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  Do celebs have a right to moan?
Updated 10 February 2003, 17.00

Famous people can often be heard moaning about what a bad deal they get.

They DO have to put up with rumours, gossip and dodgy pix of them being put in the papers.

But do they deserve it? Should they accept that you get bad stuff as well as the good bits when you're famous?

If you were a star, what would you think of all the gossip about you?

opening quoteI feel that celebs ought to have the right to grumble too! I mean they are also human and most of them would rather have an ordinary life.closing quote
Lynette, 14, Singapore

opening quoteIt depends what they moan about. If they moan about money then no. But if they moan about the amount of privacy they get from the press then yes.closing quote
Sarah, 12

opening quoteI think they should act like adults instead of children, they all wanted to be famous and knew what they were getting in on because otherwise when someone asked them "do you want to release a single?" they would have said "No, not really because I don't want the tabloids searching through my bins." The paparazzi could lay off them a bit but they wanted the fame and so they have to take the heartaches and rumours that come with it.closing quote
Matt, 14, Derby

opening quoteI think celebs should be happy for who they are but it's their life and they can do what they want with it!!!!closing quote
Vikki, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteSome do but why can't they all be like Zoe Birkett who is always smiling and laughing. There's never a time where she's not got a smile on her face! closing quote
Hayley, 15, St Helens

opening quoteI think celebs have the right 2 moan coz they're humans just the same as every1 else. But I think they should be careful about how far they go with their moaning, coz they can go 2 far sometimes. closing quote
Emma, Geneva

opening quoteI think that they do, I mean Dan, Emma, and Rupert didn't know what they were getting into I don't think. They just wanted to act and a lot of attention came to them from that, they didn't ask for it. Every time my mom sees the celebrity charts on here she sees where Dan is and goes 'that poor, poor boy!' closing quote
Amethyst, 13, USA

opening quoteSome celebs think they are so perfect and think if they moan and groan people will help them out. But really, they have a right if there are rumours that aren't true, but money issues and stuff, they should deal because the money shouldn't matter if you are a celeb at something you love. Heck, when I become a famous actress, I won't care how much I get paid or any of that, I will just enjoy acting. closing quote
Patricia, 13

opening quoteCelebrities are exactly like you and I - the only reason people see them differently is because of the media. As long as famous people don't moan about something too obnoxiously, I see no reason why they shouldn't. After all, the only reason why they moan is because you, the willing public, agrees to pay attention by listening! closing quote
Anne, USA

opening quoteIt's hard being a celeb! They don't have the right to complain about not getting stuff because they have so much than other people but they do have the right to complain about gossip and invasion of privacy. closing quote
Kieran, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteOf course they got the right to moan! That is what everyone does, isn't it? closing quote
Sonia, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteYes n no as everyone moans. But on the other hand they ave everything they want and they should just be grateful they r famous cause they ave a chance we don┐t so they should make da most of it. I luv ya eminem! closing quote
Vicky, 13, Stevenage

opening quoteDon't be so hard on the celebs - it must be difficult to be STINKING RICH, have a GREAT BIG MANSION, a BRILLIANT CAR and loads of other luxuries. They have it HARD. closing quote
Kim, 13, Reading

opening quoteDepends on what they're moaning about! closing quote
Charles, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteOf course they have a right to moan. What makes them different to us? closing quote
Alice, 13, Hullbridge

opening quoteBeing famous is part of the job and rumours shouldn't be spread. If u b came famous 4 being a policeman u wouldn't want rumours spread cuz of it. closing quote
Katie, 14, Harrogate

opening quoteBeing a celebrity can be very hard, especially if you are a young celebrity, but you can deal with it, and it really depends on what they are complaining about to whether they have a right or not. closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Suffolk

opening quoteCelebs should know right from the start that there will be rumours and gossip, so they should know what they are getting themselves into! I don't think they should be moaning because they have got the fame and should be proud to get that far!! closing quote
Lana, 15, Wales

opening quoteIt's really hard to feel bad for famous people. When someone has a huge house, three cars, and tons of money to spend, is their life really that bad? I know money can't buy happiness, but they have friends, and friends can make you happy. Why can't they just moan to their friends about how their life is "so hard". I'm sure they can afford a therapist too. closing quote
Anne, 15, USA

opening quoteCelebs definitely don't have a right to moan. They have absolutely no idea how lucky they are to have fancy cars and publicity. I bet if celebs counted there blessings more often then they would get better publicity and maybe give us all peace. closing quote
Katy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteCelebs know what they're gonna get so they should think carefully about whether they can handle it correctly before making themselves famous although it's probably rewarding to have everyone knowing your name when you don't know theirs. closing quote
Sian, 11, Goole

opening quoteThey just the same as us, they have a right to moan. closing quote
Luke, 13, Ashford

opening quoteWell, they wanted to be famous. And now they are. They have to deal with it because the business is like that. If they know that they can't handle it the shouldn't put them self out there for everybody to see. But, they have the right to their personal lives. When the camera is off... it's is off! closing quote
Emma, 16, Umeň

opening quoteOf course they have a right to moan. They are just human beings and their life might not be as good as every one makes out. closing quote
Chloe, 12, Haywards Heath

opening quoteEveryone moans - so why shouldn't celebs! closing quote
Isabelle, 12, London

opening quoteI'm fed up of celebrity strops. For example, I heard that J-Lo ordered her changing rooms to be painted white How stupid is that? "Everyone is made equal," says the Bible. closing quote
Loretta, 15

opening quoteWell I think they're just a big moany pants because if I was a TV star I would sooooo not moan. closing quote
Aimee McIntosh, 9, Nairn

opening quoteSome celebs are level-headed, but loads others are wild and deserve it. They should think before they act. closing quote
Kylee, 14, London

opening quoteI think its only fair for stars to be rumoured about. They get to be in films they want to be in but we don't. And they are really famous. closing quote
Helen, 11, Newport (Isle of Wight)

opening quoteCelebs deserve to be treated the as same everyone else because, after all they're only human. And they do us a favour because we enjoy what they do. closing quote
Jess, 12, Notts

opening quoteI don't think they deserve it, but some stars are a bit selfish sometimes. closing quote
Lana, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI don't think they deserve it, but some stars are a bit selfish sometimes. closing quote
Lana, 14, Scotland

opening quoteCelebrities know what they will have to deal with before they become celebs so they have no right to moan. closing quote
Emily, 12

opening quoteI think celebs should be happy with what they have. They get a load of money for nothing and if I had that much money I would be over the moon and I would never moan till the end of time. closing quote
Laura, 12, Stretford

opening quoteNo I don't think they deserve it, but they should have thought about this before coming famous! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteNo I don't think they deserve it, but they should have thought about this before coming famous! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteStars shouldn't moan, their deals are better than no fame at all, but Gareth can moan if he wants to!! closing quote
Laura, 10, Glasgow

opening quoteSo many people want to be famous - they just think it's all fame and fortune and they don't think about the downsides. So I think they deserve what they get. closing quote
Uzma Rana, 13, Burnley

opening quoteAll celebs know that gossip and rumour comes with being famous. If they don't like it they should back out. And what are they worried for? Half of the stuff the newspapers print is rubbish so why should they listen to it? closing quote
Leah, 15, Newark

opening quoteCelebs deserve what they get, They know what it's like when they choose to be famous. closing quote
Mollie, 13, Exeter

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