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  What do you think of Tatu?
Updated 24 February 2003, 14.52

Pop duo Tatu have shot into the charts at number one.

But their video, which shows the two girls wearing school uniforms and kissing each other in the rain, has come under fire.

Afternoon chat show hosts Richard and Judy have called for it to be banned because they think it sends out a bad image.

But what do you think? Are Tatu one step too far, or is it all just a bit of fun?

What do you think of all the fuss made about it?

opening quoteI think their video is fine and I don't see what the big deal is. Nobody cares when they see a guy and a girl kissing, so why should it be any different with two girls? People who are saying it's disgusting are obviously very small-minded people. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Leicester

opening quoteTheir video is a little bizzare. But you don't look at music, you listen to it. closing quote
Jenna, 13, Irvine

opening quote

opening quoteI like Tatu a lot, and I can't really see why their video is banned. You see boys and girls kissing all the time...look at almost every teen movie. What difference does it make if they are girls? Two girls cant kiss? Their video shows people staring at them and they are behind a fence: trapped in a world where people have prejuduce against them because they are girls and are "not allowed to kiss". That's a load of rubbish, really. Britney is tearing off her clothes on national telivision wearing nothing but a bra and underwear. This is two girls kissing. Britney is a lot worse, and this isn't even bad. This is prejuduce, that's what. closing quote
Rela, 14, Surrey

opening quote Tatu is a funny band. They say one thing but represent another thing. I am pretty sure it's just a giant gimmick to sell records but hey, whatever works right? In spite of all I have heard about them I personally like them. The music is awesome and the video is too. In addition, a bit of "controversy" by someone other then Mr. Shady is entertaining. I have to say keep on playing it.closing quote
Christina, 15, Lakewood

opening quoteLet them be lesbians - they are still human! Their music is good so leave them alone! closing quote
Jenifer, 11, Hartlepool

opening quoteThis is so stupid!!! Look at Holly Valance's videos - they're way worse! closing quote
Rowan, 14

opening quoteI'm not for the video and I'm also not against it. I personally don't mind the vid but I think that younger children will get the wrong message from it. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Newcastle-under-Lyme

opening quoteI can't believe all the fuss that is being made on this great song!! So what if they kiss, big deal. I never thought anything of it when I first saw their video. All I thought was 'finally a good, memorable song.' closing quote
Kat, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteIt's a matter of opinion, I personally do not mind but I can see why others do. closing quote
Tali, 15, Ryde

opening quoteI think their singing is good but their video for All The Things She Said is terrible. I agree that it should be banned. But they are very good singers, I have 2 say. closing quote
Vikki, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteThere's absolutely nothing wrong with T.A.T.U's video. I don't think it's the video that counts, it's really the song that the public want to buy. I think that people who don't like their video should keep their opinions to themselves! closing quote
Charli, 14, Hundon

opening quoteI think Tatu's song is really good so well done to them. But I think that if their video was enough to get banned then why wasn't Christina Aguilera's? Her video was disgusting! closing quote
Lauren, 14, Leicester

opening quoteTheir video is awful but their song is alright. I think they should ban it because little kids might think of it in a different way. BAN IT. closing quote
Laura, 14, Derby

opening quoteI really didn't like the song, but the video is actually a cross between Britney and Christina! Britney's schoolgirl outfit and Christina's kissing. I think it's a bit wrong with the schoolgirl bit but the kissing is ok by me closing quote
Laura, 14, Fleet

opening quoteI love Tatu's song but their video is a bit extreme. I wouldn't have it banned entirely but maybe don't show it on kids TV shows! Their song is cool though and that's all that really counts closing quote
Anna, 12, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI think T.A.T.U's video is a good thing. It is showing children that it isn't wrong to be gay and to respect other people. If that is bad then I feel sorry for the next generation. closing quote
Amy, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteTwo girls kissing. So what? There are worse videos than that, but are they getting banned? No. We should concentrate on the song. closing quote
Natalie, 14, Lincoln

opening quoteI love the song and I personally don't care what the video's like. It's up to them what they do in the videos - they make them and if the people don't like the video then it's their problem closing quote
Millie, 13, Southampton

opening quoteIt's a great song and it seems extremely stupid to make such big deal over a video. closing quote
Helen, 14, Bedford

opening quoteI don't think there's anything wrong. It's probably just some stupid act to get attention, but if they really are lesbians then we just have to respect it. Will Young is gay and lots of people still buy his records! closing quote
Matt, 10 London

opening quotePersonally I don't think Tatu's video is a bad thing. Is it any worse than Marilyn Manson or Eminem? And besides T.A.T.U wanted it to cause outrage so their records would sell well. closing quote
Gillian, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteThey have a good song. That's all that matters. I think we should be concentrating on more important issues such as the possible war with Iraq. Does it matter if they kiss in their video. No. There are more important things to worry about! closing quote
Zarita, 13, Spain

opening quote I hate Tatu, their video is awful and their song is rubbish!closing quote
Sarah, 15, London

opening quoteIf it were a 17 and 18 year old boy and girl no one would care and I can't believe prejudice like this exists. It's just as bad as racism. closing quote
Dave, 16, London

opening quoteI am not offended by it. In fact, I am more offended by the homophobics having a go at it. There's nothing wrong with it. closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI think their video isn't any worse than Britney's first one, and that never got banned.closing quote
Chris, 14, Stoke

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index. closing quote

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