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  What do you think of African children's lives?
Updated 10 February 2003, 17.02

We're showing you loads of different sides to life for kids in Africa. From nomad kids in the Sahara desert to a South African pop star.

How do you think you would cope living in Africa?

What would you miss the most? What would you enjoy best?

How do you feel about the way some kids have to live their lives?

Have there been any big surprises for you?

opening quoteWhen I was younger I actually used to live in Ghana. I lived in a small village called Obuasi. I moved when I was six. I lived there because my dad worked on a mine. When I was there I felt really bad. We had plenty of food and water and some people in my village didn't even have any of what I did. I think its horrible the way they have to live in poverty!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancaster

opening quoteI think people should concentrate more on the homeless in Africa because at the moment it seems that the country is concentrating more on the wildlife, building parks for them. I wish we could help everyone not just a small percentage.closing quote
Cornelia, 13, Norfolk

opening quoteI was surprised to see so many orphaned children living in Africa. It must be very had looking after a family in those conditions. It also surprised me that so many people get HIV and AIDS. I find it very distressing.closing quote
Helen, 13, Worcester

opening quoteIt just shows how lucky we are!closing quote
Dalinder, 10, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI think England is so lucky compared to the Africans. We waste too much, and we are all too spoilt. They hardly have anything whilst we take things for granted, like clean water, that many of them can only dream of, my heart goes out to them all.closing quote
Sarah, 16, Burrowbridge

opening quoteI think the reason Africa is the way it is because countries like ours in the west. They refuse to forget the debts that the third world owe if they did this we would all be equal.closing quote
Natalie, 14, Wirral

opening quoteI think we are very lucky compared to Africans. We take most things for granted.closing quote
Tom & Craig, 10, Stretford

opening quoteI think Africa is really cool but it's a shame that they have all those problems. I think I could cope out there though because my family comes from a different country as well.closing quote
Sanjay, 13, Falkirk

opening quotePeople don't realise how lucky we are! closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteA few times I felt so sick just thinking about these really poor children. It made me realise we shouldn't take things for granted. I also think the Blue Peter Waterworks Appeal was good - if we had more of that type of thing we would be able to help children more!!! closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Belgium

opening quoteI think we don't realise how lucky we are to have fresh clean water and plenty of food. closing quote
Alice, 13, Hullbridge

opening quoteI feel really sorry for those children in Africa having to live like that. I just wish there was more we could do than just raise money because NOT all villages will be getting water. closing quote
Rachel, 12, Darlington

opening quoteWhen I see the pics on the telly I feel like standing up and shouting. Why do people have to live like that in Africa!? It's so bad! I want to go to Africa and see what can be done but as I'm only 14 I can't do much. I think that all the countries like England and America should stop thinking about going to war and say let's help the people in Africa. closing quote
Vicky, 14, Barnstaple

opening quoteWhenever I think of starving children in Africa I feel a bit ashamed of myself. Now whenever there┐s a chance to help them I will! closing quote
Brenna, 11, Tring

opening quoteI didn't realise that it was as hard in Africa as it was. It makes me realise how lucky we actually are to have such easy lives, and if everyone was aware of all of these problems, and helped, it would make a huge difference. closing quote
Leah, 15, Sussex

opening quoteI think Africa is the most beautiful continent in the world and it's a shame to see people there suffering. It's not all negative though, because those children can follow their dreams and aim high - maybe they will get lucky. My cousins live in Cape Town, South Africa and I have been there once. It was amazing and I would like to see what it's really like in the Northern countries too. Everything is so different in Africa, and although some people are suffering, I think the continent is completely overwhelming, the land and culture is something you don't get anywhere else. closing quote
Taya, 13, London

opening quoteI think what you are saying is true but at the end of the day there is lots of exaggeration. People always think Africa is the worse place to live but it is not. There are lots of nice places in Africa just like this country, but this country is more improved. There are bad places in this country as well as Africa. closing quote
Sheila, 13, London

opening quoteI hate seeing all the reports because it makes me feel so GUILTY. And sad. It's terrible.closing quote
Amy, 16, Romford

opening quoteMy aunt lived in Rwanda for many years, so I know all about the things children in Africa have to go through, yet most of them are very happy!!! We should take a leaf out of their books and be grateful for what we have got, not always moaning for more!!!closing quote
Abi, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think the conditions in Africa are terrible, but it's easy to say that. If we don't just take pity but get up off our lazy rears and try to make a difference, then we won't need to say how bad things are, because with so much help and support, things could actually go from bad to excellent!closing quote
Lyra, 12, Belfast

opening quoteIsn't it strange how African children always look happy? If you went and filmed at a British school, most of the kids would be po-faced/bored/unhappy etc, but if you filmed kids at a school in Africa they are all happy. I think it is because they are really glad to go to school and to have a school whereas we take things like this for granted...and do not realise what luxuries we are granted in everyday life.closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteI think growing up in Africa must be really hard. I wish that I could help them and meet some of the children there!!!!closing quote
Alexandra, 11, Brynmawr, Wales

opening quoteAfrican children should get some support. The presidents of the African countries must do some thing about this. Some people don't have water supplies in fact most people don't. Something must be done about this problem. We need to make more charity centres for more people.closing quote
Abdullah, 10, Stockport

opening quoteThey are really brave, I couldn't do that, what they do everyday, I do feel sorry for them.closing quote
Carly, 14, Salisbury

opening quoteI know three people who lived in Africa and so I think it is great what people are doing to help them have much cleaner water so they do not die of disease. They probably haven't even seen clean water before. I don't think I could stand drinking what I have seen! I also wish they could have cleaner places to live!closing quote
Cristabel, 12, Buckinghamshire

opening quoteI have lived in Nigera before and I know how hard is it to sleep on the streets.closing quote
Germaine, 15, Corby

opening quoteI feel really sorry for them and I think they should have everything we have!closing quote
Rheo, 11, Leicester

opening quoteI think the conditions in Africa stink. I mean we're are rich, they're poor we're never hungry, they are always hungry.closing quote
Paul, 11, Fareham

opening quoteI do feel very sorry for them. It's so sad to see what they are going through. We all take from granted the little things we have like water and they would do anything for some clean water.closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI am currently living in the war-torn area of Abidjan. In the past five years there have been two coups and many disruptions. This is mainly due to the corruption of the government. Western countries, instead of giving money, should instead sort out the problem of corruption. Otherwise, poverty, will never disappear.closing quote
Fatima, 14, Ivory Coast, Africa

opening quoteThese poor people need help, we can't just sit there and watch them dying! I don't even think the charities and funds are helping these poor people. More than half the human population lives there in Africa.closing quote
Olivia, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI felt that the Newsround Extra was quite blunt and emotional. I believe you captured the REAL side of Africa┐s people.closing quote
Alex, 14, Norwich

opening quoteThere should be more charities supporting Africa's young children. It's not fair on them.closing quote
Stacey, 13, Southend on Sea

opening quoteI think too many people in the world are just saying when it comes to charity 'other people will pay' when that's not true! I used to be like that but then I saw all these programmes about staving kids now I give clothes and money to loadsa different charities and so should you!closing quote
Ealish, 12, Isle of Man

opening quoteI went to Johannesburg in August with my drama group. It was an overwhelming experience and I loved it to bits! It is sad to actually see people living like they do, we don't know how lucky we are. The worst thing I saw when I was over there was the locals cleaning themselves and their clothes in the sewers. It is the most beautiful country I have ever been to and I hoping to go back again one day. I would like to do some charity work so I can raise money for the locals so at least they can get a decent meal and fresh water down them. I am glad that Newsround are doing a special feature about the country as other people can see how people over there are living but also showing them a beautiful country.closing quote
Natalie, 16, Peterborough

opening quoteEver since I was six, I was told about the plight of the African children. I went to Namibia last summer and I was surprised at the many positive things those children experience. I so much loved it that I will be going back this summer. There is need to be more positive and to appreciate the positive things that Africa offers to its children. I hope that the youth of the world will be educated about the good things about that wonderful continent too. We are all lucky!closing quote
Martin, 16, Wimbledon

opening quoteI would find it very hard to live out there and I feel sorry for them. I wish somebody could help their governments so they can get more children off the streets and taken care of. They are very brave to live out there under the bridge and on the streets. We are very lucky.closing quote
Sarah, 10, Birmingham

opening quoteI think that the children should have a lot more opportunities in their lives as they don't yet really understand what they are doing. I am definitely willing to hold a charity event for the poor children who have to live on the streets and even in the sewers!!!!closing quote
Amy-Louise, 12, Thurnscoe

opening quoteI was really upset when I saw the conditions kids in Africa live in. I have all the things I want but they have none of the things they even NEED. I can't believe people are dying out there and we're sitting in front of our TVs eating so much. They just about get a bowl of yucky porridge a day or nothing!closing quote
Stef, 12, Fareham

opening quoteI have been watching your Africa programme. I went to Kenya last summer for two weeks to help at an orphanage set up by Kids Alive and I just wanted to say that what you experience out there is so overwhelming. I loved it and I'm actually going back out there in the summer for three weeks.closing quote
Bethan, 16, Romford

opening quoteI think it's really unfair that footballers and other celebrities are getting thousands of pounds a week, when children in Africa are dying of starvation. If each footballer gave half a week's wages towards helping Africans survive it would make a big difference.closing quote
Mirra, 12, Oxford

opening quoteI feel really sorry for all the people who are starving or in poverty. I would really like to help people in Africa and food aid who are doing a great job. Keep it up!closing quote
Natalie, 13, Leeds

opening quoteThe children that live there are so brave to live in such conditions, most of us living here are so used to getting so much for granted, food, water. Thanks NR for reminding me how lucky I am.closing quote
Laura, 13, London

opening quoteI think it's awful that these children have to live in these conditions and it makes me feel very lucky that I get food every day.closing quote
Ruth, 13, Derby

opening quoteI think that their life is really harsh - I know I wouldn't be able to cope with the conditions. I really wish I could help them improve their lives.closing quote
Sarah, 15

opening quoteAt school I am reading a book by Beverley Naidoo, she is an author and she comes from South Africa. The book is about a young boy who runs away because he was being beaten by his step-dad. He learns how hard it is for a young black boy to survive in an all white environment. It is a really good book and I would recommend it to any one that wants to find out about what happened during the election of Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid system.closing quote
Chloe, 13, Lytham

opening quoteIt makes me realise just how much we take for granted such as fresh, clean water whenever we want it!closing quote
Helen, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI would not be able to cope because I would only have one bowl of porridge if I'm lucky! I would miss all the fresh fruit I have daily and if I was there I would enjoy having the porridge because I love It!! I feel that the way these people are being treated is awful and we should some how help them to gain more food. There have not been many big surprises because I know that their lives are lived awfully and I don't think it's fair!! People are concentrated too much on their own lives and don't even think of all the poor, starving children. It is NOT FAIR!!closing quote
Gemma, 13, Blackwood

opening quoteI think that it's awful the way children live in places like Africa! People should try to do more to help!closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Warrington

opening quoteThe crisis in Africa is shocking and there is so much to be done. Where do we start?closing quote
Sophie, 13, London

opening quoteI was really shocked at the way some children have to live, I really think they should be helped.closing quote
Sarah, 13, The Black Isle

opening quoteI wish we could help stop the food crisis in as soon as soon as possible!closing quote
Charlotte, 10, Westhouses

opening quoteI think that their lives are shocking, I wish everyone could realise how hard they are and understand more.closing quote
Reggie, 12, Wimbledon

opening quoteWow! It's hard to say - it's so much more varied than I thought.closing quote
Sam, 13, Cranwell

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