's a shame that the astronauts did die in such a horrific incident but what also counts is what will happen to space travel in the future. closing quote
Kaan, 14, London

opening quoteI think that every1 will remember what happened and that every1 feels sorry for the 7 families that have lost loved ones. But I don't think it will stop people going into space in the future. closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Swindon

opening quoteIt was very tragic, I feel sorry for their families. They were soooo close to landing. closing quote
Chloe, 11, Brighton

opening quoteI think that everybody will remember those astronauts, and that they were very brave people. closing quote
Rachel, 11, Los Angeles

opening quoteAt this moment there is nothing much to say except for the fact that it was a horrific disaster and my heart goes out to all the 7 families of the dearly departed. closing quote
Ramanathan, 17, Trivandrum, India

opening quoteThey died heroes. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteIt didn't really sink in until I saw the faces of the astronauts this morning. It must have been absolutely terrifying. It is a horrible incident, especially for their families. closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quotePerhaps there is nothing much that Nasa can do except remember the astronauts who died. closing quote
Lisa, 11, London

opening quoteI feel very sorry for the people and the families of the astronauts. This is a sad day. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Essex

opening quoteMy father was good friends with the commander of the shuttle and is very upset at what has happened so tragically. closing quote
Chloe, 12, Hayward¿s Heath

opening quoteI think that it was shocking news, as well as another shuttle blew up 17 years ago. I feel sorry for Israel as they lost their very first astronaut. closing quote
Alan, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteIt is awful news, and the crew will be remembered as heroes and heroines. But this sadly isn't the first accident like this, and almost certainly won't be the last. closing quote
Orla, 9, London

opening quoteI feel so sorry for all those families and I hope that this will make people realise just how important and special astronauts are! They were incredible people who were trying to help everyone in the world know more about space and scientific things outside mother earth! closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteThere was a big bang around 9.00am (2.00pm your time) I guess that was the shuttle. They will always be remembered. closing quote
Louisa, 12, Texas

opening quoteIt's a tragedy, our prayers are with the families of those who were lost. closing quote
Amy, 12, Pontypridd

opening quoteIt was shocking news! I just woke up and saw on the news what happen! All I can hope is that all these astronauts will rest in peace. closing quote
Nick, 10, Arlington

opening quoteThis is a terrible incident and the astronauts will be remembered with braveness no one can match. closing quote
Chloe, 12, Hayward's Heath

opening quoteIt's tragic for the loss of the heroic astronauts that died when the shuttle separated. All I can say is rest in peace. closing quote
Dafydd, 10, Telford

opening quoteIt is sad, but they can only be remembered as heroes, and as proud Americans. closing quote
Brigid, 14, Chicago

opening quoteIt's so sad, I'm sure everyone¿s' thoughts go out to the families. Especially when the space shuttle was so close to landing. closing quote
Kate, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteIt's tragic. They were so close to home but so far... Let them rest in peace and let them be remembered for the work that they have done. They are heroes in their own right. Peace and hope be with them. closing quote
Viki, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI never thought that I would live to see a space shuttle explode. May the crew rest in peace. closing quote
Thomas, 13, Canada

opening quoteWhen I read about it on Newsround, I went down and told my mom and called my cousins. We turned on the news and watched it all morning. It's really sad that this happened, and I feel so sorry for all of the astronauts' families. closing quote
Lara, 15, USA

opening quoteHow sad but unusual. It's weird that it disappeared exactly one hour before it was due to land. REST IN PEACE. closing quote
Jamie, 12, Southampton

opening quoteI think it is really sad because of those who died. They were great heroes and we will remember them every day. closing quote
Amy, 10, Hanley

opening quoteIt is devastating and I give my hope to friends and family of the astronauts. closing quote
Adam, 9, Brighouse

opening quoteWhy are we still going up in space? I feel bad for the families of the astronauts. These people were rather young and still had much of a life left. God bless those astronauts. closing quote
Steph, 14, NY

opening quoteI hope the families are looked after by god during this difficult time and their love ones that died will be remembered forever. closing quote
Rebecca, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteIt's just sad to think that seven wonderful people - five of whom were married and I think six who had kids - are gone. It's sad anytime that something like this happens, but they will be remembered. I just hope that their families are OK. closing quote
Amethyst, 13, USA

opening quoteI saw Columbia take off! It was wonderful. But I am very very sad to hear that it has broken apart. I feel sympathy for not only USA but for Israel. closing quote
Liz, 13, Fl, USA

opening quoteI can't say much apart from rest in peace. It's so sad that they died after such a great adventure. They were just on their way home. closing quote
Zarita, 13, Spain

opening quoteThis is so sad! Nothing has happened like this since the Challenger! closing quote
Hollie, 12, Tennessee, USA

opening quoteI feel very sorry for all of the families of the astronauts. I have a video of inside the shuttle before it crashed, it is so sad because they were all laughing and smiling. closing quote
Hatti, 10, Derby

opening quoteThere'll be seven more names on the large memorial board in Nasa. I've been there, it's a tearful thing to see, and I can't even begin to imagine how the families and friends of the heroes on that shuttle felt as they stood and watched what was meant to be the return of loved ones but turned into absolute disaster. closing quote
Jo, 15, Leeds

opening quoteI can't believe the crash happened, and I'm really shocked. The astronauts will always be remembered. closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteI feel utterly shocked. It is a terrible thing to happen, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the crew's family and friends. I will probably never forget this day. closing quote
Garret, 14, Texas

opening quoteThere's not much we can do, except remember the astronauts. closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI feel devastated that this happened to the shuttle because none of us can dream what their families must be feeling. My heart and prayers go out to them. closing quote
Jade, 14, Altrincham

opening quoteIt is a very scary thing but not much can unfortunately be done. My thoughts go out to all of the families of the astronauts. closing quote
Carolyn, Belgium

opening quoteWe will all remember the shuttle, the astronauts, and the families of those who died. No one will forget. closing quote
Megan, 8, Chesapeake Beach

opening quoteThe incident is very tragic and I feel VERY sorry for all of those families out there who were looking forward to their relatives coming home. closing quote
Elycia, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteThis is very tragic for our country, and very eerie, a few days after the 17th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.closing quote
Jaye, 11, Greenfield USA

opening quoteIt is awful - my heart goes out to the families.closing quote
Elly, 14, London

opening quoteIt is very sad, and hopefully this will never happen again. It is especially sad because there was someone on the shuttle who was going into space for the first time.closing quote
Michael, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteThe crash was terrible and now there's not much to do until we find out what went wrong.closing quote
Jaimin, 13, Essex

opening quoteThere's not much you can say, except that the astronauts will all be remembered as heroes.closing quote
Jade, 13, Chichester

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