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  Does your music crew matter to you?
Updated 17 January 2003, 19.18
MC Tarantula
People who like certain styles of music often like to hang around with "crews" of mates who are into the same kind of tunes.

So we want to know which crew you belong to and why!

Are you into garage, goth, nu-metal or bhangra? Or do you prefer hip-hop, pop, classical or house music?

Perhaps you're into loads of different types of music and don't belong to any special crew?

Is it important to belong to a crew?

opening quote"A", Blink 182 and Offspring aren't nu metal, theyre punk and Slipknot and Korn are nu metal. There aren't really that many different types of crews, it's just townies and skater/greb/punk, and then everyone else who doesn't want to be put into a category. Townies listen to club music and pop music and skater/greb/punk listen to rock, nu metal and punk.closing quote
Steve, 15, Northampton

opening quoteI like most music and listen to everything. People like to be in crews coz everyone wants to be someone. But wars go on all over the world because people can't except each other for who they are. We should all give everyone a chance.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Leeds

opening quoteIn a way. Most of my friends like the same stuff as me because I like Avril Lavigne, Atomic Kittens and some other stuff. I've tried to hang around with other people who don't like the same music as me and it just does not work for me.closing quote
Emma, 12, Grand Rapids, USA

opening quoteI love grunge and thrash. Everyone is unique and should be able to like whatever they want without being bullied.closing quote
JJ, 14, Billaricy

opening quoteI'm a goth, but I also like nu metal. All of my friends are different, but we all get along. I feel it good to be different but sometimes it's nice to be with people like yourself. closing quote
Ruth, 11, Maidstone

opening quoteI'm not in any 'crew' because I think if you like a person what does their style/taste matter? I get a lot of grief for not liking Avril Lavigne and it annoys me! I LIKE MADONNA NOT AVRIL GET OVER YOURSELVES!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI mainly like punk, rock, metal etc. but I also like some other music. I was part of a crew but I'm now an individual. I'm not really a mosher/nu metaller/goth/townie or anything like that cos I like a bit of everything, I don't think people should be labeled as in a stereotypical way as no one person is the same as another. I think 'crews' are OK but it's more of a group of close friends or even one big family but it's just as important to be an individual.closing quote
Lucy, 13, Ispwich

opening quoteI think Bhangra music is great because it give Asians something to be proud of. Bhangra music has also got mixes of R'n'B and hip-hop you never know one day it will be number one in the UK charts.closing quote
Alkesh, 14, Nuneaton

opening quoteI think what other people have said is true, The Nu-metaller and Goth were slightly confused. I listen to everything and I mean everything, From Death Black metal to Techno to R'n'B And Pop. I do like to dress alternatively and I don¿t have a crew but I do have friends that I meet every weekend and stuff.closing quote
Craig, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteI really like Bangra and I thought that the show you did on the different crews was really interesting. Bangra is basically hip-hop, garage music with Indian lyrics and I think it rules. I totally agree with what Ms Dynamite said as in the end you are all an individual no matter how far you try to run from it.closing quote
Sabz, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI think it shouldn't matter what music group you are in. People should accept what you like. We should all be our own person and not try to be the same as others. We are all individuals and it would be very boring if we were all the same and into the same things because we would have nothing to talk about.closing quote
Lauren, 15, Southend

opening quoteI'm lovin R'n'B I think it's the best. I love the lyrics, the bass, the music and it's about everyday life I love Blue, Harvey and Romeo, Ms Dynamite, Nelly and Justin Timberlake and R'n'b will be around 4ever and it's brill I think it's the best.closing quote
Sara, 13, Enfield

opening quotePersonally I think the "goth" and "nu metaller" made a mockery and sterotype of what we are really like, .. for the "goth crew" Muderdolls, Manson.. and Slipknot *cringe* are NOT goth, they are nu metal..and the nu metaller was listing punk-rock bands. closing quote
Lauren, 14, Cornwall

opening quoteI like nu-metal and I am into Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Sum41. I think people should respect people for whatever music they're into.closing quote
Ashley, 10, Launceston

opening quoteI was very annoyed that you didn't mention punks in your show. We are still around and maybe you should check out stuff in your local HMV like Rancid, Operation Ivy and Less than Jake. I'm also very into SKA music and say to all rude boys/townies that if you don't know what a real rude boy is then you can't call yourself one. And finally why can't we all unite to be strong and worship the one true form of music.closing quote
Billy, 13, Effingham

opening quoteCan I just say the guy who was a goth, when he put on the other guy's make-up it was absolutely dreadful! I'd just laugh if I saw someone like that. No offence to white faces, just the fact that it was so awful! Me, I'm probably a nu-metal, though I don't really like much of nu-metal but I sound like it. I like rock,punk and ska. I'm more of a skater/hippie than a nu-metaller/goth.closing quote
Anne, 13, Wirral

opening quoteI'm into Green Day, Blink182, Sum 41 and the Calling, but it doesn't make me part of a crew. I don't really dress like people who listen to nu-metal, I dress normally (with a hint of nu-metal) and my friends who I've known for years listen to VERY different music to me. closing quote
Gemma, 15, Durham

opening quoteI'm really into rock: old style and nu metal. If I was part of any 'crew', it would probably mosher or goth. The trouble with these supposed 'crews' is the separation between them. Peopel should learn to respect others who like different music.closing quote
Chris, 15, Southampton

opening quoteOkay, this about the programme I just saw and can I say those kids were slightly confused? First of all the bands the nu-metaller named were SKATE-PUNK bands, and the bands the "Goth" listened to NU-METAL, POP (yes Marylin Manson is in fact ;P) and METAL. Sir Manson is not a Goth, that guy is a mansonite (so called because he follows, surprise surprise, Marylin Manson). I also believe that this programme was shameless and will only encourage discrimination against social groups and persuade kids that labelling people should be done. That strips away our individuality as people. I'm fed-up of being lynched by "townies" because I wear different clothes. We should all be allowed to express who we are without being worried if we're going to have stones thrown at us or physically attacked.closing quote
Matt, 14, Leeds

opening quoteI like R'n'B and pop! All my mates like that kinda style too but I wouldn't describe it as a crew. I'd describe it as music that we love and there's nothing no one can do about it. closing quote
Vicki, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteMy favourite band are The Calling. I wish there was a group of people at my school apart from me who love them as much as I do! Everyone else likes rubbish like Gareth, Blue and Westlife! It annoys me so much...closing quote
Rosie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI like nu-metal and I don't think people should be judged because of what they wear. All of my friends like pop and I don't mind.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Dunstable

opening quoteHere in Edinburgh there's basically 2 groups; the chavs (they're like crews I guess) and the hippie/goth/nu-metal group. I'm from the second group and we get a lot of trouble from the chavs cos there's generally less of us. It's great though cos we're like our own community and you know that when you meet other goths/hippies/nu-metal people that they'll be friendly and enjoy the same sort of things as you.closing quote
Jo, 16, Edinburgh

opening quoteCrews! How English! I think that most people have a wide taste in music and cannot be stuffed into categories. All of my friends like different things.closing quote
Amy, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI am a girl, I'm a mosher, I am mostly annoyed when other kids dis me and call me names. I like music like heavy metal. I wear hudys and chians, totaly radical man.closing quote
Emma, 11, Farsley

opening quoteI'm really into Avril Lavigne and Blue. My friend does a really cool impression of Avril singing and my other friend went to a Blue concert. Sorted!closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteMy best friend and I like the same tunes so we only hang about as a two. But the tunes we like don't influence our behaviour. closing quote
Elycia, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI'm in to R'n'B, garage and drum and bass. I am in a crew and there is loads of competition between us and other crews. But we're not going to break out into violence just because of the music we listen to. closing quote
Sam, 13, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI like rock, hip-hop and pop. I don't like rap. I'm not in any crew. closing quote
Kristina, 11, USA

opening quoteI'm into R'n'B, hip hop and rap but I'm not a member of any special crew. There aren't any where I live. closing quote
Sophie, 12, Sunderland

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