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  What are your Potter book 5 predictions?
Updated 19 January 2003, 14.40

Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses.

'It is time,' he said, 'for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry.'

At last, we know that the fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, will be published on 21 June 2003.

But what is Dumbledore is going to tell Harry?

What do you think will happen in the biggest book of 2003?

And someone supposedly dies in this book - but who is it?

opening quoteI think that Harry & Ginny will get together, and so will Ron and Hermionie. I think Neville Longbottem will die.I think also that Sirius Black will be caught and taken to Askaban.closing quote
Imogen, 8, Windsor

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore will tell Harry that Uncle Dursley is related to Voldermort and the Dursleys are trying to protect Harry by stamping the magic out of him. I also think that Dumbledore will die trying to save Harry and as he is dying he will say he wants Black to become headmaster.closing quote
Anna, 13, Isle of Wight

opening quoteI think Dumbledore and Harry are somehow related. Ron will be falling in love with Hermione, while Harry will have a relationship with somebody else. Collin Creevey will can also be Hermione...Dudley will be kind to Harry, they will be friends. I think Dudley is also a wizard and Voldemort will get him on his side later against Harry.closing quote
Lani, 16, Manila, Philippines

opening quoteI think that Voldemort will put a spell on Hermione and then she will try to kill Harry but she ends up being killed.closing quote
Laura, 15, Wakefield

opening quoteI think that the person to die in OOTP is either one of the Creeveys or a Weasley. I believe the thing Albus will tell Harry is that there was something very DARK going on in Harry's late family. I don't understand where a Phoenix comes into the storyline, (but I'm sure to find out soon!!!)closing quote
Jasmine, 10, Samui, Thailand

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore will tell Harry that his parents were in an order with Remus and Sirius, as Harry is supposed to find out about his parents. I also think that Harry is in the same order and finds out that he is the heir of Gryffindor and half heir of Slytherin (because Voldemort passed some of his powers on to him or he is related to him in some way) and that's why Voldemort wanted to kill him. I think that Harry and Hermione will be a couple because she kissed his cheek, at the end of book four, Ron I don't know about. I don't think that Dumbledore will die because he needs to look after Harry as well as the others and tell him things. It will ether be Ginny or Colin will die because they are big fans of Harry's. Mrs Figg will be the DADA teacher and Harry will be the one to defeat Voldemort because they have the same wands.closing quote
Susan, 14, Kilmarnock

opening quoteI think it will be Hagrid, Ginny or Colin who die :-( I think something will happen between Ron and Hermione, and maybe between Harry and Ginny (to Ron's disgust). Cho, Krum and Fleur are all wrong for the three of them. I think the big secret will be why Voldermort wanted the Potters dead in the first place, and there is something about Harry's eyes which are significant. I also think the truth of why Snape hates Harry will out. It can't be because of some silly prank James played on Snape in their years at Hogwarts. Maybe Snape is jealous of James because he loved Lily, maybe he thinks that if she had married him she wouldn't have died.closing quote
Naomi, 14, Hastings

opening quoteI think Harry is going to be attacked at Privet drive. When he revives he is at Hogwarts. But the dark lord tracks him down and attacks the school with dragons and giants. Harry narrowly survives but Dumbledore is injured and is going to die. Harry is called to see him. Then Dumbledore tells him things that he must know. Then he tells him that to get rid of the giants and dragons he has to call in the order of the pheonix which is led by Fawkes. So Harry sets off to get them.closing quote
Alistair, 10, Gloucester

opening quoteLet's look back a little:
Harry: "But why would he want to kill me iin the first place?"
Dumbledore: "...I cannot tell you. Not today. Not now. You will know one day...When you are older...when you are ready, you will know"
I think that Dumbledore will answer Harry's question, and it has to be something really important otherwise he wouldn't have waited so long to tell him. I think Dumbledore or Colin Creevey will die. My prediction is that Dumbledore dies to save Harry, so he gets the Order of the Phoenix, which would be something like the Order of Merlin.
closing quote
Angie, 13, California, USA

opening quoteI think Dumbledore might die because Harry will be vulnerable without him. And I reckon everyone thinks that Dumbledore will die just because he died in real life. Anyway, I think that Harry and Ron will both start to fancy Hermione!!closing quote
Sophie, 12, Leicester

opening quoteDumbledore will tell Harry that Voldemort is his father. He will tell Harry that Voldemort didn't want to kill Lily or James he just wanted to get to Harry because Harry is his son, and is capable of being more powerful than him. He only tried to kill Harry because he was scared of Harry taking his position as the most powerful wizard of all time. The person who will die will be Neville Longbottom when he goes to visit his parents in St Mungo's hospital for the insane. Percy Weasley will be arested and put on trial for being caught masked at a death eaters riot. He will spend the rest of his years in Azkaban. Ron Weasley will become captain of the GRYFFINDOR team, taking over Oliver Woods place. Dumbledore will be killed in a duel with Voldemort and Professor McGonagall will take over as headmistress of Hogwarts.closing quote
Jess, 12

opening quoteI reckon that Dumbledore is going to die 'cos otherwise we wouldn't find out what Dumbledore knows about Harry's past until later on. I think that Dumbledore is the only one that knows about Harry's past. I think that what he is going to tell him has something to do with Voldemort like they are related or something. Voldemort could be his unce or something an he wanted to kill Harry 'cos he doesn't want any competition.closing quote
Louise, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteI think that the thing that Dumbledore's going to tell Harry is not that important and that is why we have all been told about it. If you look at the end of the second film when Hermione comes into the Hall, she hugs Harry but only shakes hands with Ron. I think that this is important but I don't know why. Maybe it means that Ron will not go out with Hermione. As for the death, I think it will be Ron who dies. I don't know why but that's what I think.closing quote
Jenny, 14, Buenos Aires

opening quoteCornelius Fudge is a death eater!!! And Karakoff dies in the first chapter.closing quote
Blake, 16, Thorne

opening quoteI think that Voldemort will have a fight with Dumbledore in the film and that Malfoy will get suspended for getting involved with Voldemort's evil schemes. I also think that Harry will go out with Cho Chang.closing quote
Elycia, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI don't think we'll find out much at all - there's still 2 more books to go!closing quote
Marianne, 16, Edinburgh

opening quoteI reckon that Dumbledore will tell Harry that Voldemort is related to Harry in some way - like that his father was Voldemort's brother or something like that! Or that his mum had an affair with Voldemort before he went evil!closing quote
Zoe, 15, Leicester

opening quoteIt has got to be something to do with his parents and I think that Snape hates Harry so much because he was in love with Lily and maybe it will turn out that Harrys parents did something really bad!closing quote
Alexandra, 12, Horley

opening quoteI bet Dumbledore will tell him WHY his curse bounced off...maybe there's another thing about Harry besides the scar! and the person who'll be died off is a fan (THAT'S A FACT!) so I'm guessing either Mrs Weasley or Colin Creevy! And don't forget the couples! I think maybe Hermione/Ron or Hermione/Draco....cuz Draco might've got something out of that slap she gave him. I dunno about Harry, but it BETTER be someone good!closing quote
Laura, 12, Indianapolis, USA

opening quoteDumbledore's secret has to be why Voldemort is specifically going after Harry, not his parents - they just got in the way. Also Harry's eyes have some particular significance in connection with his mother, as there are so many frequent refrences to them! Hagrid is definitely the 'BIG' fan who dies, in some terribly heroic act that will make me cry for several weeks, because he is not essential to the overall storyline.closing quote
Lizzie, 15, Malvern

opening quoteI think Fudge will die and Voldemort is Harry's uncle. I don't think Ron and Hermione will get together until the next book.closing quote
Matthew, 13, Sunderland

opening quoteI think that Snape will turn out to be the real hero of the series, and that Voldemort will be related to Harry in some way. I bet Hermione and Frodo fall in love. closing quote
Dai, 12, Barnsley

opening quoteAs Harry was only selected to be in Gryffindor as the hat heard that he wanted to (was going to be in Slytherin), I don't think he'll be an heir of Gryffindor. Likewise I don't think his mum had any other kin except for the sister. Harry will learn more about his past including his father - perhaps his father had a brother... Voldemort... closing quote
Sarah, 15, Woking

opening quoteThe idea of Harry being heir of Gryffindor is really cool, but it may also explain why Voldemort was so keen to destroy them as he himself is heir to Slytherin. As for the character to die... I think it may be Severus Snape or Pettigrew. In an uncharacteristic display of heroism they will sacrifice themselves to save Harry. closing quote
Harry, 13, Oxford

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore is going to die. Either him or Hagrid. And if J.K. pulls a Luke and Leia thing, I'm gonna be mad. closing quote
Maeve, 14, London

opening quoteI am really scared that Sirius Black will die! I think that Fudge might have him killed on the spot if Dumbledore says Sirius is on their side! I hope not-he is one of the best characters, but J.K. said it is a BIG fan of Harry that dies, but that could be Dobby too. I just hope that it isn't Ron! closing quote
Victoria, New York, USA

opening quoteDumbledore finally reaveals to Harry (and the readers) how Harry's parents died. After putting it off for five years, it makes sense that we will all be revealed to the truth of why Voldemort went after Harry and Harry's parents. closing quote
Annie, 15, Irvine

opening quoteI think that it will turn out that Voldemort will be Lily Potter's brother, and that some of Voldemort's power was inherited by Harry. I think that Ginny will die cos I read on a website that she will play a bigger part in the 5th book, and while Ron is grieving he will get with Hermione ( but don't forget about Victor) closing quote
Amy, 15, Canberra Australia

opening quoteI think that Mr. or Mrs. Weasley will be the one to die. I mean, think about it. They both like Harry a lot, maybe on the verge of being his fans. Ginny won't be the one to die because J.K. Rowling stated in an interview that Ginny would play a bigger part in future books. I think that Dumbledore was going to tell Harry that he is Griffindor's heir. closing quote
Taylor, 10, Massachusets USA

opening quoteI bet the Dumbledore bit is the cliff hanger at the end. I would hate it so much if it was, especially if I had to wait as long for book 6. closing quote
Helen, 15, Durham

opening quoteEEEK!!! June 21 is MY birthday!!! I plan to sooo wait alll night the night before to get it!!! Happy Birthday to me from JK Rowling!!! THANK YOU JKR!!! closing quote
Lora, 13, Chicago, USA

opening quoteI think that Harry will live with his godfather, and I think Sirius will become headmaster, and Dumbledore will be the one to die. I also think Voldemort will try to kill Harry again with another monstrous creature. closing quote
Adelaide, 8 Baton Rouge, USA

opening quoteI think that Hagrid will die because he is a main character and a fan of Harry's. I think that Ron and Hermione will finally get together. They're the perfect couple! closing quote
Rose, 15, New York, USA

opening quoteWell I think in OOTP Harry will find out why Voldemort killed his parents and what his parents did for a living. Maybe their occupation led them to their deaths? Also there might be romance between some characters as they are 15 and have "raging hormones" lol! I also think Arabella Figg will be the next DADA teacher and the Order of the Phoenix is a secret organisation that was set up during Voldermort's first reign of terror! Can't wait to read it - Cheers! closing quote
Katrina, 13, Australia

opening quoteI can't decide who might die, but I'm sure we will discover what Dumbledore's 'gleam of triumph' from the end of Book 4 meant. There is certainly more to him than meets the eye and I'm fairly sure something sinister as far as Lily and James are concerned will come to light. JK has also said that we might find out more about ghosts - ie. why Harry's parents can't come back from the dead but Prof. Binns did. Plus we'll find out what Snape had to do at the end of Book Four - so much to look forward to - I Can't wait!! PS: I can't believe that the 'love triangle' theory will appear - I think Harry might get together with Cho and Ron and Hermione will fall madly in love (!), but I just hope JK hasn't turned what has so far been a great series into some teen-romance shambles! closing quote
Andy, 15, York

opening quoteI did think that Rita Skeeter would turn out to be in league with Voldemort until I read a few old interviews with JKR. But Dumbledore dies in this book (I hope not) and Hagrid and Madame Maxime are clearly envoys to the giants. Something causes Hermione and Krum to break up, because she is SO obviously Ron's future girlfriend. Whatever Snape is doing, he isn't spying because neither Snape nor Dumbledore are stupid enough for that. Remember Quirrel, and Crouch Jr's staged conversation on the stairs? No siree Bob. As for the thing Dumbledore is telling Harry, it's probably family history. closing quote
Olivia, 13, Denver, USA

opening quoteI think that Voldemort will become an exchange student and try to kill Harry. I also think that Arabella Figg or whoever was a witch who was sent to watch over Harry. closing quote
Thomas, 13, Kingston

opening quoteOkay, If Voldemort dies, Harry will die because they are connected by Harry's scar. Arabella Figg is NOT Crookshanks. Crookshanks is male. Mrs. Figg is Hedwig, because if you look in a baby names book, "Arabella" means "beautiful eagle". That's why HAGRID bought Harry's owl. To make sure that he got Mrs. Figg. Also, when JKR said "Harry's biggest fan will die." or somethning like that, everyone would assume its Colin or Ginny, but its going to be Hagrid. Think about it "BIGGEST fan". Those are MY predictons, anyway. closing quote
Jessica, 14, Cleveland

opening quoteIt is out on the day before my birthday!!!! I want to read it so much, I've already made plans to postpone my sleepover - I can't wait to read it! I think Harry and Hermione will fall in LURVE, and Ron will be jealous. I also think that Dumbledore will tell Harry that his dad has come back and lives in Hedwig, and Harry will make a really stupid mistake to save Hedwig. Voldemort will become even more powerful because of Harry's mistake. I think that Dumbledore will be the one who dies.closing quote
KB, 12, Wimborne

opening quoteI don't know but if Draco dies I will personally strangle JK because Draco rules!! I think that Voldemort is actually Harry's dad cause he had an affair with Lily Potter!!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Bath

opening quoteI reckon that a lurrrrve triangle will emerge! Ron will fancy Hermoine (though he doesn't realize), Hermoine will like Harry, but Harry will treat her as a friend. But at the end, Hermione will relise that Ron is the one she truly loves (she'll be horrified! but get use to it...)! hee hee....... closing quote
Gabrielle, 12, Bristol

opening quoteIf you look at the name: *Severus Snape* and swap a few of the letters round, then you can find the name: *Perseus Evans* Why is this significant? If you're a Potterhead like me then you'll know that "Evans" is the surname of Harry's theory is that Snape is some relation to Harry (an uncle perhaps)...mmmmm? closing quote
Rachael, 13, Cwmbran

opening quoteI think Harry's going to come to know why Voldermot wanted to kill him and his family. Maybe he has got some more enemies who he thought were his friend. I think Ron & Hermione will surely fall for each other.closing quote
Apoorva, 14, Dubai

opening quoteI think that
'Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.'
will be the last words in the book!

PS I know that 47 isn't a "usual" age for a child, but so what! I enjoy reading Harry Potter as much as my 5-year-old son has enjoyed having it read to him!closing quote

Michael, 47, New Jersey, USA

opening quoteI think that Lily Potter was a Slytherin and she went out once with Snape. That is why I think that Snape hates James Potter. As for the 5th book, I think Dumbledore tells Harry that he is Godric Gryffindor's heir and that Hagrid will die.closing quote
Jessica, 15, Oklahoma, USA

opening quoteI can't wait for the 5th book. It's gonna be wicked and I hope Harry gets a girlfriend and Hermione and Ron are gonna fall in love and some how Harry's gonna kill Voldemort. I think Harry's girlfriend will be Cho Chang. It's too exciting.closing quote
Suhailah, 14, Coventry

opening quoteIt's my birthday and what a pres!! So excited! Harry and James, heirs of Gryffindor, that's why Voldemort tried to kill them not Lily. Plus Harry's eyes (green) are going to have some important secret. Hopefully Lupin doesn't die but he might as he is a werewolf and Wormtail has a silver hand (werewolfs can only be killed by silver) hope I'm wrong. Ron likes Hermione but I think Hermione likes Ron but loves Harry. Dumbeldore will tell Harry he is heir to Gryffindor. Plus Mrs Figg is a woman and Crookshanks is male, isn't he? So it's unlikely she's Crookshanks! I have loads more to say but take too long, maybe later!! I'm so happy and excited!closing quote
Hannah, 15, Ireland

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore is going to tell Harry that his mother had another wizard brother. I hope that Harry gets a girlfriend too.closing quote
Elisa, 14, Nicaragua

opening quoteCrookshanks is Mrs Figg -- she is described by Dumbledore as being in the 'old crew' in book 4 and she lives near Harry, I am assuming to keep an eye on him, she keeps lots of cats. Is she an Animagus? She broke her leg in previous books, any links? Some people have also suggested that Crookshanks is half-kneazle as defined in the Magical Creatures book.closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Taunton

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore is about to tell Harry why Voldemort was after his parents, and why he is so keen on killing Harry himself. As for the death, I don't really have any clue, and right now I think it's best just to wait for the actual book to come out.closing quote
Willow, 11, Louisiana, USA

opening quoteColin Creevy is the likeliest to die. JK mentioned that a fan of his would die but Ginny has already had her "death sequence", Hagrid is a friend and Dumbledore is his mentor so Colin probably will.closing quote
Loni, 11, London

opening quoteI think book 5 will be ace, I loved all the rest.I wonder who dies? I hope it's not Ron cos my friend will go round the bend cos she really, really, really fancies Rupert Grint (Ron)!!!!! closing quote
Alex, 12

opening quoteI think voldermort is some how related to Harry and that Hermione will go out with Harry or Ron!!closing quote
Stace, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI think that Harry will find out a lot more about his past. Maybe Sirius will be free to take Harry to live with him. I've done a lot of thinking on the death and I've go to a lot of conclusions but still not sure. I am really excited about the book and can't wait to read it.closing quote
Ashley, 15, USA

opening quoteI hope Harry dies and Malfoy takes over. I also hope that Voldemort will take over the world and that Ron has a really slow and painful death.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI think that Hagrid may be the one to die. I don't know why. I also think that Sirius will tell Harry more about is past with help from Dumbledore. Hermione and Ron might get together or at least one of them will sense a spark between them both, probaly Hermione. Cho Chang and Harry may get together to!!closing quote
Rose, 12, Totton

opening quoteI think Harry will ask some questions that he never asked before and why hadn't he asked it before. I also think love and stuff will go on because their growing up.closing quote
Rizen, 13, Gloucester

opening quoteI believe that in the fifth book someone in Hogarts is going to be seeking Harry who is a servant of Voldemort - someone who is very close to Harry. Also he will find even more information about his parents & also that he does have relatives who are witches/ wizards - VOLDEMORT!!!!!?????? I can't wait to see the fifth book!closing quote
Jennika, 11, Leicester

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore is on Voldemort's side. It's hard to follow why, but there are things which could point towards this, if you use your imagination.closing quote
Stephen, 11, Chorley

opening quoteI think Ron will nearly die and when everyone is reading and knows someone is going to die they think it's him but it isn't really!!closing quote
Roy, 14, Northern Ireland

opening quoteMaybe Dumbledore is going to tell Harry that his father is from Voldemort's family and he have a twin sister who is kept alive by the evil powers of Voldemort. Maybe Hagrid dies because he is from the giant family.closing quote
Neena, 13, Lahore, Pakistan

opening quoteI think Snape and Harry will find out that they are related and his parents are really alive and didn't want him.closing quote
Louise, 11, Greenwich

opening quoteI think that Dumbledore will be the one to die and as for the great secret, that's a hard one maybe we will find out a great secret about Harry's past. Maybe he is related to Voldermort??closing quote
Amy, 15, Rhondda

opening quoteWhatever happens we probably would have heard it all before in The Lord of the Rings!!closing quote
Jack, 15, South England

opening quoteI think that someone is going to be expelled from Hogwarts and I think Harry will get a girlfriend!closing quote
Lucy, 13, Swindon

opening quoteI think Harry will discover he has an evil twin brother called Mortimer who is working with Voldermort on their plan to destroy all 'Mudbloods'. Not only that but I think that Dudley will die a gruesome death.closing quote
Suzanne, 15, Buckie

opening quoteI reckon Dumbledore finally decides to answer all those questions Harry asked him in the hosptial wing at the end of Book 1, or something happens in OOTP that means he has to tell Harry whatever it is he's going to tell him.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Leicestershire

opening quoteI believe we'll find out that Harry is the true heir of Gryffindor, as well as the true heir of the other houses (Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff)!closing quote
Steve, 12, USA

opening quoteWell in the other books it gives a very brief description of Harry's mother. I think he'll find out a dark secret about his mum. I think his mum had something to do with dark magic, it is exciting.closing quote
Claire, 10, London

opening quoteI think the whole truth about why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry and his parents is going to come out in this book. Maybe Harry finds out that the Dursleys aren't his only family and that he's got a long lost relative. A Witch or Wizard relative! I know someone's going to die but I'm not quite sure who. I think it may be one of teachers. And hopefully Harry gets a girlfriend!closing quote
Leah, 12, Seaford

opening quoteDumbledore might tell Harry that Voldemort recently changed his name to Osama-bin-Laden, and the Dementors now call themselves Al-Qaeda. So it's gonna be quite some time till his whereabouts are known!! (We're not too sure about this one! The Newsround Online Team) closing quote
Ovais, 12, Islamabad

opening quoteI strongly think that Dumbledore will answer the question Harry asked in book 1 "Well... Voldermort said that he only killed my mother because she tried to stop him killing me. But why would he want to kill me in the first place?" That's what I think Harry will finally know.closing quote
Jenny, 15, Derby

opening quoteMaybe that Harry is the heir of Godric Gryffindor! That would be soooo cool! Oh, it could be that his mum was a death eater! So many possibilites! I can't wait for it to come out!!!closing quote
Jade, 14, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI reckon Dumbledore's going to tell Harry that Voldemort is his father and that he has a sister! Hehe!closing quote
George, 13, Luton

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