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  Is Bollywood here to stay?
Updated 10 February 2003, 16.59
Scene from a Bollywood film
We want your views on Bollywood - the Indian film industry put under the spotlight by Newsround Extra.

Is Bollywood better than Hollywood? Are the bright clothes and big songs wonderful - or just complete rubbish?

And did you like the Newsround Extra?

opening quoteI think Bollywood is really cool. I'd love it to be a big thing in the future. I wish I could learn some of the Bollywood dances they look realyy good.closing quote
Gemma, 3, Southend on Sea

opening quoteI'm a huge Bollywood fan and I hope it does stay in Britain forever. It is about time that Bollywood got its recognition in the Western world. However it does annoy me when they copy Hollywood films, but it's always a bit more fun and interesting.closing quote
Anju, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteI really love Bollywood movies and think that it is here to say. The thing I really like about Bollywood is the jewellery and dance routines, they're really ease to copy and perform. closing quote
Amanda, 13, Bury St Edmonds

opening quoteI think Bolloywood is great with great music and the dance choreography is great. I enjoy romantic films and the songs are quite entertaining.closing quote
Shabana, 15, Huddersfield

opening quoteI absolutely love Bollywood, it churns out more movies than Hollywood in a year and provides a link for Asians living away from India. The best thing about bollywood films are that they take you away from reality for a split moment, (which is what movies are meant to do), therefore definitely lives up to its expectation. Sheer entertainment!!!closing quote
Afshan, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI think it looks really cool and will be very big!closing quote
Katherine, 14, Southport

opening quoteI think Bollywood is great! It's part of my blood, I mean who would miss out on these heart throbs! In my spare time I do some poetry or sticking some pictures in my Bollywood book (it's all about Bollywood). I think Bollywood clothes are fab and the songs are just a fab, what more can I say? Of couse it's here to stay!closing quote
Kareena, 14, Sheffield

opening quoteI think Bollywood is getting bigger and better as the years go on. I love the clothes and the storylines are tense and are always brilliant. Big up to Bollywood and bangra and Newsround!!!!closing quote
Harvinda, 14, Birmigham

opening quoteBollywood is wicked. I've grown up watching Indian films and listening to music. It's definitely here to stay. I love the outfits and the dances. It's fab!closing quote
Kelly, 13, Harrow

opening quoteI've grown up with many people who like Bollywood. But to be brutally honest, Bollywood is quite sad and predictable. I've only seen a couple of Bollywood films that are worthy of a merit and those are : Devdas (classic) and Lagaan (despite being so serious, it is hilarious). What really bugs me is that every second minute there's a new song being sung from boy to girl or vice versa. New storylines really should be put up and they shouldn't rip off any of Hollywood's ideas. closing quote
Debjani, 15, Aberdeen

opening quoteBollywood is getting bigger by the minute. I absolutely love the films and especially their costumes, songs and dancesclosing quote
Mira, 13, Barnet

opening quoteI think Bollywood is the coolest! I never used to like it before but I've really got into it and I'm sure it is here to stay! closing quote
Katrina, 14, London

opening quoteI love the culture, and I think they're here to stay, well I hope they are anyway. closing quote
Helen, 13

opening quoteI love the dances that they do. I have made my own Bollwood dance up!closing quote
Chloe, 10, Leeds

opening quoteBollywood has always been good! Where have you people been?closing quote
Bhav, 14, Bromley

opening quoteI never really knew about Bollywood before Newsround did a program on it. It looks really good and I am going to go and see a Bollywood film.closing quote
Natasha, 13, Cheltenham

opening quoteI think that every Bollywood film has almost the same storyline. It's a bit boring, really!closing quote
Rebekah, 13, Hull

opening quoteBollywood is lame. I don't understand why someone would want to sit for three odd hours watching an inferior rip off of a Hollywood film. If you've watched one Bollywood film you've watched them all. They all have just one storyline. To the people who say Bollywood is better than Hollywood.. yeah right! closing quote
Bik, 15, London

opening quoteBollywood films always put me in a good mood, they take you to a dream world where the princess always finds her prince, and good always triumph over evil. It's a nice change from the real world.closing quote
Puja, 16, Grimsby

opening quoteThe clothes and jewellry are just sooo coolclosing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteI'm going to India at Easter to see my family. When I go I can't wait to see all the films and listen to all the music. I'm a massive fan of Bollywood, the clothes, jewellery, music, songs, actors - all of it. Bollywood rocks! Me and my family love it, we are constanly listening to Bhangra. Becky looked great in a sari!closing quote
Leela, 11, Exeter

opening quoteI'm a synchronised swimmer, and I had a Bollywood duet last year. There were loads of great hand movements that we used from the films, and I think that it is definitely here to stay.closing quote
Erica, 15, Ashford

opening quoteI think that Bollywood is a great inspiration, for any yong actors, or any body who likes dancing and jewlery, but it isn't just for girls.closing quote
Vicky, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteI think Bollywood films are terrible! not my sort of thing at all!closing quote
Louise, 16, Essex

opening quoteAlthough some Bollywood films are a bit rubbish there are some that are excellent - Lagan, Devda, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Mohabbatein. My favorite actor is Shahrukh Khan and my favorite actresses are Kajol and Rani Mukherjeeclosing quote
Mitwa, 15, Manchester

opening quoteAll musicals are bad films- whethere they're from hollywood or bollywood. leave the singing to the musicians!closing quote
Paulo, 13, Dundee

opening quoteI love Bollywood! The music and clothes are so fab - of course it's here to stayclosing quote
Sophie, 12, Stevenage

opening quoteI don't know if it will get bigger, but it will be something new for everyone, and although I dont know much about it it does look quite interesting and pretty!closing quote
Rach, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI think that Bollywood films are wicked and they're the best. The jewellry is very pretty especially on Kareena Kapoor. My favourite actor is Kajol. She can do almost any role and does it very well. Kareena is also a very good actor. My favourite film is "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" - it was a very big hit.closing quote
Meera, 10, Coventry

opening quoteBollywood is definitely here to stay. Bollywood movies are way better than Hollywood's, the actresses are much prettier and the clothes and jewellery are better than any worn by Hollywood actresses. I'm proud to be indian. Watch out England coz Bollywood aint goin' anywhere.closing quote
Narinder, 15, Leeds

opening quoteI am Indian and love watching indian films, and think they are going to be big in English culture.closing quote
Pam, 11, Bedworth

opening quoteOf course Bollywood is here to stay! Where do you think it's going to go?closing quote
Jags, 12, London

opening quoteI don't know much about Bollywood but the clothes and jewellry look really pretty. I think that Bollywood will teach us more about what they eat and more about their culture!closing quote
Alice, 13, Hullbridge

opening quoteI think Kareena Kapoor's films are coolclosing quote
Nazma, 16, Leeds

opening quoteYes Bollywood is great. I love movies like Ghulam and Lagaan. The music is beautiful and the clothes are lovely.I am going to see Bombay Dreams in June. Bollywood is here to stay and there should be more Bollywood on British TV!closing quote
Carla, 12, Newton Abbot

opening quoteI do think that Bollywood films are here to stay but in my opinion, I prefer to watch Hollywood films. Even though I have an Indian background I just find the Bollywood films unrealistic.closing quote
Ajay, 16, London

opening quoteI love Bollywood so much. I like watching Shahrukh Khan's movies.closing quote
Faiza, 15, Surrey

opening quoteBollywood movies are getting better and better, and no one can argue with that. You can always relate an Indian movie to stages of your life, they can reach an individual on many different levels. I'm proud to say the films are a part of me and my nationality.closing quote
Pav, 16, Bexley

opening quoteI think bollywood films are romatic, exciting and interesting but they aren't as good as Hollywood blockbusters.closing quote
Myleen, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteI think Bollywood is most definitely here to stay. They have great songs and lovely outfits. This doesn't mean I don't like American films, I just think Bollywood films are better. But in the country we live in, only a few cinemas show them.closing quote
Mimi, 12, London

opening quoteI love all the beautiful jewellery and fab clothes And the stories are always fun.closing quote
Cynthia, 14, Montclair, USA

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