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  Do soaps go too far?
Updated 10 February 2003, 17.03

Most of you love your soaps!

But EastEnders has been told off for showing a violent scene where Phil Mitchell beat up his nephew Jamie.

Do you think that sometimes soaps can go too far?

Is there too much murder, mayhem, sex and scandal for what is basically a bit of entertainment?

Or perhaps you think that soaps are there to show every side of life - no matter how nasty?

opening quoteSoaps are just a bit of fun! Sometimes however soaps have a message. Little Mo being raped by Trevour actually helped other rape victims talk about their experiences. Soaps can do good!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think that if people don't want to see things that are happening in the world, like muggings, other people beating people up then don't watch soaps!closing quote
Laura, 14, North Yorkshire

opening quoteIf people want to watch boring, dull soaps then that's their problem and I'm not bothered. But my advice is: watch Match of the Day and Goals on Sunday when SUFC are on and you'll see REALLY good TV!closing quote
Rosie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI think soaps should be banned because they give out the wrong message - especially EastEnders.closing quote
Kate, 11, Rochdale

opening quoteExtreme violence is usually carried out only by characters portrayed as villians, such as Phil Mitchell or Richard Hillman. As long as the concepts of remorse and bad moral code are put across, there shouldn't be a problem.closing quote
Steve, 15, Warrington

opening quoteSoaps show you what some people's lives are like daily. The shows are very realistic to life in some ways but sometimes they do go overboard!closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI watch Coronation Street and there is some (but not very much) violence in it, but most of the time you laugh your insides out so it's a case of life nor death.closing quote
Victoria, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't think there is anything wrong with it, people want to see cliffhangers and besides, it's only a drama! They should look more at stuff like Grange Hill because that sometimes gives kids ideas, and more kids watch Grange Hill then Eastenders!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteSome things they should leave until later if they want to show it. I think its OK to do a few violent scenes but what was on EastEnders was tooo bad!closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedfordshire

opening quoteI think that if the soaps were all very tame with no violence, nobody would watch them. EastEnders has been voted one of the best soaps for its gripping storylines and at the end of the day most people enjoy it. I think it should carry an age warning like films do though.closing quote
Lizzie, 12, Greater Manchester

opening quoteIs real life really like in the soaps? Sometimes they should be careful about what they show but we see more violence on the news and in other places anyway. Kids watch soaps all the time and as long as they know violence and stuff is bad then what's the prob?closing quote
Maddy, 13, Poole

opening quoteSoaps like EastEnders are just depressing - I don't see the appeal.closing quote
Nicky, 14, Essex

opening quoteLots of people watch soaps and sometimes they do go a little far. But then there are the other ones that just make you laugh your head off, so you just have to be careful which ones you see.closing quote
Dana, 12, USA

opening quoteYoung kids watch soaps all the time, so they should be more careful about what they show.closing quote
Mike, 13, Manchester

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